Frieren: Who Is the Girl Wirbel Was in Love With? What Happened to Her?

Frieren: Who Is the Girl Wirbel Was in Love With? Whap Happened to Her?

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we are going to talk about another character from the series. The character in question is related to Wirbel, and while she is a completely secondary character, we think that she is intriguing enough exactly because of her intrinsic connection to Wirbel and his story. The unnamed girl Wirbel talked about is thus going to be the main topic of this article, as you are going to find out everything you need to know about her.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • When Wirbel was a child – four or five years old – he was in love with a brown-haired girl from his hometown. Today, sadly, he cannot remember her face or her name anymore.
  • Exactly 29 years before the present timeline, demonic activity in the north (including around Wirbel’s hometown) increased, and the girl’s parents decided to move to the Central Regions.
  • In order to show off in front of her, Wirbel promised her that he would kill all the demons for her and that she should then return to their hometown, which made the girl cry out of joy.

The girl in question is someone a young Wirbel was in love with, but now – she is just a foggy memory

Wirbel is definitely a very interesting character in the series. He comes off as a rather brutish character and has been described as an underhanded character who only wants to win and does not shy away from being unfair if it will help him achieve victory. While that is, for the most part, true, Wirbel also has a very human side to him, which became evident when he saved Ehre and even Scharf. Ehre commented on this kindness, which is when Wirbel told her a story about himself.

Twenty-nine years before the present timeline, demonic activity in the Northern Regions increased. This also happened around Wirbel’s hometown, which was in that part of the world. When this happened, Wirbel was four or five years old and was in love with a girl from his hometown. She was small and had brown hair, and that is, more or less, everything we know about her, as Wirbel isn’t the most reliable of narrators.

Due to an increase in demonic activity, her parents decided to move down to the Central Regions, where they would be safe, as the demonic activity hit the north the most. This was a very sad moment for the whole family, as they were leaving their hometown, but many other families did it as well. And while he did not show in the most emotional way possible, Wirbel was sad to see her leave.


Before she left, he came in front of her and told her that he would defeat all the demons for her and when he’s done it, that she should come back into town so that they could be together again. He was, of course, showing off in front of her, but they shook on it, and the girl was brought to tears by this, smiling. This implied that she had also liked him. Soon after, the family moved away, and – as Wirbel originally stated – she remains only a memory. He has even forgotten her name and her face, which explains why we haven’t seen her face in the series, at least not directly.


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While this article is not really rich with information, as we know nothing about the girl from Wirbel’s account of the story, it is an interesting portrayal of Wirbel as a character that shows that he is not just a one-sided character and that there is several important layers to his story that are definitely interesting to observe and analyze, and that is what we have done in this article for you.

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