Stardew Valley: Excavator or Gemologist – Which Profession Is Better?

excavator or gemologist which profession is better in Stardew Valley

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In one of our previous guides, we’ve focused on blacksmith and prospector professions you can choose once you’ve reached level 10 in mining skill in Stardew Valley. Since those two skills are only one side of the coin, in today’s guide we’re going to focus a bit more on the excavator and gemologist professions. Both professions become available to you once you’ve reached level 10 and chosen the geologist profession at level 5. And while both professions are useful, one ought to be better than the other. Let’s see, excavator or gemologist, which profession is better in Stardew Valley?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Excavator is the better profession in Stardew Valley since it doubles your chances of finding geodes that are in the long term far more useful than gems.
  • Gems, while having the potential to generate a decent income and have their role in gifting NPCs, are far less valuable, especially once Crystalarium has been obtained.
  • This makes the gemologist profession a bit less attractive. Of course, everything depends on how you decide to orient the gameplay. But the general consensus is that the excavator is the better of the two.

Excavator doubles your chances of finding geodes

The excavator profession is one of the choices you get as soon as you reach level 10 in mining skill in Stardew Valley. Of course, an excavator will be available if you’ve chosen geologist as your profession when you reach level 5 in mining skill.

When it comes to bonuses, the excavator doubles your chances of finding several types of geodes like frozen geodes, magma geodes, and omni geodes. Geodes are an important source of valuable minerals and gems. Especially omni geodes that are one of the few sources of extremely valuable prismatic shards in the game. Generally, geodes drop when you’re clearing rocks in the mines, and those often get ignored, at least most of the rocks. This makes geodes harder to acquire and in turn, the bonus that you receive from the excavator profession is all the more valuable.

You will find the most geodes by breaking rocks in the mines

If you find yourself in the mines often and manage to come across a lot of geodes, this will translate well into your chances of finding other valuable materials such as iridium ore and prismatic shards. In the long run, if you want to progress faster getting your hands on a valuable materials excavator is more beneficial.

Gemologist makes your gems worth more

The gemologist profession is the other choice you get when you reach level 10 in mining. Gemologist doesn’t offer anything glamorous it simply makes your gems worth 30 % more. And while this is a good way to increase profits, it’s not enough compared to other bonuses and advantages you will get by having access to more geodes.

Everything related to gems is far easier once you unlock Crystalarium.
Crystalarium is a device that replicates any gem, foraged mineral, or geode mineral with the exception of prismatic shards.

Unlocking Crystalarium makes everything related to gems easier

Crystalarium is easily obtained either by crafting, donating to the museum, or completing bundles in the vault. Gems are needed for some crafting recipes and you can always give them as gifts to NPCs. Gems are always “loved” or “liked” by NPCs and if you use them as gifts, your relationship can significantly improve with the NPCs. Considering that much effort goes into obtaining them (with the exception of Crystalarium) farming them is not worth it, and selling them is even less beneficial.


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Excavator or Gemologist which profession is better?

If you’re looking to get your hands on valuable metals and gems such as prismatic shards as early as possible, go for the excavator. Geodes are hard to come by any way you look at it and any chances you get at increasing your odds will be beneficial. With the help of the excavator, you will be able to upgrade your farm and maximize profits earlier. The excavator profession is an investment. It’s especially good for players oriented toward clearing mines and breaking every rock they come across.

excavator vs gemologist

Gems, while rare, do not hold enough worth to choose a profession dealing strictly with them. Especially since Crystalarium exists. With this device, you can replicate almost any gem in the game and that makes obtaining them much easier and in turn, increases your profits.

That 30 % price boost you get seems insignificant. This holds especially true once you’ve done with your farm and you can pretty much earn money passively. You’re going to have far better money-making opportunities and you won’t need to resort to wasting a profession in order to grind for gems.

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