Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan? (& What Is Her Fate?)

Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan? (& What Is Her Fate?)

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Gabi Braun suddenly came into the spotlight during Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime. A character that was introduced relatively late into the story, Gabi Braun became a breakthrough character in the fourth season of Attack on Titan. Her role also proved to be pivotal for the events that led to Eren becoming the Founding Titan, so it only makes sense that we dedicate a whole article to Gabi. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Gabi Braun dies in Attack on Titan and what her exact fate was.

Gabi Braun survived the events of Attack on Titan. After Eren’s death, Gabi reunites with her parents and Falco, but their reunion is cut short by the arrival of the Marleyans, who demand that the Eldians all prove they can no longer turn into Titans. They were saved by Armin. In the three years following the battle, Gabi and Falco become caretakers for Levi.

The remainder of this article is going to focus on Gabi’s story in the final chapters and volumes of Attack on Titan. We’re going to give you more details about her story, as well as her epilogue in the world of Attack on Titan, which means that you will know everything you need to know about Gabi Braun after reading our article.

Will Gabi die in Attack on Titan?

Now that Gabi Braun has come into the spotlight in the Attack on Titan anime series, fans have been wondering about her and her life story. Gabi Braun is a member of the famous Braun family and a cousin of the more famous Reiner Braun; her parents’ names have never been revealed. Now, Gabi plays an important role in the War for Paradis arc and she is the main instigator of the events that led to Eren’s transformation into the monstrous Founding Titan.

A vengeful Gabi

Gabi actively participated in the fights in Marley so fans are rightfully asking themselves – does Gabi Braun die in Attack on Titan? To give you a short answer, before we actually detail her story after the incident with Eren, Gabi Braun does not die in Attack on Titan. She survives the fights in Marley and lives on to tell the tale. We are now going to see what exactly happened to her.

What is Gabi’s destiny in Attack on Titan?

As for Gabi’s life before the incident with Eren, we do not think it is necessary to summarize everything and as for the incident involving the shooting of Eren Yeager, you can read about it on Fiction Horizon. This is why we are going to start with Gabi’s story after the shooting of Eren Yeager.


Did Gabi Kill Eren in Attack on Titan? (& Why She Shot at Him?)

After shooting Eren, Gabi is thrown back by the recoil of the rifle and she doesn’t see Zeke catching Eren’s head. Falling to the ground, Gabi notices that the walls are starting to crack and the ground around her is starting to rumble. Moments later, the walls collapse, and in their place are the Colossal Titans. Looking up, Gabi was surprised to see a uniquely shaped titan skeleton growing out of Eren’s body as a result of a huge burst of steam.

Gabi is rescued from falling debris by Reiner, who uses his Titan’s powers to protect her, carrying the girl away from the falling debris. However, the Titan’s armor also begins to crumble, forcing him to leave the Titan’s body. As the two continue on foot, Gabi tries to find Falco. Reiner suggests that the boy was most likely captured by the belligerent. At that very moment, he almost passes out from exhaustion and Gabi helps him to the nearest building to rest.

Before finally losing consciousness, Reiner orders Gabi to run south and evacuate with the rest of Marley’s forces, but Gabi chooses to stay and look for Falco. Later, Gabi heads to Ragako with Armin. After Gabi finds Falco, they both mourn Colt’s death. The next day, the alliance arrives at Paradise Harbor to find it occupied by the Yeagerists.

While part of the group engages the Yeagerists, Pieck carries Gabi and the civilians to a boat in the harbor. Once on the boat, Gabi and Magath help their comrades, covering the rear with return fire. But in the next moment, everyone is blinded by a light emanating from the harbor, signaling that Falco has turned into a Titan.

As the boat leaves the harbor, Gabi watches a regenerating Falco. She then asks Pieck where Magath is, only to learn from that he stayed to give the others a chance to leave. Shortly thereafter, an explosion occurs. Passengers watch the fiery pillar ascend to the sky, as a result of which Theo Magath is killed. In Odia, Pieck asks Kiyomi Azumabito to keep Gabi and Falco locked up in a room aboard the ship, as they will definitely want to join. When the Titans arrive, Gabi desperately begs Annie to release them.

Using his Titan, Falco transports Gabi and Annie to the epicenter of events. The group arrives just in time to save Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, Connie, and Levi from being destroyed by the Titan army. When Falco returns to Eren, the group decides they have no other choice but to kill him. Gabi tells the others that when she decapitated Eren in Shiganshina, she saw a glowing “centipede” emerge from his spine and attach itself to his head after contact with Zeke.

Concluding that this “centipede” may be the true nature behind the appearance of the Titans, Gabi suggests that they might see the “creature” again if Eren is decapitated again. From the back of the Titan, Gabi helps Mikasa pull Armin out of the Titan’s mouth by shooting him in the head with her rifle. As Armin Arlert transforms on Eren’s “back”, Falco takes the rest of the group back to the Fortress of Glory.

Gabi is reunited with her family and rushes to inform Karina that Reiner is alive, but their meeting is interrupted. Eren and the “centipede” survived Armin’s transformation. Gabi advises finding a way to keep the “centipede” from reuniting with Eren. But at the same moment, the group is taken by surprise by the smoke that the “centipede” begins to emit. The Survey Corps realizes that in this way she is going to turn the Eldians of the fortress into Titans.

Falco leaves with the Ackermans and Pieck while Gabi and the others stay behind. The Eldians inside the fortress transform into titans and immediately come to the defense of the centipede as it attempts to return to Eren. After the death of Eren, the power of the titans disappears and all the Eldians return to their human form.

Gabi is reunited with her parents and Falco, but their reunion is interrupted by the arrival of the Marleyans from the fortress, who demand to prove they can no longer transform into Titans. Before the Marleyans can open fire, Armin arrives and manages to persuade them. Three years after the Battle of Slava Fortress, Gabi and Falco became the guardians of Levi, who was left crippled after the battle.

Will Gabi inherit a Titan?

It is known that Gabi Braun is a Warrior. The Warrior Unit is a subdivision of the Eldian Unit of the Marley Army. Its members receive Titan Power under the control of the Marley Empire and are in charge of dealing with Paradis Island. When the unit was disbanded in 854, there was only one candidate in line among the potential Warriors, Gabi Braun.

So, we do know that the Warriors are candidates for Titan powers and Gabi Braun was the first in line to inherit that power, but since the Titans disappeared after Eren’s death, Gabi never actually inherited Titan powers and she never became a Titan.

Which Titan would Gabi have inherited?

And while Gabi Braun never actually became a Titan due to the circumstances we have described above, it is know that she would have inherited the Armored Titan, had the Titans not disappeared after Eren Yeager’s death at the hands of Mikasa Ackerman in the final chapters of the manga.

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