Does Kakashi Have a Child in Boruto?

Does Kakashi Have a Child in Boruto?

We know how important Kakashi Hatake was for the lore of Naruto. Now, while his role is drastically diminished in the Boruto series, there are still some questions surrounding his story in the lore. When Boruto initially began, people saw a child character who looked a lot like Kakashi and since the story was just beginning at the time, people wondered whether that character could be Kakashi’s child. In this article, we are going to answer that question and bring you all the details about this issue that you need to know.

Kakashi Hatake does not have a child in Boruto. Despite a lot of ships, Kishimoto did not want to pair Kakashi with anyone, so as far as it is known, he is neither married nor a father. The character people thought was Kakashi’s son was actually Hōki Taketori, who is not related to Kakashi, but does admire him and looks up to him.

In the rest of this article, we are going to talk about Kakashi Hatake and his family, as well as the character of Hōki Taketori, who was thought to be Kakashi’s son when he first debuted. We are going to bring you all the necessary details about these two characters, their relationship, and their roles in the larger lore of Masashi Kishimoto’s work.

Does Kakashi have a child in Boruto?

Back in 2017, some months after Boruto‘s debut, a character that looked like this appeared:

Save for the hair color, this pretty much looks like a smaller version of Kakashi Hatake, right? The same clothes, the same ensign, the same style – this was pretty much a baby version of Kakashi and people noticed it immediately. Now, since we did not know, at the time, what had happened to Kakashi in the interval period between Naruto and Boruto, there was a possibility that the guy actually fathered a child in the meantime.

Fans were going crazy at the time, but as it turned out, this character was not Kakashi’s child. It was, in fact, a young boy named Hōki Taketori, who looked up to Kakashi, but was not related to him in any way. Later, we also received confirmation that Kakashi never married and never had a child, which is what Kishimoto had wanted from the beginning.

To this day, the only known member of Kakashi’s family is his father, Sakumo Hatake, who died a long time ago. Kakashi Hatake does not have a child in either Naruto or Boruto. We are now going to tell you who Taketori is.

Who is Hōki Taketori?

Hōki Taketori is a chūnin from Konohagakure. He is part of Team 25 along with Hako Kuroi and Renga Kokubō. Hōki attended the Academy’s opening ceremony and witnessed Boruto crash a train into the stone face of the Seventh Hokage at Hokage Rock. When Boruto came into conflict with Iwabee, Hōki witnessed his altercation in the classroom and later witnessed his battle in the training ground.

During a demonstration of the Summoning Jutsu by Konohamaru Sarutobi, Boruto tried to perform it without knowing the requirements. Hōki, like the rest of the class, watched as he failed. Hōki and his class went to Kirigakure for a field trip where they were greeted by his guide, Kagura Karatachi. During the graduation exams, Hōki was placed in a genjutsu by Anko, causing him to end up going around in circles.

However, he was able to break free and joined his teammates to confront the kunoichi. Later, he reunited with the rest of his still-free teammates and following Boruto’s plan, they were able to eliminate the other supervisors and free the other teammates from him. The next morning, they went to confront Kakashi to take the bell from him.

Despite the group assault on him, Kakashi easily repelled all of the students. However, this turned out to be a trick to trap him in a Multiple String of Light Formation. Unfortunately, Kakashi still managed to hold them off, resulting in time running out without anyone taking the bell. To his surprise, the Sixth Hokage announced that he had passed since they had fulfilled the true objective of the test; teamwork and loyalty. Days later, having officially become a genin, Hōki was placed in Team 25 along with Hako and Renga.

Due to the continuous robberies carried out by the Byakuya Group in Konohagakure, Team 25 was assigned along with the other genin teams to help stop the self-proclaimed noble thieves. However, they were not allowed to take on the Byakuya Group without the help of a higher-ranking chūnin or shinobi. With their jōnin master injured and out of commission, Team 25 began to go on constant D-rank missions.

They were eventually assigned to help sort packages at the post office. Hōki started giving all sorts of orders which quickly annoyed his teammates. The team was soon approached by Sukea, who was checking out his work. Boruto and Sarada suddenly appeared, helping with an investigation about a package bomb.

After his classmates disarmed a bomb, Hōki wanted to help, but Renga and Hako refused to work with Hōki any longer than they were officially assigned. As Hōki began to get frustrated about what to do, Sukea noted that the Sixth Hokage was not without his own failures and embarrassments, that his biggest regret since childhood was trying to control everything so much that it cost him the life of a dear friend.

When he realized that he was making the same mistake, Hōki also realized from Sukea’s hints that there were still more package bombs in circulation. Putting their differences aside, Team 25 decided to collaborate together, working on their personal strengths to find the remaining bombs and avert disaster.

Then, at Sukea’s suggestion, Hōki apologized for his excessive orders, prompting Renga and Hako to apologize for his mistakes as well. Later, Team 25 was officially reassigned to Sai’s command. When Sai learned that the Fire Daimyō, Ikkyū Madoka, was randomly collecting a large sum of money, Sai and his team went to confront him.

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Upon learning of his son’s kidnapping, Hōki and his companions found that several members of the Mujina Bandit had infiltrated the village and quickly captured them. Afterward, Team 25 quickly made their way to save the boy, only to learn that he had already been saved by Team 7, as well as capturing the bandit’s leader, Shojoji.

After Sasuke probed the gang leader’s mind and found out about Kara, Team 25 was sent to help Sasuke investigate this new organization in Amegakure. The genins discovered some underground tunnels and an area that was sealed off as a result of a gas leak. After mapping out the area for Sasuke and Sai, Hōki and his companions were ordered to return to Konoha, the rest of the mission being deemed too dangerous for them.

Hōki attended the memorial service for those who fell during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Hōki and his team participated in the new chūnin exams held by Naruto to promote more chūnin. Although they all passed the first test, only Hōki passed the second test in the Forest of Death, with Renga and Hako staying behind so he could pull the injured subordinate out of the forest.

After the test ended, it was announced that each of the finalists would have to fight another finalist in a one-on-one battle. Hōki asked if they would be informed about his opponents that day, but was told that it would only happen until the day of the match. The next day, Sai went to see Hōki and his teammates, focusing on his teachings.

On the day of the final test, Hōki faced Inojin. Hōki quickly took control of the battle by transforming the arena into a maze, leaving Inojin disoriented as he memorized the layout. Inojin tricked Hōki into attacking him from a blind spot, allowing him to use his Mind-Body Switch Jutsu.

However, Hōki managed to resist and repel the technique from him thanks to Sai’s teachings, allowing him to subdue him. Hōki thanked Sai for training him and Inojin for forcing him to give it his all.

Hōki has a photographic memory that allows him to remember even the smallest details of everything he sees. Like his companions, he excels at intelligence gathering, frequently being assigned to ANBU-level missions. Under Sai’s tutelage, Hōki has learned ANBU tactics, including a technique for resisting possession jutsu and mind reading.

He has shown great command of the earth element, being able to use it to execute large-scale techniques. He is capable of raising huge columns from the ground to attack his opponents as well as creating a huge maze that covers a huge area. His prowess is such that he amazed even a specialist like Iwabee. He also has some skill in fūinjutsu, able to immobilize his enemies and increase the power of the technique by working in unison with other users.

And this is the story of Hōki, the young boy who idolized Kakashi but who is, despite what some fans had hoped, not Kakashi’s child.

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