Why Was Daemon Angry When Viserys Sent Aid?

The earlier part of House of the Dragon is full of politicking but isn’t too shy on the action side as well. Episode 3 allowed us to see a ton of action when Daemon and the Velaryons were engaged in a war against the Crabfeeder and his Triarchy, albeit it was a losing war due to their lack of men and resources. But when King Viserys sent a letter that informed Daemon that he was sending aid, the Targaryen prince got angry to the point that he beat the messenger and even went on a suicide mission against the Crabfeeder’s men. So, why was Daemon angry when Viserys wanted to send aid?

Daemon was angry when he learned that Viserys wanted to send aid because he wanted all of the glory for himself. His place as the heir had been taken away from him, and Daemon had nothing left. Learning that Viserys wanted to send aid would have allowed the king to take the glory for the victory at the Stepstones.

At this point, all that Daemon Targaryen has is his hunger for glory, and that was something that he thought his brother was also going to take away from him in the Stepstones. That was what made him decide to go on a suicide mission that made him the hero of the war against the Triarchy. So, with that said, let’s talk more about why Daemon was angry at King Viserys’s aid.

Why Did King Viserys Send Aid To Daemon?

Ever since the very first episode of House of the Dragon, Corlys Velaryon was concerned about the growing presence of an army called the Triarchy in the Stepstones, which are small islands that connect the southeastern part of Westeros to the western coast of Essos. However, King Viserys was never too concerned about the Triarchy and their leader, Prince Craghas “The Crabfeeder” Drahar.

The reason why Viserys never wanted to wage war against the Crabfeeder was the fact that he didn’t want to anger the Free Cities of Essos, as he believed that they were the ones funding the Triarchy. Nevertheless, Corlys wanted to vanquish the Crabfeeder’s presence in the Stepstones because of the fact that his shipping lanes were being disrupted. As we all know, the Velaryons earn their wealth from their ships.

That was what forced Corlys to seek help from Daemon, who had been ousted from his place as the heir to the Iron Throne and from Dragonstone, which he occupied after Viserys disinherited him. Daemon, who no longer had anything left, was willing enough to fight the Triarchy together with House Velaryon.

Nevertheless, in the early parts of episode 3, Tyland Lannister, the new Master of Ships, told King Viserys that the war against the Triarchy in the Stepstones wasn’t going too well and that Vaemond Velaryon, who was also helping his brother out in the war, was calling for help. However, Viserys was quick to brush this off because he never wanted to get involved in a war that his brother and Corlys began against his wishes. But, near the end of the episode, he finally decided to send aid to the Stepstones. So, what made King Velaryon want to help Daemon out in the war against the Triarchy?

As an older brother, Viserys loved Daemon despite his many faults and mistakes. The same could be said of Daemon, who still loved his brother enough that he wasn’t willing to rebel against the crown to overthrow Viserys as king. 

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However, it was ultimately Alicent’s judgment that allowed Viserys to understand that it was the best decision to send help to the Stepstones. She simplified things by asking Viserys if it was the right decision to simply allow the Crabfeeder to do as he pleased. In that regard, Viserys was convinced that it was better to oust the Crabfeeder from the Stepstones despite the consequences attached to that decision.

Why Was Daemon Angry When Viserys Sent Aid?

Before the final act of episode 3 started, we saw King Viserys telling a messenger to give a letter directly to Daemon, as it was clear that he was telling his brother that he was going to send aid to the Stepstones. Then, after that, there was a meeting between all of the Velaryons, as Laenor was suggesting to use Daemon as bait, all while he was arguing with Vaemond, who was the one who requested aid from the crown in the first place.

Daemon arrived at the back of Caraxes as he was about the join the meeting. However, the messenger arrived just in time to tell him that he had a letter from the king. This letter contained a sincere message from Viserys, who wanted to send aid to his younger brother because of his love for him.

Nevertheless, instead of being happy about the fact that he was finally getting some help from the king after three years of waging war in the Stepstones, Daemon was visibly angry. He even beat up the messenger before storming off on his own to go on a suicide mission against the Crabfeeder’s army. So, why was Daemon angry when Viseryes wanted to send help?

The very reason why Daemon Targaryen agreed to wage war against the Crabfeeder’s Triarchy was the fact that he wanted glory. This was what convinced him to buy into Corlys Velaryon’s idea of waging war in the Stepstones, as the Sea Snake basically convinced him that all the glory of this war would go to his name. Of course, Corlys only wanted to keep the Sea Snake out of his shipping routes, but Daemon wanted the glory that came with a possible victory in the Stepstones.

So, if Viserys were to send aid to the Stepstones three years after the battle started, that would show that Daemon was not capable of winning the war against the Triarchy all on his own. This war raged on for three years, as every attempt to drive the Crabfeeder and his army out of their caves ended up in failure. As such, the men had grown weary of this war due to the fact that they weren’t getting anywhere. On top of that, the Velaryon supplies were already running low.

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Now, if Viserys were to send aid, then that would allow Daemon to look like a fool that simply wanted to play war without the capacity to win it. All of the glory would go to Viserys instead of Daemon, who couldn’t make any progress in the three years that he was waging war against the Crabfeede’s Triarchy. 

As such, learning that his brother was planning to send aid enraged him because that would mean that Viserys was about to steal his thunder once more. That is why he was willing enough to go on a suicide mission that allowed him to ultimately win the battle against the Triarchy.

Why Does Daemon Want Glory?

Daemon Targaryen didn’t want anything else from the war against the Triarchy except glory. That was the sole reason why he got angry at the fact that his brother was about to send aid to them in the Stepstones, as all of the glory would now go to the king. But why did Daemon want glory?

Glory was the only thing that Daemon had to live for in his life because he didn’t have anything else. He was married to a wife that he never chose or loved. Meanwhile, he was ousted from his place as the heir to the Iron Throne and as the Prince of Dragonstone. Moreover, he lost a lot of influence in the Seven Kingdoms when Viserys refused to give him any meaningful position.

In that regard, the only thing he had left was to fight for glory. He no longer had anything else in life, and that was the reason why he was willing to go on a suicide mission to win the war against the Triarchy once and for all.

This was a man that had nothing else to lose in life because he had already lost his station and influence as a rogue Targaryen prince. As such, Daemon was easily persuaded by Corlys to join the war against the Triarchy when he sold the prospect of glory to the prince.

So, with that said, Daemon’s only purpose in life was to seek glory and to work hard to grow in influence because he was the younger brother who was never given anything in life, unlike King Viserys. And when he thought that his brother was going to steal his thunder yet again, that was what drove him to become enraged enough to take matters into his own hands in the final battle against the Crabfeeder.

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