How Did Goblin Slayer’s Sister Die? Is He to Blame?

Goblin Slayer: How DId Goblin Slayer's Sister Die? Is He to Blame?

GOBLIN SLAYER! is a dark fantasy and adventure light novel series that focuses on a young and inexperienced Priestess who wants to become an adventurer but lands in trouble as goblins wipe out her first party; she is saved by the mysterious Goblin Slayer, a brutal murderer of goblins, whom she then joins as they adventure together. The series has been labeled as controversial due to its violent and graphic content, and one scene, in particular, stands out in that aspect, and that is the brutal rape and death of Goblin Slayer’s older sister. In this article, we are going to tell you how she died and whether he can be blamed for her death.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • When Goblin Slayer was just a kid, a horde of Goblins attacked him and his Older Sister. She hid her brother and told him not to reveal himself, no matter what happened.
  • When the Goblins arrived, they first raped her and then killed her, all in front of her him, who was observing it. Goblin Slayer then swore that he would avenge her by slaying all the Goblins in the world.
  • Goblin Slayer blames himself for not intervening, but due to his age and the number of goblin attackers, there is nothing he can do, so he cannot be blamed for his sister’s death.

Goblin Slayer’s Older Sister died in a very brutal fashion

The tragedy of Goblin Slayer’s story is evident, and most fans know that the tragedy that happened to him when he was still a child resulted in him becoming a ruthless fighter and a merciless slayer of goblins. Witnessing what he witnessed would, of course, leave a deep-rooted trauma, and that is the driving force behind his wish to eradicate all Goblins from the world. So, what happened?

As we all know, Goblin Slayer’s Older Sister is one of the series’ most heartbreaking minor characters. She loved him very much, and her tragic death is the major reason her brother wants to slaughter every goblin in the universe. What happened, exactly? Well, when Goblin Slayer was still just a little boy living alone with his Older Sister, a group of Goblins invaded their village. They had been living alone because their parents died during a plague outbreak, so she was the only person he had in the world.

Knowing how dangerous they were, the Sister hid Goblin Slayer under the house’s floorboards, knowing that the goblins would also reach their house. She told him to stay there, hidden, no matter what happened. She willingly sacrificed herself, as the goblins, when they entered the house, first raped her and then brutally murdered her. Since the floor wasn’t truly solid, Goblin Slayer could, sadly, watch as his sister was being tortured, and that trauma awoke in him a deep hatred towards the goblins, with him swearing that he would kill them all one day.


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Although he does blame himself, Goblin Slayer did nothing wrong

Now, later in the series, Goblin Slayer blamed himself for the death of his sister. He thought that he could have or should have done something to save her life, and the fact that he simply stood there, hidden from sight, while his sister was being raped and murdered haunts him still. But is he really to blame? Of course not!

When it happened, he was a child and was completely defenseless against the goblin attackers. His sister sacrificed herself to save him, knowing that she would die, but she also wanted to do the right thing as the older sibling, and she did exactly that.

There was nothing he could have done in that situation, and while his guilt is understandable, from an objective standpoint, there was absolutely nothing he could have done, so we cannot really blame him for what happened in any way. The tragedy shaped him, but he is not to blame for it.

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