‘FUBAR’: Does Aldon Die? Here’s What Happens to Him

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FUBAR‘ is an action-packed TV show that follows an unusual group of CIA operatives in their efforts to prevent Boro Polonia from carrying out his terrorist plans. Each agent is unique in their own way, making the interaction among the team even more intriguing. One of them is Aldon, known as the “‘face’ of the team. In this article, we’ll discuss what happened to him.

Aldon doesn’t die in ‘FUBAR.’ He was severely shot on a mission by a man that was presumed dead. Aldon’s condition got worse, and he got a severely collapsed lung. The only way for him to survive was for Roo to inflate it and prevent cardiac arrest. She had to use her urine to save Aldon, and she was a bit high at that time, so it was an unusual procedure.

CIA operatives often have partners they work with, sometimes for many years, and develop meaningful relationships. The same was true for Roo and Aldon, coordinated partners on the field and very good friends. When one of the missions went wrong, Aldon’s life depended on Roo’s ability to save him, so let’s see how it all went down.

Aldon got shot after having a wrong assessment on the field

aldon and roo

When the intel showed that Boro was hiding in Sardovia in a shut-down nuclear reactor, an order from the White House came, and Luke and his team had one mission – to neutralize Boro and retrieve any weapons he manufactured. So, the team head for Sardovia, but their tensions were high.

Luke and Emma had their father-daughter conflict going on for some time now, and when Emma and Aldon kissed, that just brought even more disturbance into the team. Nevertheless, they were professionals and needed to get the job done. The plan was to enter Sardovia in coffins, and since Roo was claustrophobic, she took one Xanax too many, resulting in her being high as a kite.

The mission took a wrong turn when the team was double-crossed, resulting in a car chase and explosions. The team managed to neutralize their attackers, but Aldon wrongfully estimated that one of the attackers was dead. Seconds later, the attacker pulled his gun and shot Aldon in the shoulder.


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After that, Aldon was in terrible shape, and it will only get worse from there. Luke was aware that they needed to warp the mission up as soon as possible if they wanted Aldon to survive. When the team got into the nuclear reactor, Aldon was in no condition to continue. His wound did not clot, and someone needed to stay behind with him. So, Roo stayed with Aldon, and Luke and Emma continued with the mission.

Roo saved Aldon’s life with an unusual method


Roo needed to keep the pressure on Aldon’s wound. Things did not look promising initially because Roo was still high and pressed the wrong shoulder. Emma assured Aldon that he was going to be okay, and she suggested that when the mission was over, the two of them should give their relationship a try. Aldon rejected her in a second because he knew that she was only saying that because she had been dumped recently. He refused to be her backup.

Some moments later, Roo and Aldon were left alone, and Aldon started coughing blood and struggled to breathe. Roo immediately informed Barry about Aldon’s situation, so Barry got Dr. Pfeffer on the comms with Roo to guide her on what to do.

Dr. Pfeffer assessed that Aldon had discoloration of the neck and substantial edema, which all pointed to a severely collapsed lung. To prevent cardiac arrest, Roo would have to inflate it. Doc told Roo everything she needed to do and what materials she was going to need. Roo found everything except for water; the liquid was necessary to create a vacuum. The only way for it to work was for Roo to pee in the jar, which she wasn’t happy to do.

Maybe if she were still high at that moment, the situation would be fun for her, but that wasn’t the case. However, she had two choices, either pee in the jar or let Aldon die. Roo had a shy bladder and had problems peeing in front of others. To help her out, Aldon started to sing alongside Roo, a song they once listened to on a mission together, and it worked.


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Roo then had to inflate Aldon’s lung so he could move independently. She was scared that she would lose Aldon and it would be her fault, just like she blamed herself for her dad being arrested. Doc helped her pass through the panic, and she made an incision on Aldon’s chest and installed the improvised breathing machine.

Moments later, Aldon was saved; his lung inflated, and he was good to go. Luke and Emma got away from the nuclear reactor safely as well, and the team was ready to return home. At the plane, everything was arranged, and the ambulance and a surgeon were ready to take care of Aldon as soon as they landed.

It was Rooth who saved Aldon, but Dr. Pfeffer helped a lot, also. The whole situation brought everyone closer, and they became a goofy team like they were before all the disputes between them.

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