Frieren: Who Is Genau & Is He Evil?

Frieren: Who Is Genau & Is He Evil?

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we will be discussing the final remaining first-class mage overseeing the exam – Genau. We have already told you about Falsch and Sense, and it is now time to tell you a bit about Genau and his overall role in the story, as well as whether he is an evil character or not, as his role in the series might not be completely clear.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • As Frieren’s party arrived in Äußerst, Frieren and Fern signed up for the First-Class Mage Exam. During the announcement of the first task, it was revealed that Genau would be overseeing it.
  • Genau is a secondary character from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, a powerful and skilled first-class mage who was tasked with organizing and overseeing the first of the three parts of the difficult exam.
  • He is known for his extremely difficult tasks, which often result in deaths, and he himself estimated that only a third of the examinees would pass. But, despite that, he cannot be considered and evil character.

Genau is by no means evil, but he also won’t make it easy for the examinees

Following a protracted journey and Sein’s leaving, the group eventually reaches Äußerst. There, they needed to participate in the First-Class Mage Exam in order to be able to go to the Northern Plateau. When Frieren first suggested that Fern register for the exam, Fern pushed Frieren to do it as well (despite her hesitance), since she didn’t think she could pass. Conversely, Frieren has the requisite abilities, but she was hesitant to sit for the test. Fern eventually agreed to enter, but she also urged Frieren to do it.

As she told her, in case she failed, another exam would not be held for at least three years, and they did not have enough money to travel by boat or to hire a Mage; well, they might have had enough money, but when Fern told Frieren that they would be unable to buy sweets then, Frieren accepted and signed up for the exam as well. And that is how this story began.

When the Mages were gathered in the hall, a First-Class Mage greeted them and announced the content of the first of the three parts of the exam. Genau was thus introduced as a First-Class Mage in the series, which automatically proves how skilled he is. He was tasked with overseeing the first part of the exam, which consisted of isolating the examinees in a nearby forest for several days. In order to pass it, each group (as they were divided into groups of three) had to catch a Stille and remain intact, meaning that all three members had to be present when the task was over.

It turned out that the task was far more difficult and dangerous than they initially thought, as capturing a Stille was exceptionally difficult, while the mages also had to deal with their competition (battling between the groups was allowed, as well as stealing the Stille) and numerous monsters, including the Geisel. It was later revealed, when Sense spoke to Genau, that Genau is known for organizing such difficult exams.


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His method has been described as sadistic, but he simply wants to root out the best mages, regardless of the cost. This is why he did not care much about finding out about the deaths of several mages during his exam and wasn’t really all that worried when Sense told him that his approach wasn’t the best. He is not an evil person, far from it, and he is undoubtedly loyal to his duties and his allies, but he does have a somewhat strange personality, and that makes him a tad difficult, but also interesting as a character.

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