Does Tengen Uzui Die in Demon Slayer?


Tengen Uzui plays an important role as Tanjiro’s new mentor in the Demon Slayer anime and many fans are wondering what is his fate and does Tengen Uzui die in Demon Slayer?

Tengen Uzui indeed dies in Demon Slayer, but that happens after the time skip. He survives his nearly fatal encounter with Gyutaro and eventually dies sometime before the final chapter of the manga, i.e., sometime during the large time skip. He seemingly dies a natural death like all the other characters and is reincarnated as a 20-year old athlete called Tenma Uzui.

The rest of this article is going to elaborate further on the given answer. We are going to give you more details about Tengen’s fate during and after the Entertainment District arc, as well as some relevant answers that are connected with the main question.

Does Tengen Uzui Die?

You’d say that everyone dies eventually, right? We mean, even the Souls in Bleach died, and they were all, technically speaking, dead already. So, the characters of Demon Slayer also die, right? That is correct.

Like all the characters in the franchise, Tengen Uzui does eventually die, but as far as we know, he dies a natural death and is reincarnated after the time skip.


So, Tengen Uzui does survive almost being killed by Gyutaro’s poison in the Entertainment District arc and then goes into retirement, although he actively participates in some later events. He survives the final confrontation and dies sometime during the time skip, and ends up being reincarnated as a 20-year-old athlete named Tenma Uzui, who is Tengen’s descendant and very similar to him.


Demon Slayer: Every Character’s Age, Height, Birthday and Powers

As stated, Tenma Uzui is a descendant of Tengen Uzui. He is a good-looking, 20-year-old professional gymnast who won the gold medal in gymnastics during the recent Olympics (the in-universe timeline, of course). He is also noted to be somewhat of a punk, often flashing his middle finger and choking reporters. He has seven siblings.

This was revealed in the controversial final chapter of the manga, which showed us what happened to the characters in the epilogue of the main story.

How Does Tengen Survive the Poisoning?

At the beginning of the Entertainment District arc, Tengen enters the Butterfly Estate and tries to kidnap Naho and Aoi to help him on his mission. However, he was forced to change tactics when three boys – Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke Hashibira – rescue the girls and force him to take them with him on his mission.

On the way to the scene, Tengen announces that they are going to investigate the disappearance of his wives in the entertainment district. To this end, he explains that each boy will be sent to one of three brothels: the Ogimoto House, the Kyogoku House or the Tokito House, to try to gather information about their whereabouts.


Upon arriving in the area, Tengen disguises the boys as girls and drops them off at every house to begin an investigation. Tengen continues to lurk while the boys gather information from each house and monitor any unusual activities in the area. After Zenitsu disappears, Tengen senses imminent danger and tells the other two boys to abandon the mission and allow him to complete it for their safety.

He reaches the Kyogoku house and holds the brothel manager hostage, demanding to know where Zenitsu and Hinatsuru disappeared. Upon learning that Hinatsuru was sent to Kirimis, Tengen demands additional information from the manager, who reports that the disappearances were caused by Warabihime.


When Tengen arrives at Kirimis, he discovers that Hinatsuru was a prisoner of Obi Daki and defeats him before taking care of his wife. After giving her medications and checking that she was okay, Tengen orders Hinatsuru to leave the area and flee in search of safety before continuing to search for his other wives and Zenitsu. When he returns to the area, Tengen hears sounds from an underground cave and enters it, he discovers that his wives – Makio and Suma are fighting Obi.

After freeing them, Obi manages to escape and Tengen climbs after him, followed by Inosuke and Zenitsu. Tengen discovers at the scene that Tanjiro is trying to calm his sister down and quickly decapitates Daki, unable to believe that she is the High Moon they were looking for. Upon learning the truth about Daki’s presence, the Hashira engages in a fierce battle with the demons.

Gyutaro manages to poison Tengen during the fight, preventing him from beheading the Demon. After they finally manage to defeat the Demon siblings, Tengen loses his left arm and eye as a result. Towards the end of the battle, Gyutaro’s poison had spread through Tengen’s body, resulting in his inability to speak. When he dies of poison, Nezuko Kamado intervenes and uses his Demon Blood Technique to burn the poison out of his body, allowing him to rejoice with his wives.

Nezuko setting Tengen on fire

When Obanai arrives at the scene, he tells him that he is officially leaving the Demon Slayer Corps. and reassures him that the swordsman he “hates so much” has become strong enough to take his place which his absence will leave, hinting at Tanjiro. As Kakushi rushes to clean up the battlefield, Tengen is supported by his wives as he goes into retirement.

Despite the fact that he is officially retired, Tengen, along with his wives, helps in training with the Hashira. He is responsible for the first-level training, which is basic endurance training. Tengen and Shinjuro Rengoku were in a different part of the Ubuyashiki estate when it was transferred to the Infinity Fortress.

They stand guard outside the room where Kiriya, Kanata, and Kuina Ubuyashiki are located, while the surviving Ubuyashiki map the fortress and give instructions to the Demon Hunters.

Which Episode Does Tengen Almost Die In?

Tengen’s fight against Gyutaro happens toward the end of the Entertainment District arc, and since the anime season is still in its initial phases, the fight still hasn’t been shown on screen.

Now, assuming that the second season of Demon Slayer is going to adapt the whole Entertainment District (i.e., that it won’t be split into two parts), we are going to see this fight and Tengen’s near-death scene sometime near the end of the season, but we don’t know the exact episode number yet.

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