Shigaraki with White Hair: Images & Videos

Shigaraki is by far the most important character in My Hero Academia, he’s gone from being a low-level mob boss to the grand commander of the Meta Liberation Front, and he’s also currently the strongest antagonist of the series. Earlier in the series, he had grayish-blue hair but Shigaraki with white hair looks more badass.

This article is solely dedicated to Shigaraki and his white hair, also the change in his physical appearance, and the moments that lead up to this. There aren’t many interesting characters with white hair and Shigaraki being the primary antagonist, it certainly sparks interest among fans.

What made Shigaraki’s hair turn white

Throughout the entire Meta Liberation Arc, Shigaraki was trying desperately trying to gain the power that his master left for him, fighting with Gigantomachia for days put a lot of strain on him. He continued fighting the giant for two days straight without rest, and continue making plans to take down the giant.

The memories of lost family and his master shroud his mind, the only thing he cares about is achieving the goal right in front of him but he is interrupted by Re-Destro who threatens to reveal their location to the police unless they enter the Deika City and fight them head-on.

Tired and Exhausted Tomura devises a plan to fight the Meta Liberation Army with the help of Gigantomachia.

During their battle, Tomura comes close to losing consciousness due to his non-stop fight against Gigantomachia, he sees another flashback of his deceased family and his quirk awakens allowing him to disintegrate an entire swarm of enemies by causing a chain reaction.

When Tomura faces off against Re-Destro, the memories of his family overwhelm his mind; however, he finally lets go of his past and forgives himself allowing his quirk to re-awaken once more and increasing his power significantly.

The last clash between the two leaders ends with the entire field flattened by Tomura’s quirk, Re-Destro losing his legs, and Tomura emerges victorious with a luscious new look.

Does Shigaraki’s white hair effects his quirk?

The white hair is only a byproduct of his quirk awakening, his hair turned white when he let himself be free of the mental restrictions.

One can argue that his hair is the reason why his quirk is now much more powerful because most characters go through a color change after a power-up but something that silly can never be true.

If anything, his white hair makes him look more menacing and like a true villain, the white hair mixed with his naturally pale skin somewhat makes him seem like a ghost and the final boss which works out well for him now that he controls the underworld.

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Why does his quirk change his hair?

Meta Abilities often affect the appearance and the personality of a person and it is hard to control sometimes. Since Tomura’s decay quirk damages tissues and causes them to disintegrate it can be considered that as his power grows the effect on his body will also increase, it also explains why he appears to look older with each transformation.

His face has wrinkles, his skin tight and his fingers seem weak.

However, after the latest experiments, he has gained the ability to regenerate at an accelerating rate, perhaps it will help negate the effect of his quirk

What is Shigaraki’s original hair color?

It may come as a shock to most people but Shigaraki’s hair color has changed twice, we’ve seen that in the flashbacks of his family, Shigaraki had black hair. So why did his hair turn grayish blue?

Shigaraki awakened his decay quirk when he was five years old, and the first victim of his quirk was their pet dog, Tenko. He was already under a lot of stress from his family because all he wanted to do was become a hero; however,  his father completely denied his request and even punished Shigaraki if he was caught playing hero with his sister.

After losing control over his quirk and killing his family, Shigaraki finally takes out his anger on his father, his hair turns gray as he pounces at his father pinning him on the ground and unleashing the full magnitude of his quirk.

And after aimlessly wandering the streets with no help to come, he is eventually saved by All For One who takes him as his own.

Shigaraki as a kid

Fans have been in love with Shigaraki’s white hair so much that they’ve edited the images of him as a kid with white hair instead of gray. We’ve seen that Shigaraki had black hair as a kid but that isn’t the only change he went through after his quirk awakened.

Shigaraki was originally named Tenko Shimura, he had dark hair and even dark pupils but after his quirk awakened, his hair turned grayish blue and his eyes turned gleaming red.

After his fight with Re-Destro, his eyes grew even redder and his hair turned completely white and maybe his skin also went paler.

Shigaraki as the leader of the meta-liberation front

The joy it brings me to see Shigaraki sitting on the throne is indescribable, he’s going through so much to achieve the power he now holds. He has certainly lost most than any hero in this series and it’ll be amazing to see him fighting against the hero society on equal footing.

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His initial goal was to take over the hero society and change it so people with meta abilities don’t have to suppress their inner selves; however, his new plan has evolved and now he only craves destruction, he wants to annihilate anything and everything that stands in his path and create a completely different world.

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