Elden Ring: Gatekeeper Gostoc Quest Location And Walkthrough

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Elden Ring is a game that’s full of different NPCs that all have their own personalities and stories. These NPCs are unique because they seemingly have agendas of their own, and that’s something that you will only learn if you try to talk to them and complete their quests. One such NPC is Gatekeeper Gostoc. So, where do you find Gatekeeper Gostoc, and how do you complete his quest in Elden Ring?

Gostoc can be found near the gate of Stormveil Castle. He will be telling you that the main gate is heavily guarded and that you shouldn’t use it. Gostoc will let you choose between a secret entrance or the main gate. Clear Stormveil and finish Nepheli’s and Kenneth’s questline so that he will be a merchant.

Unlike a lot of the different NPCs in Elden Ring, Gatekeeper Gostoc doesn’t have a specific questline that’s unique to him. Instead, thanks to the new update 1.03, he is now more useful than he was in the past. This is why it is worth getting to know more about Gostoc and what he can do for you later in the game once you’ve cleared a few other questlines as well.

Where Is Gatekeeper Gostoc Located?

The world of Elden Ring is one that’s full of different NPCs that are there for a specific purpose. While the NPCs in the game aren’t as abundant as the other open-world games, each NPC in Elden Ring is unique. Of course, all of the different NPCs have their own questlines or are going to serve one purpose or another.

In most cases, NPCs in Elden Ring are actually capable of giving you different questlines that you may want to accomplish to gain cool items and treasures. There are also cases where the NPCs are simply parts of a larger questline and are going to serve a specific purpose in the game.

Another thing that you may want to know about the NPCs in Elden Ring is that they all have their own unique personalities and motives in the game. This means that they are as unique as they can be because they aren’t there to serve an altruistic purpose and might just be in the Lands Between for their own benefit.

One such NPC is a suspicious man called Gatekeeper Gostoc. This is one of the first NPCs that you will meet naturally as you proceed with the entire Elden Ring story. To find him, you need to go to the gate of Stormveil Castle just after you defeat Margit, the Fell Omen.

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Gatekeeper Gostoc, as his name implies, can be found just near the gate of Stormveil Castle. Meeting him is where things will get interesting between you and this somewhat suspicious character.

How To Complete The Gatekeeper Gostoc Quest?

Kill Godrick

When you approach the Stormveil Castle gate in an attempt to storm the castle and defeat Godrick, one of the things you will notice is that Gatekeeper Gostoc will be there waiting for you. What he will do is that he will advise the player to take a different route because the main gate of Stormveil Castle is heavily guarded. While it is theoretically possible to storm through the main gate if you’re really good and if you’ve beefed yourself up enough to defeat all of the enemies in front of you, it still is going to be difficult.


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Instead, Gostoc will tell you to use the secret entrance instead. However, it’s going to be your choice whether or not to use the secret entrance that you can find on the side of the castle walls. However, regardless of your choice, Gatekeeper Gostoc will shadow you throughout your entire journey through the castle.

The problem with Gatekeeper Gostoc is that you are right to be suspicious of him. If you die in the castle, he will steal 30% of your runes, and that means that you’ll only be able to recover 70% of the runes that you dropped if you die inside Stormveil Castle. 

Meanwhile, Gostoc will also appear in several locations throughout the castle, such as the Ruined watchtower, the Rampart Tower, and the Castle Chapel roof. You might even notice him appearing in those locations.

Gatekeeper Gostoc will also become a merchant NPC along the way once you’ve cleared a good part of Stormveil Castle. That’s because he is actually looting the corpses that you leave behind in your wake of destruction. When he becomes a merchant, he will sell you the following items:

  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot (200 runes)
  • Ruin Fragment (100 runes)
  • Furicalling Finger Remedy (1000 runes)
  • Festering Bloody Finger (1000 runes)
  • Stormhawk Feather (500 runes)
  • Caetus (800 runes)
  • Great Arrow (300 runes)
  • Ballista Bolt (300 runes)
  • Buckler (1500 runes)
  • Bandit Garb (1500 runes)
  • Bandit Manchettes (1000 runes)
  • Bandit Boots (1000 runes)

If you speak to Gatekeeper Gostoc in any of the areas where you can find him all over the castle, he will give you a Grace Mimic. And in one of the rooms in the castle, specifically, the room where you will find the Rusty Key, he will actually lock you in with a Banished Knight. You will hear him laughing as you are trapped with a foe that is quite powerful for players in the early stages of the game.

After you defeat Godrick, Gostoc will now appear in the boss arena. He will begin stomping all over Godrick’s corpse while revealing that the lord of Stormveil Castle was rather cruel to him and was pushing him around. This will might make you feel bad for the fella but not to the point that you will forgive him for being such a prick during your entire journey in Stormveil Castle.

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Godrick’s death will also stop Gostoc from being a merchant. That means that you should have purchased everything you needed from him before you killed Godrick. However, you can choose to kill him to gain Gostoc’s Bell Bearing, which will allow you to buy his items in the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold. Killing him will also allow you to obtain a Silver Pickled Fowl Foot and a Glass Shard.

Before the recent 1.03 update, the most common thing that people did was to kill Gatekeeper Gostoc not only so that they could recover their stolen runes but also because they just wanted to kill this prick. And if you killed Gatekeeper Gostoc before killing Godrick, you can actually recover all of the runes that he stole from you.

However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t kill Gostoc after the 1.03 update. That’s because he will be useful later on in the game, especially when you’ve completed some of the other questlines that are connected to him.

Complete Nepheli’s Questline

Nepheli Loux is one of the NPCs that you will find in a chapel near Godrick’s boss room. Exhaust her dialogue in that area so that she will join you as an NPC cooperator in the battle against Godrick. After that, she will relocate to the Roundtable Hold.

Speak to Nepheli in the Roundtable Hold and then exhaust her dialogue. You should also go to Seluvis in Seluvis’s Tower over at the Three Sisters behind Caria Manor on the northwestern side of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Nepheli Loux Elden Ring 1

Speaking to Seluvis will allow you to start the Seluvis questline. He will ask you to give a potion to Nepheli so that she will become his puppet. From there, head over to the Village of the Albinaurics to find Nepheli right under the stone bridge. Exhaust her dialogue and then defeat the boss in that area. You can summon her as an NPC against that boss.

Return to the Roundtable Hold to talk to Gideon. You can also talk to Nepheli and give her the potion. However, giving her the potion locks you out of the quest. Instead, go to Gideon and give him the potion so that he can dispose of it.

Get the Stormhawk King in the Chapel of Anticipation and then give it to Nepheli, who can be found in the basement of the Roundtable Hold just past the blacksmith. After that, you need to complete the Kenneth questline as well.


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After completing the Kenneth questline, Nepheli will be in the throne room of Stormveil Castle as the new lord. Kenneth will also appear in the throne room. However, if you have defeated Maliketh, Nepheli will not appear in the throne room. Speak to Nepheli in the throne room to get the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Gostoc The Merchant

Going back to Gatekeeper Gostoc, the reason why you shouldn’t kill him is that he will now serve the new lord of Stormveil Castle because he realized that being free is actually quite boring. On top of that, Nepheli actually allowed him to loot all of the corpses that he wanted to loot. At this point, Gostoc will now become a merchant once more.

As a merchant, Gostoc will sell all of the items he sold before. However, he will now add the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone to his collection. You can buy this item so that you can instantly max out any of the weapons you want to upgrade. This ends the entire Gatekeeper Gostoc questline.

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