Dr. Stone: Who Is Kirisame? & What Happens to Her?


The events of Dr. Stone’s Treasure Island arc are set to introduce new characters to the storyline, and we all know that one of the newer characters that will be featured in this arc is Kirisame. Of course, we all know that some of the newer characters become antagonists, and that holds true regarding Kirisame and her role in the early part of the Treasure Island arc. So, who is Kirisame, and what happens to her?

Kirisame is one of the strongest warriors of the Petrification Kingdom and is loyal to Ibara, who was the one lead leading the people of Treasure Island by force using the petrification device. However, when she learned the truth about the island’s leader, she got petrified as well.

Kirisame is that she is just like any other warrior loyal to the cause of a kingdom or nation as she tries her best to keep everyone on Treasure Island protected from would-be introducers. But she wasn’t aware of the entire situation and what Ibara did to gain power. So, with that said, let’s look at who Kirisame is and what happens to her in the storyline.

Kirisame’s Background Explained

During the end of the previous arc of Dr. Stone, we learned that Senku and the Kingdom of Science were off to explore the seas in search of a treasure that he believed was buried by his father on the island where he and the other astronauts landed nearly 4,000 years ago. As such, Senku and a few others decided to look for this island, which he called Treasure Island. But he didn’t know that Treasure Island had its own kingdom.

Treasure Island was the island where Byakuya and the other astronauts landed when they returned from the International Space Station thousands of years ago. They established a colony of human survivors on that island, and some of its inhabitants branched off to form Ishigami Village on the mainland of Japan when they left Treasure Island. But the people on the island ended up prospering on their own.

Around 700 years before the story’s events, many petrification devices landed on Treasure Island. However, it was decided that these devices needed to be destroyed until only one was left. Because the people of Treasure Island had the power to petrify people, it was called the Petrification Kingdom. And the one that led the kingdom 20 years before the story’s events was Soyuz’s father.


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One of the characters that lived on the island since the time of Soyuz’s father’s rule was Kirisame. When she was just a child, she was given the task of the head of the Petrification Kingdom to keep the petrification device and ensure that its range should never be abused due to how powerful and dangerous it was.

Nevertheless, we learned that this device fell into the hands of Ibara, who secretly used the final petrification device to turn the head of the Petrification Kingdom into stone as he mounted a successful coup that allowed him to grab the leadership role by force. Meanwhile, Soyuz was just an infant when Ibara tried to kill him but failed to do so because a woman allowed him to escape to the mainland, where he ended up in Ishigami Village.

However, Kirisame stayed loyal to Ibara because he said he was carrying out the head of the Petrification Kingdom’s wishes as the administrator of their nation. Neither Kirisame nor most of the other citizens of Treasure Island were aware of what Ibara did to their true leader, which was why they stayed loyal to him.

Since the start of Ibara’s rule, Kirisame worked as one of the warriors that the Petrification Kingdom counted on because of her innate strength. She is often regarded as one of the two strongest warriors of the Petrification Kingdom. The other one is Moz. 

What Happens to Kirisame?

During the early part of the storyline of the Treasure Island arc, the sailors from the Kingdom of Science end up meeting Kirisame in the worst way possible as she tries to protect her kingdom from these strangers by petrifying the crew of the Perseus using the petrification device. 

Later on, Kirisame came across Kohaku, who tried to reach the captured boat. In a fight between the two women, Kirisame overwhelmed the strongest warrior of Ishigami Village because her dress restrained her. However, Kirisame was confused by Kohaku when she started shouting “lab,” a code word that the Kingdom of Science used to check if a survivor was present. 

Gen eventually used this to his advantage by making it look like Senku and Kohaku were lovers, as the two started kissing to prove this. This act flustered Kirisame, as she told the two to go away before she headed off to join Ibara.

However, later in the storyline, Kirisame ends up becoming disillusioned. Kohaku and Ginro learned of what happened to the head of the Petrification Kingdom, and that was why Ibara commanded Kirisame to petrify them, as not even Kirisame knew of the secret behind the state of their true leader.


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Ibara eventually ordered Kirisame to petrify everyone on the island because he wanted to defeat all of his enemies. Kirisame was horrified by the order as she didn’t think petrifying everyone on the island was right. Ibara ordered Oarashi to carry this mission out for him while Kirisame voiced her concerns over what they were about to do.

Taiju eventually revealed to all of the people of Treasure Island that their leader had been turned to stone by Ibara years ago, and that was when Kirisame finally learned the truth behind what Ibara did. Kirisame confronted Ibara and demanded an explanation, only for him to activate the petrification device to turn her to stone. Kirisame tearfully cursed Ibara’s name as the treacherous leader thanked her for serving him loyally.

Eventually, Senku succeeded in his fight with Ibara as he was the one in possession of the petrification device. Taiju located Kirisame’s petrified body and allowed Senku to revive her. Kirisame learned of the situation and asked Senku why he decided to revive her, only for Senku to ask her where the statues of Kohaku and Ginro were.

After Senku successfully revived everyone on the island, except for the head of the Petrification Kingdom, Soyuz has proclaimed the new leader due to his status as their head’s son. Soyuz stayed behind to lead the Petrification Kingdom. Kirisame returned to Ishigami Village with Senku and the others to serve as Soyuz’s replacement.

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