Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

With the recent arc finished in the manga. Readers saw that both Naruto and Sasuke suffer major losses against Isshiki. This ultimately lost a very notable feature of Sasuke, his Rinnegan. His Rinnegan was destroyed when Boruto (possessed by Momoshiki Otsutsuki), went straight ahead at a very fast speed and did a surprise attack on Sasuke’s Rinnegan. Knowing that the Rinnegan contained a major power of Sasuke, does this mean that Sasuke also died as a result?

Sasuke did not die in the series, though there are hints that Naruto and Sasuke might die in the future. After all, the beginning of the Boruto series showed a destroyed Konoha, and Kawaki told Boruto that he will bring the latter to the place where his father “is”. 

To stop most of the fans from worrying too much about their favorite Uchiha, this article will debunk everything about this theory that should never happen in the first place. Through it can be theorized that Sasuke’s future death might happen, it does not mean that he died in the series already. But take note that there was a notable character in the Naruto series that died in the same arc and scene where Sasuke lost his Rinnegan.

Does Sasuke Die?

Sasuke survived along with Naruto, Kawaki, and Boruto in the most recent arc. During the fight, Sasuke lost his Rinnegan when he was stabbed in his left eye by his student, now possessed by Momoshiki. After Kawaki forced Momoshiki to absorb a self-sacrificial technique, Boruto was able to awaken and resist Momoshiki’s control. 

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The biggest loss they suffered during the arc was the death of Kurama. This is the only death that occurred as of the latest events. However, Sasuke’s whereabouts became unknown after the battle against Isshiki.

When Does Sasuke Die?

As for now, no one can truly know when Sasuke dies or even if he dies in Boruto. Though it is not set in stone that he will survive the series either. As we all have learned from watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Both Naruto and Sasuke become stronger due to the sacrifice of someone very close to them. 

In the case of Naruto, Jiraiya, who was a father figure to the kid who grew up shunned by his village, died while fighting Pain. This in turn made Naruto much stronger than he was before. In the case of Sasuke, It was his brother Itachi. If the story continues the pattern, Boruto would grow stronger and be more mature if Sasuke were to ever be killed. In Kawaki’s case, it would be the same but instead of Sasuke, it would be Naruto’s death.

Who Kills Sasuke Uchiha?

Sasuke is still alive even in the latest manga chapter of Boruto. Naruto and Sasuke were both shown as 2 very powerful ninja’s in their time though it doesn’t mean that they are unbeatable as was shown in the recent story arc in Boruto. Jigen beat both of the 2 ninjas in their first encounter where they were impaled by Jigen’s chakra draining rods. Jigen resolved to seal Naruto and moved to kill Sasuke, though was hindered by Naruto’s shadow clones. Despite Sasuke’s protests, Naruto convinced him to return to Konoha so that he can live to fight another day, prompting Sasuke to teleport to Sakura’s side before passing out from his injuries.

This just goes to show that although they are regarded as 2 very powerful ninjas in the story, They can still be killed. Although technically, Jigen was a vessel for the godlike creature named Isshiki, It just shows that they needed a Godlike figure to beat the two strongest ninjas in modern Konoha. 

Also, consider the fact that both Naruto and Sasuke were recently nerfed in the previous arc with Sasuke losing his Rinnegan after being stabbed by a possessed Boruto and Naruto losing Kurama as for using Baryon mode just to defeat Isshiki. If they are to be attacked by Kara again in the future, they might just bite the bullet.

Who is Capable of Killing Sasuke?

Now don’t get me wrong, Sasuke is still very powerful with Mangekyo Sharingan. Even though he lost his Rinnegan, Sasuke can no longer perform any Path-based techniques nor does he have access to Space-Time Ninjutsu. It doesn’t change the fact that as long as Six paths chakra continues to run within his chakra networks and the plethora of Jutsus he has learned, Sasuke is still hailed a God Tier character. 

Though as seen in the Kawaki arc, even a vessel for an Otsutsuki manhandled both Naruto and Sasuke. It just goes to show that to beat both these characters, they need godlike enemies power-wise. Even with the nerf Sasuke still has access to most of his abilities. If you watched Boruto, you would notice that Sasuke barely uses his Rinnegan and that it was mostly used only for none other than Ameno and space-time ninjutsu.

After the events of the Kawaki Arc, there is only one last active inner member of the enemy group named Kara. Code is possibly the biggest threat to everyone in Konoha as of now. Code’s ability consists of claw markings, that he can teleport into just like how the Fourth Hokage’s Flying Thunder God Technique works. As of the latest chapter, it appears that he left some of those around the outskirts of Konoha.

What is Code Planning to do?

Following the death of Isshiki at the hands of Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki, Isshiki’s soul migrated to Code and emerged from his White Kāma to deliver one final message. Isshiki commanded Code to utilize his Kama to transform into a complete Otsutsuki by sacrificing either Boruto or Kawaki to Ten-Tails and eating the resulting Chakra Fruit, and to carry on the Otsutsuki Will, devouring worlds and continuing to evolve until achieving godhood. Code agreed but first asked Isshiki to name those responsible for his death so that he might avenge him. After listening, Code kept saying the names of those responsible for Isshiki’s death while activating his Kāma.

What Is The Next Move For Kara?

Unwilling to risk facing Naruto or Sasuke with his power limiters in place, Code ventured to Boro’s hidden facility, killing eight of Boro’s cultists for getting in his way. He had Bug take him to Ada, an Outer he suspected Boro didn’t dispose of as ordered by Jigen. Without concern for Bug’s warnings, he smashed open her pod. 

She was indifferent to him, but Code was unable to kill her despite her provocation. While she freshened up, Bug explained the ability that makes most people infatuated with her. Ada also explained how her clairvoyance worked, aware of Isshiki’s demise and having intuited Code’s goals. She revealed the requirements for removing his power limiters, which would require Amado’s participation. 

As she was interested in having either Boruto or Kawaki becoming her boyfriend without being compelled, she agreed to help Code with his goals, willing to have one of them sacrificed to nurture a God Tree and provide Code with intel to keep him ahead of his enemies. Ada began revealing all the current events of Code’s enemies through her Senrigan. Code was surprised to hear that for all her modifications, Ada could only use basic taijutsu. He noted that despite her interest in making Boruto or Kawaki her mate, there was still a chance they might try to kill her since they were unaffected by her powers. Ada suggested they have Bug awaken her brother Daemon. Immediately, the boy showed his protectiveness to her. 

Several guards of the hideout came to destroy them per their previous directives. Code was amazed at Daemon’s ability to instantly reflect any attacks onto the foes, swiftly killing the guards. Later, Daemon quickly began annoying Code, as he constantly forced himself on Code for rides. As Daemon turned his attention to Bug, who was trying to escape, Code suddenly struck at the boy with his Claw Marks, which were instantly reflected on Code. 

Code explained that he wanted to better understand how Daemon’s power works, explaining that his marks let him teleport to wherever they are. As Daemon found the power cool, Code asked how his power worked. While wanting to tell Code, Daemon was forbidden by his sister, citing that she still did not trust Code completely. Code was concerned that maybe Ada had other abilities she had yet to reveal.

When Does Sasuke Come Back?

After the fight against Momoshiki and Isshiki, Sasuke has not appeared in the manga. Though most of the story as of now post Kawaki Arc is mostly building up the characters of both Boruto and Kawaki, We all know that Sasuke will return to teach both his student Boruto and his daughter Sarada. We as of now do not know how much Sasuke can be recovered using Medical ninjutsu in terms of fixing his left eye. 

All we know is that he will be back in action once more when Code eventually attacks Konoha. But will Sasuke become capable of fighting against Code now that he lost his Rinnegan? We all hope he can survive this one!