Dragon Ball: Who Is Composite Goku & How Powerful Is He?


Dragon Ball’s Goku is considered one of the most iconic and most powerful anime characters of all time, with seemingly limitless potential as well as an incredibly lovable personality. Although Goku has taken on a ton of godlike forms over the years, Composite Goku appears to hold far more power than expected – many fans are curious to find out who Composite Goku is as well as how powerful this form is compared to others.

  • Article Breakdown:
    Composite Goku combines all of the forms, experiences, techniques, powers, abilities, and accomplished feats seen within the Dragon Ball saga, including the anime series and movies.
  • Within this form, Goku would be considered a Higher Dimensional being, a Hyperversal being, or a Complex Multiversal being, with abilities and traits that place him just below a full-blown God.
  • Composite Goku is not canon to the main Dragon Ball storyline.

Who Is Composite Goku?

Composite Goku, commonly known as “Comp Goku”, is not a specific form, but rather a term used to describe the sum of every in-universe Goku. As such, this version of Goku is far beyond anything fans have seen within the Dragon Ball franchise.

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This version sums up all of Goku’s forms within the Dragon Ball universe, including Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and others. As a result, Composite Goku would have the powers and abilities of every Goku seen within the main timeline, in addition to their experiences.

How Powerful is Composite Goku?

Composite Goku would have an unimaginable power level, especially considering that classic Goku is infamous for breaking his limits whenever he gets the opportunity. It’s theorized that Composite Goku would have all of Goku’s skills as well as the special abilities of other characters within the saga, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mastery of all known forms and techniques
  • Near infinite durability
  • Immeasurable speed and resistance
  • Could exist outside of space and time, as well as within infinite multiverses, timelines, and continuities
  • Has accomplished all known feats throughout the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • Would be immune to magical abilities and demonic powers
  • Could be able to manipulate probability, time, space, and reality
  • Could have the ability to create dimensions

As a result of these abilities and traits, Composite Goku could be considered a higher dimensional being, a hyperversal being, or a complex multiversal being, comparable to the likes of Whis (although, he is likely still far off from Whis in terms of power). It’s believed that Composite Goku would be able to overpower just about any other being within the Dragon Ball saga, apart from godlike beings that stem from the “Angel Realm”.


Who Is Capsule Corp Goku and How Strong Is He?

Many fans believe that Xeno Goku from Dragon Ball Heroes is the closest form to Composite Goku – although, Xeno Goku is not considered canon to the main storyline. Quite a few fans have compared Composite Goku to an overpowered version of Xeno Goku, with the addition of Ultra Instinct, Super Saiyan 4 Blue, and every other enhancement Goku has experienced within canon releases.

Is Composite Goku Canon?

Although it’s fun to speculate how overpowered Composite Goku would be, this form is not canon – Composite Goku refers to a hypothetical form of Goku made by fans, combining all of his best forms to date. It’s completely understandable why this form hasn’t been created officially since the entire saga follows Goku’s journey as he continues to grow in power, ability, and character.

How Strong is Xeno Goku? Compared to Other Goku Versions

Unveiling Composite Goku in a canon issue or episode would undoubtedly dampen the experience up until that point, all while destroying any grounds for interesting story writing, plot twists, discoveries, new Saiyan levels, and much more – Composite Goku could simply handle any threat with his eyes closed. While forms like Xeno Goku are licensed despite not being canon to the main Dragon Ball timeline, the idea of Composite Goku is not licensed or canon at all.

As a result, the concept of Composite Goku would essentially continue to evolve as more canon Dragon Ball titles are released. At the time of writing, no version of Goku comes close to Composite Goku – his most powerful form to date is Perfected Ultra Instinct, which flaunts godlike power but is extremely harmful to Goku’s mortal body.

That’s everything there is to know about Composite Goku and how powerful he is. Although this form is not technically canon, it’s still an incredible version of Goku that has been inspired by some of the most memorable moments and characters within the series as a whole.

What do you think about Composite Goku’s power levels? Let us know in the comments below!

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