Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Who Would Win? (Epic Wizard Vs Jedi/Sith Battle)

Harry Potter Vs Star Wars - Who Would Win (Epic Wizard Vs Jedi/Sith Battle)

Ever since the fantasy worlds have become popular, there have been fandoms and fandom battles about heroes and villains. Who would win, who is stronger? Comparing the heroes of the same world might be easy since the rules are often already written and one can refer to the books or comics. However, comparisons between different worlds are a bit more complex, more interesting, and more subjected to various theories. One of the examples is the question about magic vs. the Force.

The Force is much more useful when it comes to conflict in battles. Magic may seem limitless but it has its rules and doesn’t provide as much as the Force does. Both have to be taught and learned, the limits of both are affected by the person using them, and both can be used in battles – but why does the Force have more use?

In this article, we answer all of your questions, and whether you will agree with our theory, it is up to you. What are some of the advantages and limits of magic and the Force? What would happen if the two worlds were at war? And who would ultimately win? Keep reading to find out what we think!

Why is the Force more useful than magic?

Harry Potter Vs Star Wars - Who Would Win (Epic Wizard Vs Jedi/Sith Battle)

It is difficult to compare two such abstract concepts, but we will try. Each has its own definitions and sets of rules, as well as limitations. These are the forces that are difficult to grasp when considering they can’t be experienced in the real world unless we use the teachings of the Force to better ourselves – our minds and bodies alike.

Let’s start with the fact that most wizards and witches need to use their wands or brooms to achieve their goal spells. A wizard who is not among the most powerful and wise can’t simply cast a spell without a wand. It is a crucial piece of equipment for many wizards and witches in the Harry Potter universe.

But what is magic actually? It is a supernatural Force that has the ability to change the fundamentals. It is also a hereditary trait, which means not every person can learn to practice it. Magic is not limitless and all-powerful, it simply allows the person to achieve changes limited in the world-changing shapes and states of matter, wielding and using the energies to create or make things disappear. 

However, making things disappear isn’t as easy. It actually makes something go into non-being or everything, as Professor McGonagall said. It follows the law of conservation o matter and energy. It is not limitless. If one was to conjure an object, it would only exist shortly. An object can be enlarged but to a certain point – otherwise, it would explode or become unstable.

Charms, curses, and hexes are different types of magic, and their power depends on the person casting them. The will is just as important as the incantation. A wizard needs to remember the incantation and practice a spell if it is considered more demanding. Most spells in Harry Potter are in Latin, so remembering them is not an easy task.

When it comes to wandless magic, it can be unstable. Only more powerful people are able to use this kind of magic. When it comes to wands, one has to use their own to be sure about the outcome. Otherwise, we can witness mistakes or catastrophes due to improper wands, other people’s wands, and the lack of focus and will – like seen with Ron Weasley or Seamus Finnigan.

One of the few wizards who can cast spells without using words or a wand is Dumbledore. However, he is one of the most powerful wizards who has ever lived in the universe of Harry Potter. 

The limits of magic consist of rules: Rule of creation, Rule against immortality, and Rule against the resurrection. These are the main rules of magic. While one can conjure items and duplicate them, this imitation can never be the same as the real item. 

Harry Potter Vs Star Wars - Who Would Win (Epic Wizard Vs Jedi/Sith Battle)

One cannot become immortal without using Horcruxes, and even then can’t come back as a ghost because their soul would be stuck in limbo. Corpses can be used by a living person but can’t actually be resurrected. Even with the Resurrection Stone, the resurrection is short-lived.

Flying in the air without a broom can only be accomplished if the clothes of a person are enchanted, and even then it is very unstable. Magic can’t just make you fly. 

Magic is very susceptible and depends on the emotions of a wizard, the psychological health, and the level of focus. Magic is neutral in its form, so it can be used for „good“ and „bad“ purposes. Now let’s focus on the Force.

The Force is an energy field created by all life that connects everything in the universe. It is much more spiritual than magic. Beings sensitive to the Forse can have abilities such as telekinesis, mind control, the ability to induce sleep, or the power to see the future. Compared to the magical world in which only a few have the ability to see the future, it is not a core ability of magic.

The Forse also grants them mobility, resistance, strength, and vitality. While a wizard can’t survive injuries that would kill or injure any person, the Jedi, the Sith, and others sensitive to the Force can easily acquire this ability.

Whether someone is a Jedi or a Sith, one can harness abilities such as physical progress, meditation, and a peaceful state of mind, or use the passion for strength and more aggressive techniques in battle.

Achieving immortality and still having an identity in the afterlife is also possible with the Force when having the power to become one with it (Force spirit).

Apart from its scientific aspect, the Force was the basis of various religious organizations such as the Church of the Force, the Guardians of the Whills, and most notably the Jedi Order and the Sith Order. This shows the spiritual side that comes into play when talking about the Star Wars universe.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Who would win the battle?

Harry Potter Vs Star Wars - Who Would Win (Epic Wizard Vs Jedi/Sith Battle)

When we consider the limits of magic and the Force, it becomes clear that magic is a useful tool with many limits and rules of use. The Force is not only a tool, it is a lifestyle that requires mental practice instead of learning incantations by heart.

This could be a great disadvantage of wizards and witches since they could forget or just not be aware of useful spells, their negative emotions can impair their power, the need for wands would make them more vulnerable in battle if they lost them. 

Jedis or Siths or any other individuals sensitive to the Force cannot forget these things needed for their power. Their negative emotions can make them more powerful since they can fuel their passion and consequently fuel the energy they are manipulating. They can use Lightsabers but don’t need them to control the Force.

The Force can be found anywhere since it is the energy the universe is made of. The limits of the magical world can be crucial since spells can make certain rooms or areas impenetrable to magic like in the vaults of Gringotts.

Harry Potter Vs Star Wars - Who Would Win (Epic Wizard Vs Jedi/Sith Battle)

Wizards and witches learn the rules, incantations, herbology, potion-making… but cannot survive if left without their tools: incantations, cauldrons, ingredients for potions, or wands. The Force is so different that one can harness its power only with meditation and a different state of mind. 

Being able to crush someone, choke an enemy, blast them through space, or jump more than any „normal“ person is able to while not being susceptible to injuries and having physical abilities like no other would result in winning the battle by the time a wizard says Expelliarmus.

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