My Hero Academia: Does Bakugo Have a Crush on Anyone?


Katsuki Bakugo is one of the most popular characters in the storyline of My Hero Academia, and we’ve seen how much of a badass he can be in the series. Of course, while the storyline focuses more on the journey of his rival, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, Bakugo is still one of the most important characters and is often seen as the closest person to Deku. This made fans wonder whether or not he has any romantic interests in the storyline. So, does Bakugo have a crush on anyone?

Bakugo isn’t confirmed to be romantically interested in anyone in My Hero Academia. That’s because the focus of Bakugo’s journey isn’t on his romantic life but on his growth as a true hero. After all, My Hero Academia is a shonen anime that doesn’t focus on romantic relationships, so Bakugo doesn’t have one.

The truth is that many people out there love to ship Bakugo with Midoriya due to their relationship as childhood playmates. But fans need to understand that not every close male character in anime needs to be shipped with one another. As far as the official canon is concerned, Bakugo has no romantic relationships and is more of a close friend to Midoriya.

Bakugo’s Relationships

The storyline of My Hero Academia focuses on the growth of the different young heroes looking to become great heroes in their own right. In that regard, one of the characters that the story focuses heavily on is Katsuki Bakugo, who is known as one of the three strongest members of Class 1A of UA High School. Of course, Bakugo’s storyline is intertwined with Izuku “Deku” Midoriya’s journey because they are childhood friends.

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Of course, the fact that Bakugo is so popular and is often considered one of the most popular characters in the storyline is one of the reasons why many fans are looking to learn more about the personal side of his character. We all know that he is a hot-headed hero that has the power to create huge blasts with his Quirk. But the storyline hasn’t focused much on his personal relationships with other people aside from Deku. So, does Bakugo have a crush on anyone?


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As of the moment, it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Katsuki Bakugo is romantically interested in anyone at all. He has always been described as a hot-headed person who doesn’t usually care about romance-related things. As such, it is difficult to determine whether or not he likes someone romantically.

Many fans tend to ship him with Izuku Midoriya because of their relationship as childhood friends that turned into enemies and then friends again. This is usually common among anime fans as plenty of fans love to ship two attractive male characters to one another. Some even say that the confusing dynamic between Bakugo and Deku is similar to romantic tension.

But there has never been anything confirmed between the relationship of Bakugo and Deku, as this has always been just a speculated romantic relationship that fans created. This means there is nothing canon about the possibility of Bakugo having a crush on Deku. If anything, the relationship between the two is symbiotic because they look up to one another to become better heroes, as Deku always thought Bakugo was a great leader. At the same time, Bakugo always saw Deku as someone who didn’t give up on his friends, no matter how tough the situation.

So, unless the author of My Hero Academia outrightly allows us to see Bakugo becoming romantically interested in any character, we can’t say for certain whether or not he has a crush on anyone in the storyline.

Why Doesn’t Bakugo Have a Crush on Anyone?

Of course, Bakugo doesn’t have a crush on anyone in the My Hero Academia storyline because this anime and manga have never been about romantic relationships. My Hero Academia is a shonen anime and manga that focuses more on action than romance, which is why there is hardly any romance in anime and manga.

In fact, the closest thing to the romance between the students of UA High School is the relationship between Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka. However, because these characters focus on their quest to stop the villains from taking over the country, the romantic relationship between them hasn’t been touched on much by the storyline.

For characters like Bakugo, the romantic side of their journey hasn’t been explored because their stories have always focused more on their growth as young heroes. Bakugo has always been considered a hot-headed character who would rather blow through any obstacle. And his journey allows us to see him grow from a former hot-headed bully to a level-headed character inspired by All Might’s heroic deeds.

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In that regard, Katsuki Bakugo’s journey is not romantic but is more concerned with how he grows into a true hero. As such, the author has no reason to include a romantic storyline in his journey, as romance is not part and parcel of the My Hero Academia’s overarching narrative.


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Of course, we are not dismissing the possibility of Bakugo becoming romantically interested and involved with anyone in the future, especially after the Final War arc. But as of the moment, the focus of the characters is on their quest to stop and defeat the evil villains that are looking to take over the world.

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