Has James Gunn Found His Booster Gold? Antony Starr Addresses Rumors

Starr as Booster Gold

Antony Starr is best known for his television roles, especially as Homelander in the hit superhero series “The Boys.” As Homelander, Starr portrays a psychopathic superhero, and it’s difficult to imagine him in any other role these days.

Currently, Starr isn’t involved with the DCU. However, fans have noticed that he and the director follow each other on social media.

This led to numerous theories, especially with the recent discussions about the ‘Booster Gold’ TV show. Fans connected the dots and speculated that Starr might play the titular character, mainly because of his resemblance to the comic character and his apparent friendship with James Gunn.

However, in a recent interview with ComicBook, Starr swiftly addressed and dismissed the rumors.

Me and James just play golf. […]I cannot wait to see what he does with the DC Universe. I think he’s a phenomenal director, producer, talent. He’s one of the biggest brands in the industry, so I’m excited to see what he cooks up.

Recently, James Gunn disclosed that the show is actively in development, but production won’t start anytime soon. Some rumors have resurfaced, suggesting that a showrunner has been chosen and Booster Gold has been cast. Many actors are speculated to be in the running for the role, according to fans, but these are mostly theories without concrete confirmation. Starr seems to have debunked his involvement in the role. Additionally, Chris Pratt has been mentioned in connection with the role, largely due to his statements about appearing in both the MCU and DCU.Have something to contribute? Share it in the comments below!

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