Dr.STONE: Here Is How Senku Survived Being Killed by Tsukasa!

Dr.STONE: Here Is How Senku Survived Being Killed by Tsukasa!

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Among all the various Dr.STONE characters we usually talk about, Tsukasa is an exceptionally important name and a character with one of the best (redemption) arcs in the whole series. Tsukasa was initially a primary antagonist in the series. Still, the development of his friendship with Senku is the true gist of his story, as it shows us just how layered and deep Tsukasa is as a character. This is especially important in light of the fact that Tsukasa basically killed Senku during the Vs. Tsukasa Arc and in this article, we are going to explain what happened there and how Senku was able to actually survive the incident.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Tsukasa was first petrified in 2019, along with the rest of humanity, which makes sense. He was depetrified by Senku in 5739 while the latter was searching for strong allies. The two were allies for a while but ultimately clashed over ideological issues.
  • When Senku revealed that he wanted to create a technological society once again, he and Tsukasa clashed, and Tsukasa snapped his cervical plexus, leaving the scientist for dead.
  • It is soon discovered that part of Senku’s neck remains petrified despite his depetrification, so they use the formula to depetrify Senku, which ultimately heals him and brings him back to life.

Tsukasa and Senku were allies, but they ultimately clashed over ideological issues

Given that this is the premise of the entire narrative, it is not surprising that Tsukasa was, like the rest of the world, petrified in 2019. It makes perfect sense that he was well-known worldwide at the time—he was a well-known teenage mixed martial arts competitor and one of the best fighters of his generation. This information takes us to the current timeline of the story when Senku and his comrades were using the little resources they had at the time to gradually begin reviving some of the people who had been petrified.

Senku and Taiju brought the teenage MMA fighter back to life early in the story because they needed someone to protect them from the dangers of the planet three thousand years after everyone on Earth was turned to stone. Senku and Taiju felt that Tsukasa was their best bet because he was the world’s strongest teenager. Although this appeared to be a wise choice, Tsukasa quickly turned against them; therefore, it proved to be a problematic decision.

Tsukasa enjoyed the world as it was. It was “primitive,” with less people around, and the planet seemed to be healthier and the people happier. This is why Tsukasa wanted to do everything he could to preserve such a world, as he thought this was the Utopia that should remain. To further his goal, he started to destroy statues, mostly of old people, so that Senku could not revive them, thus reducing the world’s overall population. And this was the basis for his clash with Senku, which happened soon after.


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Namely, when Senku openly disclosed his desire to reinstate a scientific society, Tsukasa opposed him. Although they still remained allies at that moment, Senku was weary and decided to send Tsukasa away on a mission to buy them time. The schism happened not long after, and Tsukasa gave Senku some time to surrender. Senku decided to use guns against Tsukasa, but the plan ultimately failed. Why?

Well, when they created gunpowder, the smoke gave away their location to Tsukasa, who arrived. He then kidnapped Yuzuriha and blackmailed Senku into giving him the formula, which he eventually did. Tsukasa did free Yuzuriha, but he also told Senku to give up his desire to create a society based on science. When Senku declined once again, Tsukasa attacked him and, with a heavy heart, broke his cervical plexus, leaving him for dead.

Senku survived thanks to still being partially petrified

Tsukasa lingered on for a moment, and then Taiju came. When he saw what happened, they used the gunpowder to distract Tsukasa, as Taiju and Yuzuriha fled with Senku’s body. Tsukasa could’ve given chase, but he simply walked away, knowing that there was no way for Senku to recover from such an injury in the society as it had been then. And that was a bad decision on his part.

Certainly, the technology of the time wasn’t nearly as advanced, and there was nothing that Senku’s allies could do to heal him, which meant that he would have died. But a fortunate thing happened at the time. Namely, it was discovered that part of Senku’s neck had still been petrified, although he was mostly depetrified otherwise, and Taiju and Yuzuriha decided to use one last-ditch move. They used the formula on Senku’s neck, hoping that it would heal the young scientist; at the time, it was now known that petrification had healing properties.

Senku did not wake up immediately, but after a few shouts, he regained his senses, and it seemed that their plan worked, as Senku was alive once again. And that is how Senku actually survived being killed by Tsukasa and how he remained on the show as its protagonist. Of course, we all knew that Senku would not die, seeing how he is the protagonist, and while the resolution is a bit Deus ex machina, it fits the lore and properly explains everything.


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So, what happened later? Well, Senku was not going to give up on his ideals, and he decided to face Tsukasa. Using Mirai as leverage, he managed to make an alliance with Tsukasa once again. Hence, the former allies-turned-enemies were now allies once again, and Tsukasa was a big help to Senku later in the story, which is why this was such a relevant moment.

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