Every Major Anime Disney Bought

Every Major Anime Disney Bought 2022 Update

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Since the announcement of Disney+ entering the Anime arena is surely waking up its sleeping competitors, Netflix and Sony (Crunchyroll). We will take a look at some of the latest announcements made in regard to Disney’s Asian Pacific market plans and what will that look like in the upcoming year. So let’s take a look at every major anime that Disney bought so far.

So far Disney has bought exclusive rights to Bleach: A Thousand-Year Bloodwar and Tokyo Revengers, they are collaborating with Japanese artists on upcoming anime Black Rock Shooter Downfall, Summer Time Rendering, and Twisted Wonderland.

If you find this interesting so far, stay with us and find out more about the upcoming plans for Disney’s streaming platform.

Did Disney buy Demon Slayer?

In 2023 Disney plans to add lots of new anime to their platform repertoire. In addition to Disney+, a lot of the anime if not all of them will be streaming on Hulu as well. Since Disney is the majority owner, Hulu will have a very similar collection available. Comcast is the second owner of Hulu and they have agreed to sell their company shares by 2024, and Disney will most likely fully own it when that happens.

Disney+ bought the license for Demon Slayer, currently only for season one. So if you have Disney+ or Hulu it is currently available for streaming. With this new project in place, there might be a chance that Disney will want to have exclusive rights to this series as well.


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Did Disney buy Attack on Titan?

Similarly to Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan is available for streaming all four seasons on Disney+ and Hulu. With that said, there is an even bigger chance for Attack on Titan becoming a Disney exclusive, which would mean that you could only stream it on the Disney+ platform or Hulu if they decide to spread out the shows like they have been doing so far.

The reason why there’s a bigger chance for Disney to attain exclusive rights is because of the collaboration with Kodansha. Furthermore, Kodansha is the largest publishing company in Japan and it holds the rights to Attack on Titan. If everything goes well, we might be seeing the new season streaming only on Disney’s platform.

Did Disney buy Bleach?

At the start of this new project, Disney entered the bidding war for Bleach. Looking at their competitors, Netflix and Sony who owns Crunchyroll, Netflix having success with licensing Demon Slayer and Blood of Zeus gave Disney a lot to think about what their next move should be.

Eventually, they decided to get the exclusive license for the Bleach series, and they currently hold the exclusive rights to the highly anticipated Bleach: A Thousand-Year Blood War. You can also rewatch the complete series as it’s available on the platform.

Did Disney buy One Piece?

Interestingly enough, back in 2018, there were rumors of Disney buying the rights to One Piece, but that faded after a while. Looking at the situation today it seems as though there has been a purchase from Disney, but no further indication of Disney’s plans for how they will be going about it.

Currently, One Piece is only streaming on Hulu and Disney+, but there are no indications yet of an exclusivity deal. What most likely happened was that the other streaming platform’s licenses have expired and now Disney is the only one showing the series.

Did Disney buy Chainsaw Man?

For now, it seems as though Disney bought the rights to the popular new anime Chainsaw Man. It is listed on their platform, and you can also watch it on Hulu. However, this doesn’t mean that Disney has exclusive rights since it is streaming on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime as well.

There is currently a high demand for this anime, so Disney will definitely have competitors in this arena. Its popularity grew these past months and we will most likely be seeing this series on multiple platforms for now. This also brings up the question of censorship that everyone has been talking about. Fans have been speculating that Disney might censor a lot of its anime content because it contains a lot of gore and partial nudity.

We can’t know for sure what is going to happen in the future of this project but, so far Disney hasn’t given any indication that they would censor any of their anime content. 


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Did Disney buy Tokyo Revengers?

As we have mentioned earlier Disney is collaborating with the biggest Japanese publishing company, Kodansha. They are also the owners of the rights to Tokyo Revengers. This anime series is not so much popular in the West as it is in Japan.

Since Disney’s new project is focused on the Asian Pacific market it definitely follows that their decision for getting the exclusive rights to Tokyo Revengers was the right one to make. With that said, Disney currently owns the exclusive right to season two of Tokyo Revengers, so you can watch it only on the Disney+ platform and Hulu.

Did Disney buy Dragon Ball Z?

Although there were rumors about Disney making its remade version of the Dragon Ball series, this turned out to be false. Someone used an image from a small 3D artist on Twitter that made an hommage of the character Goku in 3D format.

Dragon Ball fake news
The false news surrounding Disney remaking Dragon Ball Z

This image was used and eventually spread like wildfire throughout the internet, presenting it like this was a Disney project in the making. These rumors most likely came from Disney buying 21st Century Fox and merging with them. While this was happening there were a lot of Century Fox projects that were being reviewed, including Dragon Ball Z.

Now, Century Fox did not hold the distribution rights to the series, only the adaptation rights. If Disney would have wanted to make a movie adaptation based on the Dragon Ball Z series they could potentially do that but they would most likely need to consult with Toei Animation, the company that is holding the rights currently.

Did Disney buy My Hero Academia?

There is a high chance of Disney buying the exclusive rights for My Hero Academia, and maybe even movie adaptation rights. Back in 2018, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger even stated,  “It’s a no-brainer… It’s popular, it’s got superheroes, and it’s got that oriental charm investors are keen on.”

For now, Disney bought the streaming rights, and you can watch five seasons of the series on Disney+ and Hulu.

Did Disney buy Naruto?

Back in 2009, Disney bought the right to the Naruto series, and they were emitting it on the Disney XD channel. Disney bid for the series, specifically Naruto Shippuden, but they would, later on, realize that the show is not as tame as they thought it would be.

It seems as if they did not do their research, and in their deal with Viz Media, the ones that produced the show stated in their contract that they would not be editing the show for any reason. They would deliver the versions that they dubbed but nothing more than that.

Eventually, Disney realized that this was a far more violent show with crude humor and after airing 96 episodes they removed it from their program. This was quite some time ago, while there is no new recent news on Disney buying exclusive rights for Naruto, you can watch some of the seasons on its platform. There are four seasons available of the Naruto series and the Naruto Shippuden has only the first season available.


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Did Disney buy JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure?

Currently, there is no news surrounding Disney+ and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Anything could happen in the future, but for now, they have four seasons available for streaming on the Disney+ platform and Hulu.

It seems as though Disney’s competitor, Warner Bros are more interested in taking the exclusivity deal for JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure series.

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