Does Boruto Become Evil and a Rogue Ninja?

Does Boruto Become Evil and a Rogue Ninja?

Boruto Uzumaki is a very interesting character. The protagonist of Boruto is a character with a rich story and history, but at this moment his future is still a big mystery. Boruto Uzumaki is currently among the good guys, he is a protagonist and he will probably remain one, but his fate is not really clear, as the web is exploding with different speculations about his future. Will Boruto remain a hero? Or will he become a evil? Could he become a rogue ninja?

Boruto Uzumaki almost certainly won’t turn evil on his own accord but since he is a vessel for Momoshiki’s Kāma, there is a possibility that he might turn evil if Momoshiki takes over, although the chances for that are significantly lower since Chapter 67 of the Boruto manga. As for him becoming a rogue ninja, that is a possibility that cannot be ruled out at this moment.

This article is going to be of a speculative nature since we don’t actually know how Boruto’s story is going to develop in the future episodes and characters, but we do have some hints and clues, and we are going to use them to tell you the story of Boruto Uzumaki. We are going to get into more detail related to the answers above and we hope what we will provide you with everything you need to know.

Will Boruto become evil?

Boruto is, as we all know very well, Naruto’s son. He is the protagonist of the Boruto series and is one of the central characters in the series. Although he is a lot darker than his father was at that age, he is undoubtedly on the side of good and is a character whose turn wouldn’t really make any proper sense. Having said all of this, is it possible that Boruto turns evil? We’d say no.

If you’ve browse the Internet for theories surrounding Boruto, one theory will see you thinking that Boruto is destined to become evil and that the whole series is just a set-up for Boruto to become evil. Now, while we cannot deny the soundness of some of the arguments, we don’t think it likely. In fact, we don’t think it will happen at all.

How Did Momoshiki Get Inside Boruto and Can He Come Out?

Namely, it just wouldn’t make any sense for the protagonist of the whole series to turn evil, despite a darker twist that would make the series more interesting. It would go against everything that Kishimoto has written so far and it would be such a dark twist that it would change the whole series and make it unrecognizable. Plus, it would be something totally unseen in the history of anime (Eren’s evil turn is a bit different, in case you had Attack on Titan on your mind), which is why we think it’s nigh impossible.

So, why do people even think that Boruto could turn evil? Well, they think that because there is a slim possibility that Boruto might become evil, but not of his own will. Namely, as Momoshiki’s vessel, Boruto might one day become evil if Momoshiki takes over his body, although that is now unlikely to happen since the events of Chapter 67 of the manga. What is the story behind this?

The events that led to Boruto becoming a vessel for Momoshiki, receiving his Kāma from him, happened during the Versus Momoshiki arc, moments before the protagonists launched their final attack on Momoshiki. First, Boruto suddenly attacked him with a shadow clone and disabled his right Rinnegan. Momoshiki tried to counter him with his own version of the Rasengan, but couldn’t resist him, took the hit, and was finally destroyed. Momoshiki’s spirit briefly remained alive, noting that Boruto could sense his presence due to the blood of the Byakugan wielders within.


How Did Momoshiki Get Inside Boruto and Can He Come Out?

Momoshiki appears in front of him and notes that while he couldn’t foresee his own fate, he sees Boruto’s fate clearly. He warns Boruto that someday his blue eyes will take everything away from him, and also adds that the one who defeats God ceases to be an ordinary person. Before disappearing, Momoshiki touches his hand, leaving a mark on it, and tells him to continue on his path to that destiny.

Momoshiki bestowed his Kāma on Boruto before his spirit disappeared, making him his vessel, intending to resurrect. The mark grants Boruto a series of special abilities, as well as allowing Momoshiki to manifest through it for a certain period of time when Bouto expends a large amount of chakra, taking full control of his body.

When this occurs, Kāma marks spread across the right side of Boruto’s body, forming a horn and turning his right eye into a Byakugan. Momoshiki maintains Boruto’s knowledge of and access to techniques, is capable of absorbing chakra through the mark, as well as greatly empowering physical attacks and techniques. So, as you can see, Momoshiki’s Kāma might be the reason behind Boruto’s evil turn later on in the story, but even that is unlikely to happen, especially since the events of Chapter 67.

When Boruto almost died at the hands of Kawaki, Momoshiki used his powers and saved his vessel by healing his fatal wound. Momoshiki’s soul then explains that his destruction as a vessel would extinguish his soul. He used part of the Kāma to resurrect Boruto, rewriting the remaining compressed data with Boruto’s data, so it could form Boruto’s tissue and heal him. But, in doing so, Momoshiki made it impossible for himself to resurrect in Boruto’s body.

Is Boruto a rogue ninja?

A rogue ninja is a shinobi who has left his village and follows his own path; it is somewhat similar to a vigilante or a ronin character, i.e., an antihero type of character. One of the best-known rogue shinobi was Sasuke Uchiha, who left his village and joined Orochimaru. Rogue ninjas can be evil, but they are not necessarily so; Sasuke is also a great example – although he has fought Naruto and was an antagonist, he was never truly evil. He was just different and that was reflected on his character development.

Boruto Uzumaki is somewhat similar to Sasuke (which makes sense, seeing how the two of them are close), but he was never as dark as Sasuke. Now, he is a maverick, he does do things differently and he doesn’t always agree with his father or the other shinobi. This is a solid basis for him to become a rogue ninja in the future (keep reading for our theories on the matter), but at this moment – he is not a rogue ninja. He is, in fact, very close to his father and his allies, despite being Momoshiki’s vessel. He is, as of this moment, firmly on the side of the good.

There are theories suggesting that Boruto could potentially become a rogue ninja, but that is the future and the present is very different. So, there is no episode in which Boruto becomes a rogue ninja and we cannot really give a precise answer here; we can only state out theories and predictions, which is what we are going to do in the final section of this article, so keep reading if you want to know more.

Will Boruto become a rogue ninja?

Boruto’s future is unclear and we do not know whether he is actually going to become a rogue ninja or not. There are some small possibilities that he could actually make such a turn, like Sasuke and Itachi did, but that is not plausible at this moment. Namely, Boruto is a maverick in many ways and does not function like the other shiobi. Plus, he spends a lot of time with Sasuke, who also left the village and joined Orochimaru in the original Naruto manga.

Boruto becoming a rogue ninja would certainly not come as a surprise, as there is a solid basis for that to happen in the manga and the anime, meaning that his story up to this moment leaves a possibility for that to happen. Whether it actually will happen is unknown, but it would not surprise us if it did, not really.

Boruto jougan old

Now, we do have to explain that going rogue does not mean that Boruto would become evil; that is why we have split these two questions in the first place. It just means that he does things his own way and that he would become somewhat of an antihero. This would be a darker turn to his story that would definitely make the whole series more interesting, but we’re not sure that Boruto will go in that direction.

Firstly, it would be strange for the protagonist to suddenly become an antihero and, secondly, it would be too similar to Sasuke’s story and it would certainly result in backlash from a lot of fans. It would be interesting to see how Boruto Uzumaki would function as a rogue shinobi, how different he would be and how Naruto and the rest of his allies would react to that. But, don’t get your hopes up as we really don’t think it is likely to happen.