Minecraft: Here’s How to Crouch and Toggle Sneaking

Heres How to Crouch and Toggle Sneaking in Minecraft

Although getting somewhere fast in Minecraft is usually better, walking slowly can sometimes make a world of difference when it comes to life-or-death situations. This is where crouching and sneaking come into play as a game mechanic that annoys players like me, but we all know we couldn’t live without it. So how do you crouch and sneak in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To crouch in Minecraft Java Edition, you’ll have to press and hold shift constantly. To crouch and sneak in Minecraft PE, you need to double tap the center button where your controls are, and in Bedrock Edition Minecraft that uses joysticks, you’ll need to press the right stick.
  • In both Minecraft PE and Bedrock Edition, sneaking is toggled on automatically. In Java Edition, this is not the case.

What does sneaking do in Minecraft?

Why would you ever sneak in Minecraft if you can sprint until your hunger bar drops low enough, you eat and get it back up, and you can be on your merry way again? Even better, you can travel with a horse or perhaps a boat that is even faster than sprinting all the time. In Minecraft, time is of the essence simply because the game is known to cause the time to move faster.

You hop into the game, and before you know it, you’ve spent 2 hours playing and didn’t get anything you planned on doing done. This fact makes sneaking useless, but it’s the total opposite of the truth so let’s see how sneaking can help you in Minecraft.

Hiding your name in PvP

In a PvP world, your name is constantly displayed on top of you and can be seen through blocks. This can make your strategy of sneaking up on someone or hiding from the bloodthirsty players harder to execute, but when sneaking, the name isn’t displayed until 32 blocks away and isn’t displayed through partnerships. Although you have to move slowly, if the enemy doesn’t know where you are, it’s better to be slower than faster.

The only problem with this is that players can still hear you when sneaking, and then it only becomes a matter of precisely locating you to find you and kill you. Another thing that makes the mechanic almost completely useless in PvP is when proximity chat is turned on. This means that if a player is close to you, they’ll hear you breathe (if you’re not very talkative) and will begin searching for you.


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Even with all the cons sneaking has in PvP, it’s still useful for scouting. If players don’t know you’re there and aren’t trying to find you, hide behind certain blocks and make a peephole sneaking can be a good tool for coming up with a strategy to destroy the other team.

Prevent falling off of blocks

This is likely the first mechanic I was introduced to when I first started playing Minecraft. After dying countless times while trying to build high up, a friend told me that you could hold shift and prevent yourself from falling off the edge of a block. Furthermore, in this case, sneaking allows you to go beyond the edge of the block, allowing you to access sides of blocks that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, which makes placing other blocks a lot easier.

Sneak to prevent fall

Reducing mob detection ranges.

Although you may not have noticed it, sneaking can help you never come into contact with mobs. When sneaking, groups won’t become aware of you until you’re within 80% of the usual detection range. This might make sneaking look like an overpowered mechanic, but it’s worth noting that detection ranges, depending on which mob we’re talking about, can be very high.

You might not even see the hostile mob that detected you and is not pathfinding its way toward you when you come into the detection range. It’s worth noting that sneaking stacks with the invisibility status effect. So, if you’re sneaking while having the invisibility effect, mobs won’t notice you until up to 2 blocks away from you. This only applies if you’re wearing nothing because things like armor make the chance of mobs seeing you a lot higher so next time you’re going caving, perhaps try going bare.


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How fast do you walk when sneaking?

To see just how slowly you’re walking when you toggle on sneaking, let’s first see how fast you go when walking normally and sprinting. If there’s nothing there to slow you down, like honey, for example, or cobweb, and there are no status effects present that will boost how fast you walk, the normal walking speed is 4.31 blocks per second.

This normal walking speed is 30% lower than when sprinting but almost three times faster than when you’re sneaking. When sprinting, you’re looking at a rate of around 5.16 blocks per second, and when sneaking, you’re looking at a speed of 1.31 blocks per second. Luckily, you can make yourself sneak faster.

Can you speed up when sneaking?

If you don’t want to use enchantments when sneaking, you can sneak faster by pressing two movement keys together and walking diagonally. Of course, this isn’t necessarily always effective because you’ll have to get used to sneaking like that, but if you put in some time to get used to it, you’ll be sneaking at a speed of around 1.81 blocks per second.

There is the option of using the enchantment called Swift Sneak as well. It has three levels, and when compared to the normal walking speed, Swift Sneak I gives you 45% of your normal walking speed, Swift Sneak II gives you 60%, and Swift Sneak III gives you 75%. Of course, you can go higher than that and make yourself sneak at 100% of the normal walking speed, but this feature is exclusive to commands.

The best place to use sneaking would likely be an Ancient City located in the Deep Dark biome. In these cities, you have a mini-boss called The Warden that senses player movement and searches for them until they do and try to kill you. The Warden is a mob not worth killing, and sneaking helps you not get detected by Sculk Sensors that help The Warden track you.

Although The Warden and Sculk Sensors can’t detect you while you’re sneaking, The Warden can still sniff you out and find you much slower than usual. This is where the Swift Sneak enchantment can come in handy as well.

How to toggle on Sneak in Minecraft Java Edition

When you press Shift in Minecraft Java to sneak, you’re not actually toggling on the sneak feature, which would indicate that you’re sneaking and don’t have to keep pressing the shift key to keep sneaking. Players must manually do this by holding down the shift and pressing the F10 key. This will pause the game, and when you click anywhere on your screen to start playing again, you’ll be in the sneak mode without having to keep holding shift to sneak.

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