Every Rumored & Confirmed Cameos In Doctor Strange 2

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It isn’t a secret that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is set to become one of the biggest Marvel films in recent memory to the point that it might make Spider-Man: No Way Home look like child’s play in terms of its cameo appearances. Whether or not that’s a good thing is still up for us to decide when the movie releases. So, while we wait for the film to premiere on May 6, 2022, let’s look at all of the rumored and confirmed cameos in Doctor Strange 2.

Captain Marvel

One of the most recognizable scenes in the latest Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness trailer is that of a glowing flying figure that eventually clashed with Scarlett Witch. While there are plenty of rumors that are related to whoever this glowing figure is, the consensus among fans right now is that this is a variant of Captain Marvel.

doctor strange sequel captain marvel

In the comics, one of the characters that took up the Captain Marvel mantle was Monica Rambeau. We have already seen Rambeau’s twice in the MCU. The first was when she was a child in the 90s during the events of Captain Marvel, as her mom was a close friend of the superhero. The second was during the events of WandaVision, as she worked for SWORD and found herself gaining superpowers due to the events surrounding the series.

Considering that Wanda and Monica have history due to the events of WandaVision, there is a good chance that this glowing figure is indeed the Monica Rambeau version of Captain Marvel from another universe. This glowing figure clashing with Scarlett Witch in the trailer fits well with Wanda’s current character arc.


Is Captain Marvel In Doctor Strange 2? (Rambeau Variant)

Even though Multiverse Of Madness will focus more on Doctor Strange, Wanda Maximoff is set to play the role of a secondary protagonist. It is speculated that considering she didn’t have any real closure during the events of WandaVision, she will try to come into terms with what she did in Westview as she explores the multiverse in Doctor Strange 2.

The duel between Wanda and Monica was never concluded in the WandaVision series, but we may see round two in the movie as Maximoff, now empowered by her Scarlett Witch powers, will now have to face a Captain Marvel version of Rambeau. It would be interesting to see how the clash between these characters will contribute to Wanda’s overall character development. 

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

Toby Maguire’s version of Peter Parker, the OG live-action Spider-Man, already saw his time in the MCU when he was introduced as a Spider-Man from another universe during the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The conclusion of No Way Home would have us think that Maguire is already done playing his iconic role and is ready to retire his suit. However, there is still a good reason to believe that he may return in Multiverse Of Madness. And the reason is a simple Instagram post that may or may not indicate that he will be returning.

Mariana Torres, the voice actress for Wanda Maximoff in the Portuguese dub of the Marvel movies, posted an Instagram story of her and Manolo Rey on set with the caption “good things are coming.”

Normally, this shouldn’t indicate a connection to Spider-Man but take note that Manolo Rey is the exclusive Portuguese dubber for Maguire’s Spider-Man. He doesn’t dub any other character in the entire MCU. That could mean that he was on set to dub Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in the upcoming Doctor Strange 2 movie.

There is also the fact that Sam Raimi is the one at the helm of this movie. Raimi is known for directing the OG Spider-Man trilogy that featured Maguire as the leading character. Considering that Raimi and Maguire have a history working together and that they know each other so well, there is a good reason to believe that the OG live-action Peter Parker may end up appearing in the movie.

America Chavez

America Chavez 1200x800 1

One of the characters confirmed to make an appearance, and her MCU debut is America Chavez, who is played by Xochitl Gomez. We can clearly see Miss America in the latest trailers, as the young superhero is going to make her live-action debut.


Who Is America Chavez In Doctor Strange 2?

Of course, America Chavez fits the entire multiverse narrative of Doctor Strange 2 because of the fact that she is a character with the capability of creating star-shaped portals that allow her to travel between dimensions.

The fact that she can travel from one dimension to another and quite possibly from one universe to another means that she may play an important role in the upcoming Multiverse Of Madness movie.

Marvel might also want to look at her character from a long-term perspective because it seems like there is going to be a Young Avengers storyline coming up. The introduction of young characters Kate Bishop and Kamala Khan through their Disney+ shows are indications of the possibility of a Young Avengers movie or series coming up in the near future.

Professor X

This part is all but confirmed unless the trailer is lying to us and is deliberately deceiving us. After all, the trailers of Avengers: Infinity War had us thinking that the Hulk was going to play a huge role in the movie. Meanwhile, the trailer and the promo materials of Avengers: Endgame showed us a leaner Thor.

Going back to the trailer, there was a scene wherein Doctor Strange was apprehended by Baron Mordo for his crimes against reality. We saw some Ultron robots (more on that later) escorting him to a huge hall where his trial was going to be held. As the camera focuses on Strange, who is now facing the tribunal, a familiar voice saying, “We should tell him the truth,” could be heard.

doctor strange professor x multiverse of madness

That familiar voice belongs to Patrick Stewart, who is popularly known for portraying Professor X in the OG X-Men movies. Since Disney has already acquired Fox, which owns the rights to the X-Men, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the mutants make their way to the MCU. Of course, there’s no better mutant to start with than the leader of the X-Men himself.

While this has all been confirmed due to Patrick Stewart’s voice, let’s not forget about the fact that Marvel tries to mislead us with trailers and with statements from the actors themselves. Andrew Garfield constantly denied any rumors that he was going to appear in No Way Home, but we all know that he did. Of course, using Patrick Stewart’s voice might be a deliberate ploy on Marvel to deceive its fans yet again.

Iron Man

We all know that the MCU version of Iron Man had already perished in the events of Endgame when Tony Stark sacrificed himself by using the Infinity Stones to snap Thanos and his men out of existence. However, we are talking about the multiverse here, and that means that there could be several versions of Tony Stark in the other universes.

In that regard, the fact that there are Ultron robots in the trailer suggests that there is an Iron Man variant that will be joining Doctor Strange 2. Remember that Ultron was supposed to be a peacekeeping program developed by Tony Stark to control his Iron Legion. However, the same program went rogue.

It could be possible that the Iron Man variant that would be appearing was able to control Ultron and make the program more obedient. Of course, that remains to be seen, as the rumors regarding Iron Man’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 are merely rumors. Some people even believe that the glowing figure we alluded to a while ago could be Superior Iron Man, whose suit glows red and orange when he’s angry.

Superior Iron Man

There were also rumors that Tom Cruise was seen in the set of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Since he is yet to portray any MCU character, it might be possible for him to be the Tony Stark of another universe. And considering that we might be seeing the Illuminati making its MCU debut, Stark is a possibility in the movie because he was the one who started the Illuminati.

Black Bolt

black bolt inhumans 1050x591 1

Black Bolt’s appearance is almost as confirmed as any other character appearing in the movie. Of course, Black Bolt is probably going to be portrayed by Anson Mount, who portrayed the very same character in the Inhumans series, which was quickly dropped due to its poor critical reception.

If we are also going to take the Illuminati theory into this case, Black Bolt’s appearance fits the bill. As the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt represents that group and is one of the six founding members of the Illuminati in the comics. So, in that regard, we might see him together with the other Illuminati members in Doctor Strange 2.

Mr. Fantastic


Using the Illuminati angle again, we are going to say that there are also rumors regarding Mr. Fantastic’s possible appearance in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness because he is one of the founding members of the group.

There aren’t any updates regarding who will play the character, but it certainly isn’t going to be Miles Teller, whose portrayal of Reed Richards was regarded as one of the worst. Ioan Gruffudd could be a possibility, but bringing him in would force Marvel to bring in all of the members of the 2005 Fantastic Four film, which included Chris Evans as the Human Torch.

That said, some fans believe that this role could be portrayed by John Krasinski, who saw a breakthrough role in The Office. Then again, these are merely rumors as nothing is verified regarding Mr. Fantastic or Krasinski possibly playing that role.



Another member of the Illuminati is Namor, who is a founding member as well. Considering his status as a founding member and as one of the leaders of Earth’s superheroes, it could be possible that he would be making an appearance in Doctor Strange 2.

However, he is probably the least likely to appear in Multiverse Of Madness out of the six Illuminati characters because his story and identity are yet to be fleshed out in any live-action Marvel movie. All the other five members have appeared in at least one live-action portrayal already.

That said, Namor would have to appear in an MCU movie first before he gets introduced. It is expected that he will play a role in the upcoming Black Panther sequel movie.

Doctor Strange Variants

We saw multiple variants of Spider-Man in No Way Home. Of course, it will only be understandable that multiple variants of Doctor Strange will also appear. And what makes this very interesting is that, even though they are all going to be portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, they are all different from one another.

Evil Strange, who is also called Dark Strange or Strange Supreme, is probably the other Doctor Strange that we saw in the first trailer. There is a good chance that this is the same Strange we saw in the What If…? series.

doctor strange 2 trailer evil doctor strange supreme theories

Defender Strange also made an appearance, but he did so in the latest trailer. This Doctor Strange variant is the leader of a group of superheroes called the Defenders, which are similar to the Avengers but are more or less informal and unofficial.

doctor strange 2 super bowl trailer defenders costume

Finally, Zombie Strange was seen near the final portion of the latest trailer, as we can see him flying and with shadowy hands behind him in what was possibly a dark version of the image magic he used against Thanos in Infinity War.

super bowl spot for marvels doctor strange in the multiverse of madness is loaded with cool new footage 1024x576 2

All these Doctor Strange variants have been confirmed in the trailer, and that means that they are going to make cameo appearances.

Clea The Sorceress

Charlize Theron is said to have been cast as a major character in the upcoming Multiverse Of Madness movie. It was never revealed which character she will be playing, but the consensus is that she is going to portray a hero.


Clea: Charlize Theron’s Character In Doctor Strange 2 Explained

That said, the possibility is leaning towards her possible portrayal as Clea The Sorceress, a character who played a prominent role in the Doctor Strange comics as one of the sorcerer’s love interests.

clea e1580245874496.png 1024x689 1

Clea is a Dark Dimension mortal who was born to a prince of the Dark Dimension and the sister of Dormammu. She is naturally capable of magic and could quite possibly play a role in the magic-centric Doctor Strange movie series. Clea might even become his new love interest, considering that the trailer shows that Dr. Christine Palmer had already moved on with her love life.

The Invisible Woman

sue storm wielding force fields

In connection to Charlize Theron making an appearance in Doctor Strange 2, there are also rumors that she might play Sue Storm, also known as the Invisible Woman, who is actually the love interest of Mr. Fantastic.

If Mr. Fantastic is indeed going to appear in the movie, he might bring his girlfriend along with him. However, we are leaning towards Theron playing Clea instead of Sue Storm because Clea’s character fits the theme of Doctor Strange better.


loki 5 main

The entire multiverse mess seems to have begun in the events of the Loki series. In the series, there was only one sacred timeline and one universe that revolved around that timeline. That was why the Time Variance Authority was quick to capture any variant of any character that threatened to create a different timeline branch that could produce an entirely different universe.


Will Loki Be In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

However, when Sylvie, the female Loki variant, killed He Who Remains in the final episode of the series, the entire timeline branched out. This resulted in the multiverse, as different variants of different people were allowed to exist in their own separate timelines.

That said, there is a possibility that the Loki we saw in the series could be making an appearance in the film. Then again, considering that there will still be a second season of Loki, it might be better for Marvel to conclude his story in the series first before they reintroduce him back to the MCU.

So, if there was going to be another Loki making a cameo in Doctor Strange 2, we believe that it could be a variant. Kid Loki might be a possibility because Marvel might be leaning towards a Young Avengers storyline. But that is merely speculation on our part.


The last time we saw Ultron in the live-action movies, he was completely killed by Vision in Age of Ultron. But we did see a variant of Ultron in What If…? as he was the main antagonist after he acquired the Infinity Stones.

That said, we did see Ultron robots in the trailer, as the same robots that brought Strange to the tribunal that would try him for his alleged crimes looked similar to the Ultron robots that we saw in Age of Ultron.

Screen Shot 2022 02 15 at 7.06.04 PM 1

It could be possible that these robots were created by the Tony Stark of another universe after he was able to control the Ultron program. So, if the robots are indeed creations of Stark, the chances of Iron Man returning are pretty high. 


deadpool shocked.jpg

Deadpool, like the X-Men, is a property of Fox. But now that Disney owns Fox, there is a good chance that Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool could get become a part of the MCU by making him appear in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, considering that this movie will be all about the different Marvel universes.

Even though he’s just a parody character with no real storyline whatsoever, that doesn’t mean that Deadpool shouldn’t have a place in the MCU. He could bring in more of that entertainment factor that the character is known for.

Still, Ryan Reynolds has been denying the possibility of Deadpool appearing in The Multiverse Of Madness. He might just be playing the Andrew Garfield card here. That means that we’ll never know whether or not he will be making his MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2.

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