‘Escape the Field’ Ending, Explained: Where Are The Survivors Trapped?

Escape the Field

Escape the Field is a movie that takes inspiration from the escape room type of experience and tries to do something different from the adaptations of the concept by Sony Pictures. The movie uses a limited cast of archetypal characters, an extensive one-set location, and a lot of twists and turns to make you guess what is going to happen next.

The characters seem to be trapped inside an experimental facility run by a mysterious group of people that have put our main characters there for some unknown reason. The whole escape room test is just a lie, as when they are completed, there is no exit to be found. Even at the end, the question remains, Who is responsible for this twisted escape room game?

The movie isn’t spectacular by any means, but it is quite entertaining, especially at the beginning, before the ending falls into the predictable and vague with its answers.

What Happens to the Characters in Escape The Field?

The movie starts with our main character, Sam, played by Jordan Claire Robbins, waking up in the middle of a cornfield. She is very confused, and things get even more confusing when she wakes up next to a gun and a couple of bullets. She loads the gun, and soon she meets another person in the same situation as her.

This man is Tyler, a man from Texas who apparently woke up just like her in the middle of this endless cornfield. Sam doesn’t trust Tyler, but she decides to go with him and see if they can find an exit from this situation. Sam recollects that she woke up next to a weapon, and Tyler woke up next to a case full of matches. 

Escape the Field

The situation takes a turn when Sam and Tyler meet a group of people that are just as lost as they are. The group consists of Ryan, a tough guy; Denise, a woman who clearly would prefer to be somewhere else; and Ethan, a young man dressed in a private school uniform.

The group exchanges information with each other, and we learn that Ryan has a lantern, Denise a knife, and Ethan a compass. Following Ethan’s compass, the group decides to keep on walking. Night falls, and they hear weird sounds in the air.

They also meet with Cameron, a young coder who is clearly freaking out about her situation. She says she doesn’t have an item, but she’s lying, as she actually has a canteen full of water. 

The group keeps going, and they are attacked by some sort of monster. They get to live, but Cameron gets hurt. They keep following Ethan’s compass and find a faucet where they can collect water. They meet another survivor who had the same items as they had, but he gets taken by the monster.

The same occurs for Denise, who is the first to die. Along the field, there are these strange scarecrows. They are creepy and have these strange jackets on them. One of the scarecrows shoots Ryan with a sort of serum that makes him stronger, but also more violent. He knows he is becoming a burden to the group and decides to leave and catch the monster by himself.

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Night falls again, and they are attacked by the monster. In a panic, Cameron uses the knife and kills Ethan. She is found by Ryan, who abandons her after seeing what she has done to the young student. Sam and Tyler discover that the scarecrow jackets are actually parts of a map, indicating the exit, and they follow it. Tyler gets attacked by the monster and is severely hurt.

Tyler and Sam reach the end of the road after using each one of the items they have. They discover a weird machine inside a metal container, but they realize they need the knife, which is with Ethan’s corpse. 

Escape the Field

Sam decides to go back for the knife and encounters Ryan as he fights the monster, who is actually just another human. She grabs the knife and goes back to Tyler. They try to turn on the machine, and it seems to be working, but it stops.

The exit is a lie, and Tyler and Sam finally give up. At that moment, Tyler gets killed by the monster, who is infected with the serum Ryan got shot with. She uses Tyler’s matches and burns him. She then falls unconscious, and we see a group of figures with gas masks.

In the distance, we can hear that Sam, as the only survivor, will be taken to “Stage 2”. The camera zooms out, and we see that the cornfield seems to be located just outside a big city, but also, it seems at moments that this world presented to us is made of lines of code.

‘Escape The Field’ Ending, Explained: Why Are The Characters Put In The Cornfield?

Very early in the movie, Denise asks a question to the other prisoners in the cornfield. She asks, “Who do you think put us here?” She believes that it is actually one of them, responsible for what is happening. Of course, none of the other characters have an answer to the question, but Denise has already planted the seed of doubt inside the characters’ heads (and the audience’s). 

Later, as they are walking looking for the faucet, Denise proposes another theory. It was the government that put them inside the cornfield as a sort of experiment, a behavioral test on how humans would survive in the face of such an extreme stress situation. Cameron also opens the door for another answer when she starts agreeing with Denise’s conspiratorial theory.

You see, Cameron is a coder. She and Denise are also the only characters who have some sort of memory of what they were doing before they got trapped, as Sam was asleep at that moment and the rest don’t discuss it at all. 

Cameron remembers coding something important, and the last shot of the movie makes the world look like it is made out of lines of code, Matrix style. Could the character actually be in a sort of very realistic and sadistic video game without even knowing it?

It could be that the last thing we see is the world shutting down as if it was a sort of computer or TV monitor. An after-credits scene shows Cameron getting killed by Ryan, who has now become the monster that will hunt a new set of characters in the next loop.

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