Fan-Created ‘Blade’ Concept Trailer Envisions a Simplified Yet True-to-Form MCU Vampire Film

Fan Created Blade Concept Trailer Envisions a Simplified Yet True to Form MCU Vampire Film

Marvel has a slew of upcoming projects slated for release in the coming years, many of which have been stalled due to the unprecedented SAG-AFTRA strike that halted the entire industry, resulting in numerous delays and cancellations.

One highly anticipated Marvel Studios project, ‘Blade,’ faced challenges long before the strikes began. It’s an MCU film centered around Eric Brooks, the iconic vampire hunter from comics, serving as a reboot of the beloved ‘Blade’ trilogy that played a pivotal role in shaping the MCU as we know it today.

The production of ‘Blade’ has encountered multiple rewrites and delays, stretching out the timeline considerably from its originally planned 2023 release. There are even reports suggesting that the main actor is reconsidering their role. With no official trailer in sight, Teaser Pro has released a concept trailer for the film, demonstrating that a straightforward formula of Blade battling vampires remains effective. You can watch the trailer below:

It’s been reported that the original plan for the ‘Blade’ reboot centered around Blade’s daughter and two other female characters, with Blade playing a supporting role in his own movie. However, after numerous rewrites, the film has shifted focus to Blade as the primary vampire hunter, as it was intended. The movie is set to feature the Ebony Blade, with the title referencing both the mystical weapon and the protagonist. Additionally, it’s rumored to tie into the upcoming Midnight Sons project.

In July 2019, Feige officially announced the film with Ali in the title role at San Diego Comic-Con. Ali previously had an uncredited voice cameo as Blade in ‘Eternals’ (2021). Stacy Osei-Kuffour was hired to write the film in February 2021, with Bassam Tariq joining as director by September of the same year.

A year later, Tariq departed due to changes in production and creative disagreements. Yann Demange was then brought on board as director in November 2022, with Michael Starrbury tasked with rewriting the script.

In April 2023, Nic Pizzolatto joined as another writer, followed by Michael Green, who was hired to pen a new script by November. Filming is slated to begin in late 2024 in the United Kingdom, with additional shooting locations including Trilith Studios and Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Morocco. ‘Blade’ is scheduled for release on November 7, 2025.

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