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Terraria bits

In the past, we’ve covered the ins and outs of Terraria gameplay quite extensively. In today’s post, however, we’re going to focus on the technical side of the game. The game was released back in 2011, and by today’s standards, it looks and feels a bit outdated, but that doesn’t stop a substantial number of players from enjoying it. This is in large part due to fan-made content, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to put together this article. A large number of mods require exorbitant amounts of memory, and some older games were unable to handle too much memory above a certain limit. Is Terraria one of them? How many bits is Terraria anyway?  

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Terraria is a 32-bit application, which means that it can correctly utilize only 4gbs of RAM.
  • This can be a problem when it comes to mods since a large number of mods require larger amounts of RAM. This effectively means that the number of mods you can install for Terraria is limited to a smaller number.
  • However, there is a way around that. Installing the latest version of tModLoader offers you the possibility to upgrade your 32-bit version of Terraria to a 64-bit version and allows you to install more mods. 

Is Terraria 64-bit or 32-bit? 

As we’ve mentioned before, Terraria is a 32-bit app. This means that it can effectively utilize only 4 GB of RAM. Everything past that might affect the stability of the game. It’s nothing unusual. 32-bit processing was standard at the time, which means that a lot of older games don’t perform well on modern hardware due to not being able to use more processor cores or more RAM. But there’s another obstacle related to Terraria specifically. 

Terraria has a lot of fan-made content in the form of mods. Mods are here to improve, fix, or overhaul some mechanics that are lacking. Or they are simply cosmetical in nature and offer higher resolution textures and the like. All those mods need RAM to load all the additional scripts and assets, this greatly increases how much RAM Terraria itself uses, and if you go past the point of 4 GB, it will affect the stability, aka the game will crash. In fact, it would seem that Terraria crashes as soon as it reaches 3.3 GB of RAM.

Considering that there are a lot of excellent mods out there, it might not be possible to install them all. Players are often forced to choose, to balance what they really need, and to carefully plan their mod lists. If Terraria were a 64-bit application, this problem wouldn’t exist at all. I’m happy to tell you that there is an option to “upgrade” Terraria so you can install more mods, and it involves tModLoader. 


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How to upgrade tMOdLoader to a 64-bit version? 

Installing a 64-bit version of tModLoader ensures that you will be able to install more mods, and you will enjoy greater stability of the app in turn (in theory, for some, this version of the game might be prone to more crashes). If you want to install the 64-bit version of tModLoader follow these steps:

  1. You need to download tModLoader on your device. You can do that via Steam by following this link.
  2. Once you’ve installed tModLoader locate it in your Steam library, then right-click on tModLoader, go to “manage,” and then “browse local files.”
  3. Download the 64-bit version of tModLoader from here
  4. Extract the file. You should have a single folder named “tModLoader64-bit Windows.”
  5. Copy everything in the folder and paste it into a tModLoader Steam folder that we’ve previously opened. 

You can see the whole process in this video. 

To update the tModLoader shortcut, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the ‘Add a game’ button in the top left corner of Steam
  2. Locate the tModLoader 64-bit .exe file (in the same directory we already had opened)
  3. Double click the tModLoader 64-bit .exe file
  4. Click ‘Add selected programs’ in the Steam window 
  5. Launch the tModLoader from the newly created shortcut. 

And that’s pretty much it. With 64-bit tModLoader you don’t have to worry about running out of RAM, and you can install as many mods as you like. 

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