‘FUBAR’: Who Is Kyle? Meet Dustin Milligan’s Character

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Apart from being an action-comedy TV show that follows Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), his daughter Emma, and other members of their CIA team, the show ‘FUBAR‘ also partially focuses on Luke’s private life and his family, whom he neglected while working as a secret agent for years. Luke also has an ex-wife he tries to win back and a son named Oscar. When Oscar’s stepdaughter, Romi, needs a bone marrow transplant, her biological father, Kyle, becomes the only suitable donor. So, in this article, we’ll focus on Kyle, the character played by Dustin Milligan.

Kyle is Romi’s biological father. After Sandy Yoon got pregnant, Kyle ghosted her, and Sandy decided to raise Romi alone. In the meantime, she met Oscar while she was eight months pregnant, and Oscar raised Romi as his own child ever since she was born. Romi suffers from leukemia; she needed a bone marrow transplant when her condition worsened. Kyle was The only suitable donor, so Luke and Emma tracked him down and forced him into becoming a donor.

This is only a brief description of who Kyle is. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll explain in more detail why he is important, where the Brunners found him, and how they made him a donor. So, keep reading to find out more.

Kyle is Romi’s biological father


Since the show started, it was clear that Luke was a family man besides being one of the top CIA agents. Luke spent all his career hiding his true profession from his family, and that’s why they never understood his constant absence from the important events in their lives. All of that eventually led him to be estranged from his family. Luke tried to compensate for his absence with gifts, but that showed no success.

And that is basically how we meet Romi for the first time. When Luke got from his mission, she gave Romi a Congolese warlord’s diamond that is actually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Romi had no idea how much it was worth but loved it since she got it from her grandpa.

In episode five, titled ‘Here Today, Gone To-Marrow,’ we learn that Romi is sick and had some kind of adverse reaction to the chemo. She needed the bone marrow transplant sooner than expected. Everyone started looking for potential donors immediately while Luke and Emma tracked down Kyle, Romi’s biological father, and possibly the best chance Romi had.


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Luke and Emma lured Kyle into a bar posing as a girl named Samantha. They told Kyle they came because of Sandy Yoon, the woman he got pregnant with and ghosted after. Kyle was determined that it was not his fault that she decided to keep the child. Luke and Emma explained that the child’s name is Romi, and she has leukemia. Since Kyle was Romi’s father, chances were high that he could be the right match for a donor.

Kyle did not really have the time to say anything since Barry also came and took Kyle’s straw to examine it. If Kyle were a match, they would let him know.

Kyle refused to be the donor, so he suffered some consequences

kyle FUBAR

The test results showed that Kyle was a match for Romy, and now all they had to do was to get Kyle to participate. Later, the whole family gathered at Luke’s house and welcomed Kyle, who decided he’ll be the donor. However, there was a catch in all of that. Kyle asked 150 000 dollars for his services. He decided not to risk his life for some kid he had never met – even though it was his child.

The question about finance arose since they had no idea how to raise that amount quickly. Luke then decided it was time to use the diamond he gave to Romi, and it was worth even more than Kyle asked for. Of course, Kyle could also get cold feet, and to ensure that does not happen, Barry planted a tracking device in Kyle’s car while Luke and Kyle were discussing the worth of the diamond.

Kyle flaked later, and Emma could not find him. Thanks to Barry’s tracking device, the team easily tracked Kyle down. Since it was clear that Kyle had changed his mind and there was no way he would be the donor willingly, Emma knocked him down and drove him to Luke’s gym by force. There she used the services of Norm, the CIA’s unusual torturer, to force the bone marrow from Kyle.


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When Norm finished the procedure, Kyle’s extracted bone marrow was delivered to the hospital and transplanted to Romi. Everything seemed to end well, except for one thing – Tally Brunner discovered that Luke and Emma tortured Kyle instead of getting him to collaborate.

Dustin Milligan plays Kyle. He is s a Canadian actor known for his roles in various television shows and movies. Some of his notable works include his role as Ethan Ward in the TV series ‘90210,’ and Ted Mullens in the sitcom ‘Schitt’s Creek.’

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