Elden Ring: Kenneth Quest Location & Walkthrough

Kenneth Haight Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is a game that’s full of different NPCs that have their own stories to tell. Of course, these NPCs are also going to give you their own quests, especially because most of the NPCs in the game actually have their own agenda. One of the NPCs that will give you a quest is Kenneth Haight. So, where can you find Kenneth Haight’s location, and how do you complete his questline in Elden Ring?

You will be able to find Kenneth Haight somewhere in the northeast of the Mistwood Outskirts in Limgrave. You will find him in a bridge created from broken ruins. When you speak to him, he will tell you to take back his fort, which is Fort Haight. Simply clear out the enemies in that fort.

Kenneth Haight’s quest is actually one of the earliest and easiest quests that you can complete in Elden Ring because it doesn’t take much effort for you to finish it. That said, Kenneth’s quest is also tied together with Nepheli’s quest and Gatekeeper Gostoc’s story. As such, it would be interesting to know how you can complete this quest so that you’ll be able to see the conclusion of Nepheli’s and Gostoc’s stories.

Where Is Kenneth Located?

One of the main features of Elden Ring is that this is a game that’s full of different side quests that you can take, regardless of whether or not they are related to the main story quests. That said, most of those quests can be taken by speaking to some of the NPCs in Elden Ring. While the game doesn’t have plenty of NPCs, most of these NPCs have their own specific reasons for being in the game as they all play a role in different questlines that you can take.

In relation to that, one of the NPCs that will grant you a quest early on in the game is Kenneth Haight. He is actually one of the first few NPCs with a questline that can easily be cleared and won’t take too much effort for you to finish, although it is connected to other questlines as well. So, where can you find Kenneth Haight?

You can find Kennet Haight in Limgrave. He can be found just outside of the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace. All you need to do is to head up northeast of that area to find him on a broken bridge that is created from ruins. 

Just look at this area we encircled in the map of Limgrave so that you’ll be able to find Kenneth. Limgrave tends to be a straightforward place, and that means that all you need to do is to ride out on your horse to get to this area. There won’t be any tricks or special things that you need to do to get to this spot, as Kenneth is one of the earliest quest NPCs that you will be able to encounter in the game.


Kenneth can be easy to spot because he will actually call out for help. Of course, when someone is calling out for help in Elden Ring, you won’t be able to resist it because there won’t be a lot of people in the game. 

How To Complete Kenneth’s Quest?

Accept Kenneth’s Quest

After spotting Kenneth, what you need to do is to approach him. Keep on talking to Kenneth Haight until he tells you that his fort was taken from him. He will then ask you to take back his fort. All you need to do is to agree to his request. And this is going to be a simple quest that won’t take too much effort.


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From there, what you need to do next is to travel down south from where you are and then follow the road that goes through Mistwood. Be careful on this road because there are Rune Bears that are quick enough to attack you even when you’re on horseback. Just keep on riding until you’re out of the woods. 

Clear Out Fort Haight

Once you’re out of the woods, you’ll be able to find a fort in the eastern tip of Limgrave. This should be Fort Haight. Now, of course, Fort Haight will be guarded by a good number of guards, and all you need to do here is to kill them all. Use any approach you deem necessary to kill all of the enemies in the fort.


Some people tend to take the stealth approach by going to the Fort Haight Site of Grace first and then attacking the fort from the side, which isn’t heavily guarded. However, you can also storm through the front to take on all of the enemies guarding the entrance to the fort.

Whatever your approach may be, your goal is to clear out the entire fort. After that, you can explore Fort Haight because one of the items there is half of the Dectus Medallion that will allow you to operate the Grand Lift of Dectus, which will take you from Liurnia to the Altus Plateau (although using the lift isn’t mandatory to get to the Altus Plateau).

Return To Kenneth

Return to Kenneth’s location in the same area where you first found him. Exhaust his dialogue, and he will tell you that he will find another heir to Limgrave. That means that you need to finish Nepheli’s questline first before you can complete Kenneth’s quest. However, clearing Fort Haight is the most important part of the questline.

Talking to Kenneth after clearing his fort will also allow you to acquire the Erdsteel Dagger. Kenneth will also ask you to join the True Order.

Go To Fort Haight

Return to Fort Haight after talking to Kenneth. The fort will now be infested with goblin-like monsters that you need to kill. Deal with the monsters and then speak to Kenneth once more. He can be found in the rampart.


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He will tell you that he has no real authority in Limgrave and that he is but a servant to the lord of the land, which is supposed to be Godrick. However, as mentioned, he was looking for a new ruler to serve.

Finish Nepheli’s Quest And Return To Stormveil

From here, you need to finish Stormveil Castle and then spare Gatekeeper Gostoc, especially after the 1.03 update. Killing Gatekeeper Gostoc in Stormveil will still allow you to proceed with Kenneth’s story, but doing so will lock you out of a great item that you can acquire from the shrewd merchant.

After finishing Nepheli Loux’s storyline when you give her the Stormhawk King Ash of War in her own questline, return to Stormveil Castle, and go to the throne room. In the throne room, you should be able to find the trio of Nepheli, Kenneth, and Gatekeeper Gostoc because Loux is now the new lord of Limgrave.

Nepheli Loux Elden Ring 1

Kenneth will tell you that he has chosen a new ruler that will take over the leadership of Limgrave after you defeated Godrick. Meanwhile, Gatekeeper Gostoc will also tell you that he has chosen to serve under Nepheli because the life of freedom wasn’t what he expected it to be. And serving under Nepheli allows him to loot all of the corpses that he can find.

Gostoc will now be a merchant. He will sell you the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which you can use to upgrade your regular weapons to their max level immediately. You can buy this item from Gostoc for 20,000 runes.

Speak to Nepheli so that she will thank you for helping her. She will also tell you that she had left her foster father Gideon for good. She will also give you another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. That means that you should be able to get two of those items in this area alone.

This part of the quest is the conclusion to the storylines of Nepheli, Kenneth, and Gatekeeper Gostoc. Nepheli has now learned to stand on her own as the new lord of Limgrave. Meanwhile, both Kenneth and Gostoc have found a new master to serve. By FromSoftware standards, this is actually a good ending, especially if you compare it to the sadder endings of the other questlines in the game.

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