Every Character Daemon Killed in Dance of the Dragons

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There is no doubt that Daemon Targaryen is one of the most chaotic characters in the entire House of the Dragon series, as he has killed quite a lot of people. Of course, it is understandable that he has killed a lot of people in the series because of the fact that death has always been a part of the George RR Martin formula. But Daemon is a special case because he has killed more people than most of the other characters in the series.

While he has killed quite a number of people in House of the Dragons, he will continue to do the same once the Dance of the Dragons breaks out. After all, Daemon will always be Daemon, and there is no doubt that he is the best fighter and dragonrider in the faction of the Blacks. As such, we are here to look at every character he has killed in House of the Dragon and the characters that he will kill during the Dance of the Dragons.

Characters Daemon Killed In House Of The Dragon?

Season 1 of House of the Dragon has already been concluded, and that means that there have been a lot of events that have happened in the series. Of course, we know for a fact that Daemon has been quite active as a fighter and as a schemer during the first ten episodes of the series, and that explains why he has killed a lot of people. We can even say that, out of all of the people that we’ve seen in the series, he has killed more than any other. That said, let’s look at all of the characters that Daemon killed in House of the Dragon season 1.

Smallfolk Criminals

Daemon GoldCloaks

Back when Daemon was introduced as the commander of the City Watch during the first episode of House of the Dragon, he ruled his men with an iron fist, as he was quite strict in his approach. That’s because he was always a cruel and chaotic man when it came to the way he lived his life. Of course, he also made sure to be strict in his approach to keeping the peace in King’s Landing because he felt that his brother was weak and that there were now more criminals in the capital than there ever were.

That’s why Daemon rounded up the criminals of King’s Landing and dealt punishments that were in line with the crimes that they were charged with. The rapists had their manhood cut off, while the thieves had their hands dismembered. Meanwhile, the murderers were beheaded by Daemon himself. We don’t know for certain how many people Daemon beheaded, as we only saw one onscreen, but we are sure that there were a lot of them because Otto Hightower said that they needed two carts to carry the bodies and the body parts of the smallfolk that were punished.

Triarchy Soldiers

In episode 3, Daemon Targaryen and Lord Corlys Velaryon waged war on the Triarchy that was led by Craghas Drahar because they were terrorizing the Westerosi ships that were passing through the Stepstones. Corlys wanted to protect his ships, while Daemon wanted glory in the War for the Stepstones.


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When he first arrived on the Stepstones, Daemon killed plenty of Triarchy soldiers as Caraxes burned them all alive. Meanwhile, three years passed since the War for the Stepstones began, as Daemon continued to kill more Triarchy soldiers during his suicide mission to kill the Crabfeeder.

Craghas “The Crabfeeder” Drahar

crabfeeder body

At the tail end of the War for the Stepstones, Daemon and the Velaryons heard from a messenger that King Viserys was going to send more men to aid them in their fight against the Triarchy. However, Daemon wanted all of the glory for himself, and that was the reason why he charged right into the territory of the Triarchy to feign surrender while giving the Velaryon forces enough time to gather and march.

Daemon forced the Triarchy soldiers out of the cave as the Velaryons engaged them. Meanwhile, a wounded Daemon chased after Craghas Drahar into the caves. A few minutes later, he came out of the caves with the top half of the Crabfeeder’s torso as he killed the leader of the Triarchy and allowed the war to end.

Rhea Royce

rhea royce death

After Viserys found out about what Daemon and Rhaenyra did during the night that he returned to King’s Landing, following his victory in the Stepstones, he was once again sent away from the capital by the angry king. He was ordered to return to the Vale to be with his lawfully wedded wife, Rhea Royce.

As Daemon marched into the Vale, Rhea greeted him on horseback while insulting him with the fact that he was sent away by his brother once more. Daemon approached Rhea’s horse as it was clear that the mount was afraid of him. When Daemon quickly reached toward it, the horse reacted quickly as Rhea was forcefully dismounted and had injured her spine to the point that she could no longer move. That was when Daemon finished the job by crushing her head with a rock.

Random Driftmark Servant

During Laena Velaryon’s funeral on Driftmark, Rhaenyra told Daemon that she needed him and that they should be united so that they could rule the Seven Kingdoms together and become so unstoppable that their enemies wouldn’t dare to attack them. The problem was that Rhaenyra was still married to Laenor Velaryon.


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In that regard, Daemon put together a plan that allowed them to fake Laenor’s death. He asked the help of Ser Qarl Correy, who he seemingly bribed to attack Laenor in Driftmark. But before that happened, Daemon killed a random Driftmark servant because he needed his body to pull off their plan.

*Laenor Velaryon

Even though Daemon didn’t have a direct hand in Laenor Velaryon’s “death,” he was the one who thought of the plan to “kill” him by hiring Ser Qarl and killing a random servant that would stand in as Laenor’s body.

Laenor and Qarl dueled inside one of the halls of Driftmark without anyone to witness what was happening. That was when they used the body of the servant and burned it in the fireplace to act as Laenor’s body. Meanwhile, Laenor and Qarl escaped Driftmark and went to Essos, where they lived their lives together away from the politics of the Seven Kingdoms.

Vaemond Velaryon

When Corlys Velaryon was wounded in his battle against the Triarchy when they once again invaded the Stepstones, his brother Vaemond wanted the succession of Driftmark to be settled. That’s because he believed that Corlys was going to die of his wounds and fever. As such, the succession petition was forwarded to King’s Landing, as Vaemond believed that Queen Alicent and Otto were going to give him Driftmark because they were the ones ruling the Seven Kingdoms in place of the ill Viserys.

However, Viserys marched all the way to the throne room to support Rhaenyra’s child Lucerys’s claim to Driftmark, as he was still regarded as the legitimate son of Ser Laenor, who was Corlys’s rightful heir. Viserys reaffirmed Lucerys’s claim to Driftmark, as Vaemond disagreed with this ruling. Vaemond called Rhaenyra’s sons bastards and said that Rhaenyra was a whore. That was when Daemon struck from behind and took Vaemond’s head using Dark Sister.

Characters Daemon Will Kill During The Dance Of The Dragons

While we do know that Daemon is likely going to continue to kill more people during the Targaryen civil war, here are the two most prominent characters that he will kill during the Dance of the Dragons:

Aemond Targaryen

Daemon vs Aemond 1

When Rhaenyra sent Daemon to go look for Aemond, who was burning the Riverlands using Vhagar, he went to Harrenhal and called for Aemond to come to answer his challenge. Daemon did this for 14 straight days, and Aemond finally arrived on the 14th day to answer his uncle’s challenge.

The Battle Above the Gods Eye commenced as the two most powerful fighters and dragonriders of the Blacks and the Greens squared off. Caraxes was able to outmaneuver the larger Vhagar and closed his jaws on her neck. While the two dragons were locked together, Daemon took the opportunity to leap off of his saddle and plunge Dark Sister into Aemond’s missing eye to kill him.


As mentioned, the Battle Above the Gods Eye involved Daemon on Caraxes and Aemond on Vhagar. Of course, Vhagar was the larger dragon and was said to be twice the size of Caraxes. But the ferocity and mobility of the Blood Wyrm allowed him to outmaneuver the larger dragon as Caraxes locked his jaws around Vhagar’s neck.

Vhagar struggled to keep herself in the air when Caraxes locked his jaw on her neck as the two dragons crashed into the Gods Eye Lake. In that regard, Daemon was also responsible for Vhagar’s death, even though it was Caraxes who actually killed her. The Battle Above the Gods Eye took the lives of the four combatants that were engaged in it, as Aemond and Vhagar were the final people that Daemon killed because he also died in that battle.

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