Galvatron vs. Megatron: Which Transformer Would Win in a Fight?

Megatron Vs Galvatron

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Although Transformers’ Galvatron and Megatron are practically the same, the differences between the two can be seen from the moon. Galvatron is partially man-made, while Megatron originates from Cybertron and was ”created” using alien technology. Could this simple fact make Megatron inherently stronger, or is Megatron no match for the power Galvatron possesses?

The Transformer that would win in a fight is more likely to be Megatron. Although Galvatron is supposed to be a better version of Megatron, we have to think about the fact that he is partially human-made and controlled by humans as well.

Before dissecting the two Transformers and assessing their strength in many different aspects, it’s important to note that there is only one Galvatron. Still, there are multiple versions of Megatron, so talking about him as one entity would be unfair since, in some versions, he is a lot stronger than in others. To stop beating around the bush, let’s get into who would win in a fight: Megatron or Galvatron?

Mental Strength

Megatron and Galvatron are leaders of the Decepticons, and their leadership tactics and moral values differ greatly. Galvatron was certainly more ruthless and crazier than Megatron, as he annihilated Starscream and battled his allies and enemies. While the fact that he one-shot Starscream certainly makes him appear stronger than Megatron, in regards to mental strength, he has none and is completely insane.

Picture this, Megatron and Galvatron both have some time to prepare for war. They are to devise a battle tactic and lead their team to victory. Undoubtedly, Megatron would carefully plan out his next few moves, ultimately leading to his victory simply because Galvatron is more likely to attack mindlessly. The mental strength point goes to Megatron in all his versions.

Megatron 1:0 Galvatron


There’s a lot to cover in this section, so let’s first gather all of the weapons and abilities that both Megatron and Galvatron have to try and seek out the answer to the question of who would win.

Galvatron VS Megatron Weapons


In the first movie, Megatron was portrayed as an expert marksman able to wield firearms. His most dreaded and deadliest weapon is the fusion cannon he used multiple times to strike almost a killing blow to Optimus Prime. He uses the fusion cannon in most movies, but its power diminishes as we go through the films. He regains the strength he had in the first movie in the fifth movie.

He becomes increasingly proficient with various weapons as we go through the movies, and he can be seen using a staff, mace, a claw sword that can pierce through any Cybertronian armor, and even an axe.

There isn’t much to say about his abilities except that he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, proven repeatedly in the first movie especially. When it comes to brawling, Optimus Prime is no match for Megatron in the first movie, whereas in his weakened form in the second and third movies, Optimus Prime can handle him with relative ease.


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Galvatron is human-made, and as such, he is also controlled by humans, for the most part. His first appearance scene makes it seem like humans have control over him, but as it turns out, they don’t. In that same fighting scene, we can see he has most, if not all, of the weapons that Megatron used to possess. He is both a Marksman and a brawler that’s extremely agile.

Some weapons he uses include a blast cannon, a blade similar to a ntofo attached to the back of his hands. In terms of his abilities, he can separate his particles and dash to different locations, making him an extreme threat to the less agile Autobots and, in this case, Megatron.

Clearly, Galvatron has his full range of weapons present and can use them to the best of his ability, so the point goes to Galvatron.

Megatron 1:1 Galvatron

Fighting Style

For the most part, during the 4th movie, Galvatron is controlled by the KSI, but it’s clear that once they reach the China facility, Megatron is in full control, and it’s something to fear. Galvatron was weak because the humans controlled him, but if you eliminate that control, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s check out their fighting styles next. Although he’s an expert marksman, Megatron is naturally a brawler. He is slow on his feet(especially in the 2nd and third movies), but his attacks pack a punch. He has more power in his prime(first movie). Let’s not forget that his alt form is a tank in the second and third movies, which says a lot about his durability and power.

Comparing him to Galvatron, he is more dexterous and quick on his feet. I wouldn’t dare say that his weapons are weaker, but they are clear as day since Megatron almost killed Optimus Prime during their battle. Galvatron’s only real advantage is that he has no soul, and even though Optimus Prime pierces through his core, it does nothing significant.

If we were to simulate a fight between the two, the only way Galvatron could win against Megatron is if he keeps his distance and wears Megatron down, little by little. One mistake, though, and the fight quickly turns in Megatron’s favor, so this one goes to Megatron.

Megatron 2:1 Galvatron


Megatron was made using alien technologies, while Galvatron was made using alien and human technologies. The only reason why humans have managed to survive for this long is that Autobots came to their rescue. The KSI did make their own Decepticons, but in reality, they are no match to the power of the planet Cybertron and its technologies.

Let’s consider that Megatron is fully alien while Galvatron is part human, part alien-made. The point goes to Megatron since industrialization and the development of new technologies didn’t begin until 1760 on Earth, whereas Cybertron has had millions of years to develop.

Megatron 3:1 Galvatron

Multiple Megatron versions

Even though Megatron won the theoretical battle, I have to give credit where credit is due, so let’s consider all of Megatron’s versions and states and compare them to the one version of Galvatron to see who would win in a fight then. I’ll keep this part short.


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We already established that Megatron was at his prime in the first movie and only regained his full strength in the fifth movie. Megatron from the first movie would have the upper hand against Galvatron, but in the second and third movies, where he is getting weaker and weaker, the win goes to Galvatron. In the fifth movie, I’d give back the victory to Megatron, so alternatively, the score would end up being Megatron 2:2 Galvatron.

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