Fans Criticize Gunn’s ‘Superman’ for Looking “Cheap” (Again): “What in the Discount Walmart Budget Is This?”

superman legacy suit

Every time there’s news about James Gunn’s upcoming ‘Superman’ reboot, it causes a stir. Fans often complain that it looks “cheap” and low-budget compared to past movies, which usually had expensive locations, shots, and costumes.

Recently, a picture of Kent Farm from the new movie came out, and fans have been harsh on social media.


‘Superman’ is currently being filmed in Georgia, as planned, in several locations during May and June. One fan posted on social media that the movie was filming near them, which they found pretty exciting. They also shared what looks like the first view of Superman’s house, Kent Farm, and fans weren’t impressed.

They called the farm cheap, Walmart quality, CW-budget production, run-down, and other similar things.

I think the comments are an overreaction and the farm looks fine. It fits the style of a humble, average farmer. Gunn’s choice of location shows that the movie will be more down-to-earth and humble, not cheap. We can expect his version of Superman to be the most “human” version yet.

This isn’t the first time Gunn’s production has been called cheap. The first controversy happened when Superman’s suit was revealed. Fans noticed creases in the suit and said Superman’s pose was too laid-back.

They said the suit looked “too cheap” and “too rubbery,” not something an alien from a highly advanced civilization would wear. Then there’s the controversial casting of Ma and Pa Kent.

Pruitt Taylor Vince was cast as Jonathan Kent and Neva Howell as Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive parents, in the upcoming reboot. Some fans didn’t like this, saying the actors are D-list. I don’t get it. Why do characters with little screen time need to be A-listers? Do we need another box-office flop because the movie’s budget was too high from the start?

‘Doctor Strange 2’ showed that even a movie making a billion dollars can be seen as a financial risk if its budget is too big.

What do you think? Is Gunn’s approach good? Let us know in the comments below!

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