Why Did Sasuke Marry Sakura? Was It Just Love?

Why Did Sasuke Marry Sakura? Was Is Just Love?

Despite the fact that Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are the focus of the Naruto series, Sakura Haruno was both the series’ main female character and the third most important character in the series, along with Hinata. Sakura was a skilled kunoichi and master healer, but this article is not going to be about her skills but rather about her private life. We know by now that Sakura Haruno ends up with Sasuke Uchiha and that the two of them got married, but in this article, we are going to explore why the two of them married and whether there was any hidden agenda behind it.

Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha married out of love. They have been in love with each other since the very beginning, and their love bloomed late only because of Sasuke’s personal problems that had to be taken care of before. The two of them love each other dearly and are still married, with one daughter, Sarada Uchiha, who is one of the protagonists of Boruto.

The rest of this article will focus on the relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. We are going to bring you the details of this relationship, how it evolved, how it was formalized, and why the two of them actually married in the series. This is mostly an article about known facts from the series, so there won’t be too many spoilers for old fans of Naruto, but some new details will be revealed.

When do Sasuke and Sakura marry?

The relationship between Sasuke and Sarada has been a complex and puzzling one. Their love was obvious from the very start, but their relationship was quite out of the ordinary. Sakura’s relationship with Sasuke also changes a lot throughout the series. After Sasuke leaves Konoha, Sakura pleads with Naruto to bring him back, believing that he is the only one capable of doing so, which he promises to do.


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Knowing how tough this task will be for Naruto and inspired by his determination, Sakura decides to become Tsunade’s apprentice in order to become stronger so she can help Naruto bring Sasuke back. During the Meeting of the Five Kage, Sakura confesses to Naruto that she loves him and claims to not care about Sasuke, wanting to make him renounce his promise to her. However, Naruto doesn’t believe her words and says that she is lying to herself, claiming that he knows her better than that. This ruse is later confirmed by Sai.

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Sakura deeply admired Sasuke Uchiha at the start of the series because of his appearance, shrewd and chilly demeanor, and amazing talent. Because of this, many of Sakura’s early appearances center on her ongoing quest to win her love. She learns that Sasuke is not the boy she had always imagined as she gets to know him better throughout the course of the novel.


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Sakura later starts to worry that Sasuke would one day desert her and the rest of Konoha in his pursuit of power due to what transpired during the Chunin Exams. Sadly, her fears are realized at the conclusion of Part I, and despite her best efforts to stop him—including declaring her love for him and inviting him to join her in her quest for retribution—she is unsuccessful. Sasuke praises her sincerely, but he knocks her out before leaving the village.

Since then, Sakura has made it her personal mission to reunite Sasuke back with Naruto; as time passes, this facet of her character becomes recurring. But as Sasuke develops into a more deadly criminal, she realizes that he must be stopped by all means, though she later regrets it greatly. Sakura is heartbroken to witness the depraved and evil monster he has become when she is reunited with Sasuke after Danz’s passing, and she decides there is only one way to stop him: by killing him.

She eventually musters the courage to do it, but her affection for him prevents her. Since that time, Sakura has come to terms with the fact that Sasuke can only be saved by Naruto. It is evident that she is still in love with Sasuke regardless of the fact that she is heartbroken to witness what he has become and regardless of the fact that he attempted to kill her. Kakashi discovers during the Fourth Shinobi World War that Sakura’s love for Sasuke has evolved over time and that despite everything that has transpired, she is stronger than before.

One day, at the village entrance, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi were there, as the Uchiha would go on a trip to see the world. After the Hokage said a few words to her, Sakura began to speak, asking if she was leaving since Tsunade was about to finish the prosthesis for his arm, made from Hashirama’s cells.

Sasuke tells her that he has to see for himself what the world looks like, saying other things. Sakura asks him what he would say if she says that she wants to accompany him, to which the Uchiha responds by saying that it is a trip to atone for his sins and that she cannot get involved, proceeding to touch her forehead in the same way that his brother Itachi did to him.

He then left, saying that he would be back soon, and thanked Sakura for everything. Blushing, Sakura sees how Sasuke walks away from her, but she is happy because she knows he will return. The years passed after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sakura married Sasuke, and they had a daughter, Sarada Uchiha. The three of them live in a happy, albeit unconventional marriage, and the love story between Sasuke and Sakura has thus become one of the best and most beautiful ones in the series.


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Why did Sasuke marry Sakura?

If anyone tells you that Sasuke does not love Sakura, they’re lying. Their relationship might not be the most conventional one, but their emotions are deep. Sakura has openly loved Sasuke ever since the beginning of the story – a fact that even Naruto had to come to terms with while being in love with her – and while the last remaining Uchiha at the time was cold and reserved, he did have the same feelings for her as well. But Sasuke was a troubled individual back then. He had the issue of his brother killing his whole family, his revenge, and him being perceived as an enemy of Konoha. At the time, it was simply impossible for the two of them to have a normal relationship.

On top of that, both of them are odd when it comes to emotions. Sakura can be quite explosive, but is shy when romance is concerned, whereas Sasuke is always cold and introverted. But, they were both aware of the fact that they shared a mutual love for each other, and that was enough for them to endure all the hardships and eventually become a married couple and have Sarada.

Some theories say that Sasuke did it because he wanted children to continue the Uchiha lineage, but that doesn’t really make sense and seems like something that someone made up just to fit their theory. Yes, Sasuke loves Sakura, and he married her out of love.

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