Minecraft: Here Is How To Remove an Enchantment

how to remove enchantment in minecraft

Enchanting is an important aspect of Minecraft. It’s a convenient way to upgrade your weapons and tools, as well as armor. Some aspects of enchanting can be confusing, however. That’s why we’ve extensively covered it in the past through our guides dedicated to the “too expensive” message, and even more recently, we’ve covered how to transfer enchantments. In today’s guide, we’re going to be dealing with removing enchantments. Applying the enchantment is easy, but what happens when we want a clean start? Let’s see how to remove an enchantment in Minecraft. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can remove an enchantment in Minecraft by using a grindstone.
  • You simply activate the grindstone and place the item you wish to disenchant in the first slot. In the output slot, you will find your item with all enchantments removed. 

How do you get rid of the enchantments in Minecraft?

The best and most straightforward way to remove enchantments is to use grindstone. Grindstone is a block most commonly used to repair weapons and tools. It’s also used to grind away enchantments. The process goes as follows: 

  1. Activate grindstone 
  2. Place the desired weapon/tool in the first slot 
  3. In the third slot (the one on the right) should be your newly disenchanted item.
removing enchantment
Removing an enchantment from a pickaxe by using a grindstone

As you can see, the process is extremely easy and straightforward and requires only grindstone. You can disenchant items by combining two items of the same type as well. Simply place the first enchanted item in the upper slot and the second enchanted item in the lower slot. The output will be one disenchanted item with stats equal to the sum of the stats of previous items (cannot surpass maximum stats). 

While disenchanting items, some experience will drop, and the old item will be confused, or rather, its enchantments will be consumed. In the case of combining two items and removing enchantments, 1 item, and enchantments will be lost. 


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Grindstones are easy to craft and easy to find in the world as well. They are made by combining 2x sticks, 1x stone slab, and 2x planks made out of any type of wood. 

crafting grindstone
Crafting a grindstone

You can also come across them in villages as they naturally generate in them. 

What’s interesting is that a newly disenchanted item does not carry any work penalty. You can treat it as a brand-new item. That rule works for items that have reached their “too expensive” limit as well. Once the items have been modified at a grindstone, all penalties are cleared. 

Can you remove an enchantment without destroying it? 

Unfortunately, no, you cannot remove an enchantment in Minecraft without destroying it. Every time you try to disenchant an item, the enchantment ends up being consumed in the process. You do get some experience for the enchantment that was consumed. Recovering enchantments that were ground away at the grindstone is not possible. 

Can you remove only one enchantment from an item? 

It’s not possible to remove only one enchantment from an item. Every time you attempt to disenchant your items, all enchantments will be removed. It’s not possible to target a specific enchantment for removal. 

Can you remove an enchantment at the grindstone and put it on a book or another tool? 

That is not possible either; transferring enchantments in Minecraft just doesn’t work. You can combine enchantments at an anvil by merging two items of the same type and material together, but isolating a specific enchantment, removing it, and then applying it to another item or a book is not possible.

I know it’s a flawed system, but there are plenty of mods out there that make this possible. There’s always an option of creating god-level items with all useful enchantments, so perhaps you could look into that. 

Can you remove curses at a grindstone in Minecraft?

Grindstone cannot remove curses. Of course, when we say curses, we refer to the Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing. Both of those curses are considered enchantments and, by all logic, should be removed when an item is modified through a grindstone. However, it does not work that way, once a curse is applied to items it’s there for good. 

As you can see removing enchantments in Minecraft through grindstone is extremely easy. Removing specific enchantments from an item is impossible, and that’s what people are usually most interested in. Grindstone is a pretty useful block that allows you to repair and modify your weapon, the penalty will be removed as well albeit at a loss of enchantment. If you decide to clear enchantment through grindstone, it will be lost and cannot be transferred to another item or a book.

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