Here’s How Loki Can Rewrite the Story With His New Ability

how did loki learn to control time slipping

In the second-to-last episode of Season 2 of ‘Loki,’ we find Loki right back where he started at the beginning of the season. After the Temporal Loom was destroyed, raw Time stopped being turned into timelines. The TVA was on the brink of destruction, and it seemed like Loki and Sylvie were the only ones who remembered what happened. Loki was once again slipping through Time uncontrollably, a problem he desperately wanted to solve in episode 1. Now, the conclusion of episode 5 is pretty simple: Loki will try to fix everything, and he appears to know the key to doing it. Let’s see how Loki plans to rewrite the story.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Loki is set to reshape the narrative by employing his skill in Time Slipping, a power he has now mastered.
  • He can seamlessly slide into particular moments in time and persistently revisit them until he achieves the desired result and corrects the timeline.

Loki was always meant to master time slipping

Throughout two seasons of ‘Loki,’ we’ve witnessed numerous characters falling victim to dreadful time-related mishaps. Surprisingly, the God of Mischief is the sole individual consistently emerging unscathed, albeit not without consequences, as Sylvie points out that he’s “Destined to lose” due to his Loki nature.

In the first episode of Season 2, Loki found himself uncontrollably Time Slipping through different timelines, realities, and points in time. This chaotic journey was halted when Loki pruned himself, putting an end to the Time Slipping. However, after what seems to be the complete breakdown of the Temporal Loom, Time Slipping resurfaced, causing confusion in the initial moments of the episode. Loki regained his bearings, locating his former friends at the TVA and experiencing what seems to be their “real life.” Eventually, he encountered OB, who explained, in less scientific terms, how Loki’s Time Slipping could work to his advantage.

Loki unravelling

It appears that Loki is destined to wield some control over time, and his Time Slipping is not a mistake but an ability he can harness for his benefit. It’s a tool to organize time and space, making sense of the chaos.


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Loki had to answer the question, “Who”

OB urged Loki to delve into the “why” if he aimed to master Time Slipping. Loki, to a certain degree, managed to uncover an answer and grasped the reason behind his intense struggle to save the TVA. He no longer wanted to be alone and sensed a genuine purpose for the first time in ages. However, even with this newfound understanding and purpose, time continued its collapse, leading to the spaghettification of everyone and everything in the vicinity.

Echoing Sylvie’s assertion that “we are meant to lose” triggered a revelation for Loki—the pivotal question is not “why” but “who.” The identity of this elusive “who” remains shrouded in mystery, a puzzle yet to be unraveled in the impending final episode. Loki, however, appears to have cracked the code. Perhaps the enigmatic “Who” is He Who Remains, Loki himself, or even Sylvie, as they seem to be constants in their respective narratives. Regardless, Loki has attained one of the most potent abilities in the current MCU landscape—he can effortlessly transport himself across time at his own volition.


Loki will rewrite reality with time slipping

The concluding scenes of Episode 5 find Loki right back where the chaos originated, just moments before the Temporal Loom went haywire. It’s highly probable that Loki will leverage his Time Slipping ability to steer the narrative and shape events until he achieves his desired result.

His initial move will likely involve preventing the Temporal Loom meltdown, but the specific actions are yet to unfold, given the multitude of possibilities that could lead to various outcomes. Loki must consider them all.

In any case, the trajectory of the show aligns with recent rumors we’ve explored, suggesting that Loki will step into the shoes of He Who Remains and seize control of the TVA. This shift would grant timelines true freedom and randomness, breaking free from the pre-determined fate each timeline adheres to in order to avoid pruning.

MCU Loki is becoming more similar to comics Loki

In the comic realm, Loki’s destiny always seemed to be veering towards defeat. His role involved sowing chaos and triggering Ragnarok, leaving him mostly on the losing end.

After meeting his true demise at the hands of the Sentry/Void, Loki orchestrated one final plan. He cunningly persuaded Hela to erase his name from the Book of the Dead, ensuring his rebirth. However, things took an unexpected turn. The reborn Loki emerged as an entirely different persona—one without the burden of his sinister inclinations and dark past.

This fresh iteration of Loki chose to wield his powers for good, reshaping his narrative entirely. With boundless abilities, he crafted a new story, unburdened by his previous evil deeds. In the MCU, Loki charted a divergent course to redemption, transforming from a prime Avengers antagonist into a hero pivotal to the fate of the Multiverse. Regardless of the journey taken, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of Loki’s story.

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