Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Names, Cast & Why He Has Three

Demon Slayer Wives

Tengen Uzui is one of the major supporting characters in the Demon Slayer franchise. He is a Demon Slayer and a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, but also the current Sound Hashira. Initially, he played a supporting role, but he became a major character in the Entertainment District arc. Famous for being quite special, Uzui is a 23-year-old guy with three wives. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – Tengen Uzui has three wives. But why?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Tengen’s three wives are called Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru.
  • At one point, all three of them married Tengen (seemingly at the same time), but the details of their individual histories have not been revealed in the manga.
  • When asked, he explained that it was because he was flamboyant, but there is a running theory that it might simply be a family tradition for him.

How many wives does Tengen Uzui have?

As was revealed in the manga and confirmed in the anime, Tengen Uzui has a total of three wives. That is the simplest and most direct answer we can give to this question, and while we are aware that it might sound strange, it’s exactly like that. From a modern perspective, it is quite odd, but you do have to consider the fact that historically, this wasn’t really that odd, and different societies and civilizations had different rules pertaining to marriage.

Tengen Uzui’s wives’ names

In this section, we are going to reveal more information about each of Tengen’s wives, starting with their names, but we’ll also include other information about them as well. Let us commence.

1. Makio

Makio Anime

Makio is a pale-skinned woman with large eyes. She has black hair in a ponytail with two light brown locks on the sides of her face. She is dressed in a short sleeveless dress with a vertical stripe and a large neckline, tied with a black obi. Her legs are bandaged up to the middle of her thighs. Makio is a very responsible and strong girl.

While her husband and Tanjiro fought against Gyutaro, she and Sumi protected all the people in the Entertainment District. At some point in her life, Makyo married Tengen Uzuya along with Suma and Hinatsuru. After she left the clan, her family went to visit Kagaya Ubuyashiki to fight as part of the demon slayers.


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2. Suma

Suma Anime

Suma is the second among Tengen’s wives. She has long, flowing black hair, and she wears a sleeveless dark yukata with a white sash. Suma is a very emotional girl. She does not hide her tears. She is a little distracted and annoying; however, she is a good shinobi. The girl possessed all the abilities of a shinobi, instead of a sword, like other wives, she used kunai.

3. Hinatsuru

Hinatsuru Anime

Hinatsuru is Tengen’s third wife. Hinatsuru has long dark hair tied in a high ponytail. There is a small mole on the girl’s face under her left eye. She is wearing a sleeveless yukata decorated with small dark squares. She has a net on her hands. Hinatsuru gives himself completely in battle and does not spare himself a bit. Even after Tengen gave her medicine and told her to return home, she did not listen to him and, being practically exhausted, helped him in the battle with Gyutaro.


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Hinatsuru possessed all the abilities of a shinobi, but instead of a sword, like other wives, she used kunai. In the battle with Gyutaro, she used a device with numerous kunai containing poison from wisteria. She shot them at the demon to immobilize him, at least for a while.

Tengen Uzui’s wives’ cast

After waiting for a while, Tengen Uzui’s wives finally appeared in the anime’s Entertainment District arc. In this segment, we are going to reveal the information about the voice actresses who gave their voices to these three characters. They are:

1. Shizuka Ishigami

Shizuka Ishigami

Shizuka Ishigami appeared as the voice of Makio. She is a Japanese seiyū. She was previously affiliated with 81 Produce but is now affiliated with Pro-Fit. She also uses the pseudonym Mei Hanazono for roles in adult visual game novels. She is best known for her voice role as Ch’en in Arknights and Ikuno in Darling in the Franxx. She originally wanted to become a mangaka, but decided to become a voice actress after trying a voice role in a game.

2. Nao Tōyama

Nao Tōyama

Nao Tōyama appeared as Suma. She is a Japanese voice actress (seiyū) and an affiliate singer of Arts Vision, currently affiliated with the agency INTENTION. She made her singing debut on February 1, 2017 with a double A-side single “True Destiny / Chain the World” under the Flying Dog record label. The song “True Destiny” was used as the ending theme of the anime series -Chain Chronicle-Haeccelitas no Hikari- and “Chain the World” was used as the opening theme of the film version of the show.

When she was in the second year of junior high school, she felt the joy of acting and aspired to be her voice actor while she was scripting with a friend of her classmate who was aiming to be a voice actor. Her parents allowed her to attend a voice actor training center, in exchange for her hard work on college entrance exams. She entered the Japan Narration Actors Institute as she entered high school, and after three years of training, she passed the audition and signed for the Arts Vision company.

3. Atsumi Tanezaki

Atsumi Tanezaki

Atsumi Tanezaki voiced Hinatsuru. She has stated that her reason for choosing to be a voice actress as a profession was Sailor Moon. After she watched the TV anime episode 45, “Sailor Senshi Dies! The Tragic Final Battle”, she was fascinated by her acting ability in the story and decided to become a voice actor herself. She then started studying acting in earnest with the money she had earned to work to enter a training school after she left Oita prefecture and moved to Tokyo.

Her favorite voice actresses are Miyuki Sawashiro and Mayumi Tanaka. She left the Toritori Office on June 1, 2015, and after a free period, she became a member of the Tokyo Actor’s Life Cooperative on October 1, 2015. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 14th Voice Actor Awards in 2020.

Why does Tengen Uzui have three wives?

Now, in the end, you’re probably wondering why Tengen Uzui has three wives in the first place. Well, the answer is that we don’t actually know. The manga showed that he had three wives and it is even suggested that all of them married Tengen at the same time (probably when he turned 15), but the details have never been revealed, actually.

When asked, Tengen simply replied that it was because he was flamboyant, but that tells us nothing. There is a theory, based on some statements from the manga, that it is a Uzui family tradition (to marry three women when the male turns 15 years old), but that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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