Fiona Frost from Spy X Family: Here’s What You Need to Know About Her

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Spy x Family has been heating up in terms of the events of the anime as more and more supporting characters are getting introduced into the mix. One such character set to make her anime debut anytime soon is Fiona Frost, who is one of the most important supporting characters in Spy x Family. So, who is Fiona Frost from Spy x Family, and what does she have to do with the Forger family?

Fiona Frost is Loid Forger’s fellow spy and carries the codename Nightfall. She works as an assistant to Loid at Berlint General Hospital to provide him with information. However, she was originally going to be Loid’s wife in his mission, but she was on a different mission when Loid was looking for a wife.

The addition of Fiona Frost into the mix will only make Spy x Family much more exciting to watch, especially when you factor in the dynamics between her and Loid, who is in a fake marriage with Yor. She is one of the most interesting characters in the series because of her relationship with Loid. That said, let’s take a good look at what we know about Fiona Frost from Spy x Family.

Who Is Fiona Frost?

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The Spy x Family continues to add more characters into the story with every release of a new episode, as these supporting characters are some of the most important in the series when it comes to the overall plot. We have already seen Yor’s brother, Yuri, in episode 8 of the series as he adds more color to the anime. However, fans are still waiting for the anime debut of another interesting character—Fiona Frost. So, who is Fiona Frost from Spy x Family?

Fiona Frost is a supporting character who also works for WISE, the very same spy organization that Loid Forger works for. Like Loid, she isn’t really Fiona because she uses the codename Nightfall, just like how Loid uses the codename, Twilight. Like Loid, she is also working as a spy that takes on different identities to infiltrate certain organizations.


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She is a woman of pale skin and of average height. Fiona wears a bobbed hair that is somewhere close to lavender in terms of its color. A long fringe covers the right side of her face while the other side of her hair is swept behind her left ear. Fiona also has cold eyes that are purplish in color as her eyes go with her emotionless face.

As mentioned, Fiona is also a spy that was trained to work with WISE. The person who trained her was Loid Forger, who is the organization’s best spy. Fiona was trained to learn how to control her emotions, and that is why she often hides them under her emotionless face. She has also worked with Loid in previous missions, and it was the fact that she has trained and worked with him that allowed her to develop feelings for him.

Although she was trained to learn how to hide her true emotions and to remain emotionless for the betterment of her missions, Fiona Frost still ended up falling for Loid Forger. In fact, she was supposed to be the one to carry on the wife role of the Forger family, but she was off on another mission when Loid needed a wife. As such, she never got the chance to work with him in Operation Strix as his wife, as she was off in a different operation.

Nevertheless, after Fiona got back from her mission, she ended up working with Loid in Operation Strix when she was placed in Berlint General Hospital, the very same place where Loid works as a psychiatrist. She was placed in the hospital to serve as Loid’s assistant both in terms of him being a psychiatrist and him being a spy. While working as Loid’s assistant, Fiona Frost provides him with the information he needs in relation to Operation Strix.

As Fiona works with Loid in Operation Strix and observes him and his relationship with the Forger Family, she begins to realize that Twilight is actually developing true feelings for his fake family. And while she did feel jealous of the fact that Loid was beginning to love his family, this only made him more endearing to her.

In the manga, Fiona and Loid worked together in the tennis arc where they entered an underground tennis tournament so that they could recover an important dossier, which is reported to be able to spark a war between the two countries. In this tournament, she listed them together as husband and wife and under different names.

Fiona Frost’s Abilities And Skills

Like Twilight, Nightfall has all of the different skills that spies need to excel at their job. That’s why Fiona is equipped with advanced fighting skills and the physical prowess that allows her to do her job effectively. She is shown to be incredibly strong as she can take down multiple opponents in a game of tennis.


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Of course, the best attribute that Fiona Frost possesses is the fact that she knows how to hide her emotions. She was trained to be emotionless, and that has allowed her to keep herself cool and composed during her missions and whenever she is undercover. That is what makes Fiona quite dangerous as a spy, as her enemies won’t be able to get anything out of her.

Fiona Frost Relationships

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Nightfall was trained by Twilight in the art of being a spy. The more she trained and worked with Twilight, the more she ended up developing feelings for him. And this held true when they worked together in Operation Strix as Fiona Frost and Loid Forger.

As Fiona Frost, who was working with Loid Forger in the hospital, Nightfall saw how endearing Twilight could be, especially when it comes to his family. That was why she was able to develop stronger feelings for him. In fact, she wants Yor to fail so that she can replace him as Loid’s wife.

Speaking of Yor, Fiona feels genuine jealousy over the fact that she was able to play the role of Loid’s wife over him. She is also jealous about how Yor is able to do the job so well despite the fact that she doesn’t have Fiona’s skills as a spy. Of course, she also doesn’t feel comfortable about how Yor is able to evoke real feelings from Loid.

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