Did Gabi Kill Eren in Attack on Titan? (& Why She Shot at Him?)

Gabi Shot Eren Attack on Titan

Usually, when people are beheaded or shot in the head – they die. But that is not necessarily the case in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga and anime, where people can recover even from such fatal wounds. This is the exact thing that happened when Gabi Braun shot Eren Yeager in the head. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Gabi Braun actually killed Eren in Attack on Titan and why she actually shot him in the first place.

Gabi Braun did not kill Eren Yeager when she shot at him. Gabi was furious with Eren because he attacked Marley and caused the death of her friends, which is why she focused all her anger on him and shot him in the head with the intent to kill him. Little did she know that this would actually accelerate Eren’s monstrous transformation.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to give you all the information you need to have about this event. We’re going to describe the exact circumstances and the reasons behind Gabi’s shooting of Eren, as well as the consequences of this event, as it happened in the manga and in the anime. Everything you need to know about this pivotal event from Attack on Titan you’ll find in this article.

Did Gabi kill Eren?

The story of Gabi’s shooting of Eren is actually the story of the circumstances from Chapter 119 of the original manga. Since the Beast Titan is down, the Marley army must prevent the two Yeager brothers from making contact; in which case, these will activate the “Rumbling”. Eren, in a panic, heads towards Zeke in his Titanic form, only to be immobilized by the Jaw Titan, which attacks his calf.

However, the Attack Titan manages to defend himself without difficulty, until he knocks down his enemy. Fortunately for Porco, Magath shoots the holder of the Founding Titan and thus prevents him from obtaining yet another titanic power. At the same time, the Commander and Pieck are surrounded by the Yeagerists, while Mikasa shields Armin from a gunshot.

He sees the danger represented by the Cart Titan and wishes to put it out of harm’s way, but resolves to annihilate the Marleyan soldiers first. So, after hearing Pixis’ directives to his troops, Armin strategizes to surprise their enemies. Meanwhile, Zeke, unable to help his brother, watches the fight. Reiner has the upper hand over the Attacking Titan, and implores Porco – who is in very bad shape – to get up. Devastated, he touches his Titan and sends him the memories of his brother: Marcel. Thus, it is through this note that Porco learns that he deserved to obtain the Armored Titan, unlike Reiner.

Elsewhere, the Beast Titan gets up, determined to let out his cry to finally put an end to the fight. Eren appears worried and seems to want to stop her; but at the same time, Falco and Colt show up. The latter begs Zeke to let his little brother escape before activating his power. As the situation horrifies Reiner, Gabi rushes on horseback to flee with the young midshipman.

Gabi shoots Eren in the neck

But he refuses and the sum not to approach him. That’s when even though he appears sorry, Zeke activates his power. Thus, Falco is transformed, in the arms of Colt – who refuses to abandon his little brother – and under Gabi’s eyes, in tears. All soldiers of Paradis who have ingested cerebrospinal fluid from Zeke are also dispossessed of their human form. Zeke orders Falco to devour Reiner, who must now single-handedly fight against two different titans.

Meanwhile, Gabi discovers Colt’s charred body and witnesses the scene. Eren attempts to reach his brother; but at the same time, Magath shoots the Beast Titan in the neck. As he is about to use his weapon on the Attacking Titan, Mikasa and Armin come out from behind with lightning spears and appear to have knocked him out of harm’s way.


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However, the Cart Titan has not been hit and is ready to retaliate. Moreover, Floch, frightened, finds that the Yeagerist team has been decimated. Reiner meanwhile, is about to let himself be devoured to save Falco; when at the same time, Porco rises in human form and offers his life to rescue them. Thus, under the eyes of Reiner and Gabi, Falco runs towards the holder of the Jaw Titan.

Meanwhile, Eren has stiffened to escape his Titan quietly and runs to Zeke – who was faking his death – to activate the Founding Titan’s power. Mad with rage, Reiner pursues him but is knocked down by the lightning spears of Conny and Jean. At the same time, Mikasa and Armin fight the Cart Titan. That’s when Gaby grabs Kord’s anti-titan rifle and shoots Eren, whose head flies off just inches from his stunned older brother.

Why did Gabi shoot Eren?

Gabi hated Eren Yeager from the bottom of her soul for being responsible for the destruction of the city (during his attack on Marley) and the death of several loved ones but was also paralyzed with fear in his presence. After being helped by Eren’s friends, she took more of a step back, wanting less to kill him as revenge than to save her family from the Great Earthquake. Ultimately, her hatred and anger prevailed and she ended up shooting Eren.

How did Eren survive being shot in the head by Gabi?

The explanation of how Eren actually survived this was given in Chapter 120 of the manga. In the midst of the battle in the Shiganshina District, Eren’s d head lands in the outstretched hand of his brother, Zeke. This causes Eren to wake up in the desert realm accessible through the Paths, where he sees a pillar of light branching out through the heavens. There, he meets an older version of Zeke who is chained up on the sandy ground.

Zeke informs Eren that this is the coordinate, where all paths converge. He believes that this realm is where the members of the Royal Family came from whenever they used the power of the Founding Titan. Zeke isn’t sure how long he’s been waiting for Eren to wake up, but he feels like years have passed. Although Gabi Braun managed to blow Eren’s head off, Zeke was able to make contact with him in the real world before Eren’s life ended, allowing the two to succeed in gaining the Founding Titan’s power.


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A girl in a tattered dress approaches them and Zeke calls her Ymir, the Founding Titan because she doesn’t think anyone else is wandering around this place. He believes that she creates all the Titans here, where she is allowed infinite time before the Titans are sent into the physical world. When Eren asks about the chains Zeke is chained with, Zeke explains that they represent a vow to renounce war, and thus, Eren is the only one currently allowed to walk freely within the desert kingdom, and as such, command the Founding Titan.

Zeke pleads with Eren to go ahead and have Ymir rebuild the Eldians so they can no longer have children. However, Eren refuses, revealing that he had only pretended to go along with Zeke’s plan so he could end up here, at the coordinates. Severely discouraged, Zeke asks Eren if he would do such a thing, and Eren replies that it is because he was born into this world.

Eren asks Ymir to lend him her strength, but she ignores him and kneels before Zeke. Despite this, though, Zeke’s actions saved Eren’s life and, in turn, caused the Rumbling, which led to Eren transforming into the monstrous Founding Titan.


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In which chapter does Gabi shoot Eren?

The scene in which Gabi Braun shoots Eren in the head happens in Chapter 119, titled “Two Brothers”, of the manga, which was the first chapter of Volume 30 of the manga. As for the anime, this chapter was adapted in two episodes – “Sneak Attack” and “Two Brothers” – with this exact scene happening in the latter. “Two Brothers” premiered on January 24, 2022 as Episode 19 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan.

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