GTA V: Here’s What Green Juice Does (& How To Find It)

gta green juice

Fans have access to a ton of amazing activities in Grand Theft Auto, such as engaging in high-speed chases in order to make a getaway after robbing GTA banks or participating in some incredible missions and heists. However, the saga also includes a variety of additional hobbies and pastimes for players to enjoy, and many fans are still curious to find out what green juice does in GTA 5 as well as where to find it.

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  • Green Juice can be found in Micheal De Santa’s kitchen in GTA 5 Story Mode, and it does not have any effects, although players can receive full health after drinking Green Juice in GTA Online, thanks to a more recent update.
  • It can be found in various properties in GTA Online, but some locations, such as the facility, may still feature the old Green Juice – which will not restore player health in GTA Online.

Green Juice contains kale and other green leafy vegetables

Green juice in GTA 5 combines various unknown ingredients with an earthy yet vibrant green tone and an odd liquid texture. It apparently tastes disgusting, indicated by the facial expression of any player who chooses to drink it, but fans have some clues as to what the drink could comprise.

micheal green juice

According to the main and side characters in GTA 5 Story Mode, this green juice contains kale as a primary ingredient. However, some fans believe the drink could contain other healthy ingredients such as wheatgrass and potentially additional green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli.

The inclusion of green juice in GTA 5 Story Mode primarily served to communicate the lifestyle and atmosphere of the Los Santos area as a whole. Similar to the feel of Los Angeles and other California Coast cities, which is the overall inspiration behind Los Santos, wealthy and successful individuals who live in the city are infamous for drinking a variety of smoothies and beverages comprising nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, leaves, yogurt, and unique types of milk or water.

What Does Green Juice Do in GTA 5 & GTA Online?

GTA 5 players can use various consumable items in-game, usually found at numerous convenience stores, including candy bars and other treats famous for restoring the player’s health. But, the game also features some unhealthy items, like cigarettes and alcohol, which will actually be disadvantageous to players.

Players can also enjoy a range of juices, drinks, and smoothies in GTA 5, some of which can be made by combining certain ingredients in a blender. As such, just about every player expected green to juice to have a similar effect – or at least provide some sort of function in-game.

However, unlike many of the most notable snacks in GTA 5, green juice did not seem to have any particular purpose in the game when it was first introduced. Instead, the inclusion of green juice appeared to be more of a minor detail regarding the lifestyle of one of the main characters, Micheal De Santa.

Micheal De Santa’s wife, Amanda, is infamous for making these odd yet supposedly healthy drinks and smoothies, which she then leaves out for players to drink.

According to some GTA 5 players, Micheal apparently states that he “needs to fart” after drinking green juice, implying that this drink may be more beneficial for the character’s health by aiding the digestive system. Although, this is by no means beneficial to the player apart from its comedic value.

Some players have argued that it’s an easy way to heal your character in GTA Online, as seen below, thanks to Lin Kuei Dragon. Others have stated that drinking green juice will instead increase the yellow focus bar, but this has not been confirmed.

These claims have mostly been surrounded by much debate and speculation – with a handful of players believing it restores health or focus in GTA Online. Over the years, most players have found that drinking green juice did not increase the character’s health or provide any significant buffs, but the truth lies somewhere in between.

When it comes to GTA Online, green juice can restore the player’s health depending on its location – topped off with exact same animation used for Micheal De Santa’s original green juice experience. Initially, green juice was only added to GTA Online as a nod to the De Santa household and the original GTA 5 Story Mode, and it did not heal health or replenish bars at all.

However, this changed with more updates to GTA Online, particularly with the addition of offices, after which they added new green juices to the older apartments as well. This means that the green juice found in most locations can heal players in GTA Online, but green juice found in certain locations (such as the facility) may still do nothing for the character.

Where to Find Green Juice in GTA 5 & GTA Online

In GTA 5 Story Mode, drinking green juice is an extra activity that can be enjoyed at Micheal De Santa’s home, alongside other hobbies such as yoga (which can be useful for skilling up in GTA 5), smoking certain substances thanks to Jimmy, using the internet, and watching TV. Amanda usually leaves a glass of green juice on the counter in Micheal De Santa’s kitchen, ready for players to drink whenever they want.

gta yoga

Players can find green juice in various players when playing GTA Online, however, as it is not restricted to Micheal De Santa’s kitchen like in single-player mode. GTA Online players can find green juice standing just about everywhere, primarily on countertops or surfaces in players’ offices, apartments, and houses.

That’s everything there is to know about green juice in GTA 5. Although players can get by just fine without drinking green juice, many enjoy the comedic animation that plays out after drinking it – not to mention the benefit of receiving full health in GTA Online. Much like in the real world, drinking green juice in GTA 5 may seem gross – but it’s definitely worthwhile.

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