Does Ciri Take The Witcher Mutagen?

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We all know that, by the end of season 1 of The Witcher series on Netflix, Geralt had united with Ciri as the titular Witcher finally fulfilled his destiny of being a father figure to his child of surprise. In that regard, they began journeying together in season 2, as Geralt and Ciri went to Kaer Morhen, which is the final stronghold of the Order of the Witchers. She went to train like a Witcher, as Vesemir went on to find out that her blood was actually the key ingredient that would allow him to recreate the Witcher mutagen. But did Ciri actually take the Witcher mutagen?

Ciri was about to take the Witcher Mutagen because that was the only condition that she had for Vesemir to use her blood to create a Mutagen. However, Geralt arrived just in time to stop her from taking the Mutagen because there was no guarantee that she would survive the process of turning into a Witcher.

The very fact that the transformation process is a very painful one was the reason why Geralt prevented his child of surprise from taking the Witcher Mutagen. Of course, she wanted to be a Witcher, but Geralt told her that being a Witcher wasn’t the answer to her problems. Now, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Ciri and her wish to become a Witcher.

Did Ciri Take The Witcher Mutagen?

Throughout the first season of The Witcher series on Netflix, one of the things that we saw was how powerless Ciri was when she was facing dangerous opponents, as she couldn’t even control her own Elder blood powers. In that regard, all that she could do was run away until she was finally able to find Geralt at the end of the first season. Since then, they began traveling together.

Of course, one of the things that Ciri noticed about Geralt and the other Witchers was the fact that they were strong. Ciri already understood the power that Geralt had, but she also understood that the other Witchers were also quite capable in a fight. She witnessed the power of the Witchers when they got to Kaer Morhen, which was the final stronghold of the Order of the Witchers.

The goal of taking Ciri to Kaer Morhen was to make sure that she was safe in the company of some of the strongest fighters on the entire Continent. However, during her time there, she also decided to train like a Witcher by actually going through the training exercises that the Witchers went through when they were still young. But what was still clear was the fact that she didn’t have the same kind of physical advantages that the Witchers had because she didn’t go through the process of becoming a mutant.

As season 2 progressed, Ciri learned from Vesemir that she had Elder blood. This revelation came from the fact that feainnewedd was found in the areas where Ciri’s blood was spilled while she was training with the Witchers. This flower only grows in areas where Elder blood has been spilled, and the logical conclusion was that Ciri had Elder blood in her and was powerful because of this.

In that regard, the reason why Vesemir told Ciri about her blood was the fact that Elder blood was the secret component to creating the Witcher Mutagen, which became lost to them after the events of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Because the Witchers were dwindling in numbers, Vesemir thought that they needed to create more Witchers to replenish their ranks. And that was when he told Ciri that a single vial of her blood would allow him to make more Witchers.

But Ciri had one single condition for allowing Vesemir to take some of her blood. She told the old Witcher that she should be the first to test the Witcher Mutagen so that she could become a Witcher. While Vesemir initially rejected it because he knew that the Trial of the Grasses was too dangerous for anyone, he eventually decided to agree to her terms because the Witchers were already slowly dying off.


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Of course, Ciri wanted to be a Witcher because she thought that this was her ultimate destiny. She had already endured so much pain in her life, especially after the Nilfgaardian Empire destroyed her home and killed the only family she knew. Triss, however, didn’t want her to go through the process. That was when she performed Dol Durza on Ciri so that she could visit the inner layers of her consciousness, where she saw Lara Dorren, who told her that Ciri was going to bring death to the world.

Triss became frightened of Ciri after Dol Durza, and that only strengthened the young girl’s resolve to become a Witcher. In that regard, Vesemir took some blood from her and used it to make a Witcher Mutagen. She wanted to be a Witcher so badly so that she would feel less emotional about the things that happened to her past.

However, Geralt arrived just in time to prevent her from taking the Mutagen. He told her that there was no way for her to forget her past because not even the Witchers forgot their past after becoming mutants. Geralt also said that the only way for her to forget the pain of her past was to kill her own hatred and then move on from it.

Would Ciri Have Survived The Mutagen?

Of course, the very reason why Vesemir initially didn’t want Ciri to go through the Trial of the Grasses and take the Mutagen and why Geralt stopped her from trying to become a Witcher was the fact that it is a dangerous process. The Trial of the Grasses has a 30% success rate among the young boys that go through it. And the remaining 70% die due to the immense pain associated with the transformation.

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If that is the case, Ciri would have surely experienced the same kind of pain that all of the other Witchers had to endure when they became Witchers. Geralt, of course, is a rare case because of how strong his tolerance was to the Mutagen. But would Ciri have survived the Mutagen?

At this point, it is tough to say whether or not she would have survived the transformation or the Trial of the Grasses because this is something that was never discussed or covered by the books or the games. But the fact is that the odds were against her because only 30% got to survive the process.


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It might be true that she is a special person due to her Elder blood, but the fact is that her physiology is still very much human. That means that her body was never enhanced by her Elder blood. As such, because there is also a good chance that the Trial of the Grasses was meant for boys and not for girls, Ciri would have died if she had taken the Witcher Mutagen.

Of course, this is purely speculative on our part because we don’t know for certain what would have happened. It is possible that she would have survived as well because, as low as the chances may have been, there was still a chance that she was strong enough to endure the pain. But we can’t really say for certain because she never underwent the process in any of the adaptations of The Witcher.

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