Dr.STONE: Who Is Kirisame & How Dangerous Is She?

Dr.STONE: Who Is Kirisame & How Dangerous Is She?

Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series is its characters, and this article will be dedicated to one character from the series who played a major role during the Treasure Island Arc. The character in question is Kirisame, and in this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about her and her role in the story.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kirisame is a secondary character from Dr.STONE who was initially introduced as a villain in the series, as she was a loyal member of the Petrification Kingdom.
  • She had control over the petrification weapon, called Medusa, and while she was initially loyal to Ibara, she was shocked to discover the truth. She changed loyalties, but it was too late, as she ended up being petrified herself.
  • She was depetrified by Senku, and after that, she switched loyalties and became a member of Senku’s Science Kingdom, thus becoming a hero.

Kirisame was, along with Moz, an exceptionally powerful

Not much is known about Kirisame’s past. Still, we do know that when she was a child, the late Head of the Petrification Kingdom tasked her with taking care of the Petrification Weapon, known as Medusa, which was an exceptionally complex and difficult task. She had to be careful how to use it, especially regarding its radius, as it could be a dangerous weapon, which Kirisame was aware of. She would soon become the Petrification Kingdom’s top warrior, alongside Moz, considered the second best.

Later, we find her patrolling the seas around Treasure Island with Moz in the Petrification Kingdom. While doing so, they came across a group of children; among them was Amaryllis, who were attempting to flee the island. Kirisame proceeded to terrify them with her sword, but Moz duped her into saving Amaryllis since he wanted to see her grow up; all this happened because he thought she was cute.

He most likely had nefarious designs for her, but thankfully, the series never addressed this, and we hope he never got the opportunity to harm the young child. Kirisame didn’t care much for Moz’s perverted ideas, which is why she activated Medusa, but as we’ve said – Amaryllis was saved thanks to Moz’s trick.


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So, when the Treasure Island Arc began, Kirisame was the one who petrified the crew of the Perseus using Medusa. Initially, she also met with Kirisame and captured her, which is also when she first heard the code word “Lab” (which was used to see if any allies from the Kingdom of Science were around), and when she was convinced that Senku and Kirisame were lovers. After seeing them about to kiss, she was disgusted and let them go, going to join Ibara instead.

Soon, Kirisame is ordered by Ibara to petrify Kohaku and Ginro, because the two of them found out the truth about Ibara and how he became the ruler of the Petrification Kindom; at that point, Kirisame does not know the truth. Later, Ibara ordered her to petrify the whole island, a request that wholly shocked her. Soon, Ibara’s truth was revealed, and Kirisame rebelled against him, but she was too late as Ibara managed to activate Medusa and petrify most of the people on the island, including her.

After Ibara’s defeat, she was depetrified by Senku and although she was somewhat ashamed of her behavior, while also thankful for being depetrified, she agreed to join Senku and the Science Kingdom, becoming a loyal and powerful addition to the hero party, just like Moz, who ended up having the same story. This is the gist of what happened to her, and we are now going to see what Kirisame did later after the Treasure Island Arc was over in the series.

She ultimately switched sides and became loyal to Senku and his allies

So, what happened to Kirisame later in the story? The girl became a part of Senku’s Science Kingdom and was present in the upcoming arcs. She trained with the group and soon became a member of the Power Team, and thus traveled to America on board the Perseus. She was fascinated by the ocean and American culture when they arrived in San Francisco and was active in the actions that happened there. She was suspicious of Luna and was jealous that Moz noticed her because she was cute. She did not participate in the final battle because she was tied up but witnessed what happened.

After what happened in San Francisco, she was forced to go to South America with the others, where she helped create the diamond that would be used to power up the Petrification Weapon known as Medusa, which was an important moment in the series.


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After Brody Dudley, she actively participated in the battles and, like Moz, launched there head-on, as she was very much determined to help her allies win. She would eventually end up being wounded but also petrified when Joel activated the weapon before eventually being depetrified again. As you can see, Kirisame is a very important character in the series, and her role in the story is quite big, although she was a supportive character who joined the Science Kingdom much later than one expected. And this is her whole story here, for you.

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