Minecraft: Here Is How To Speed up Time

Here Is How to Speed Up Time in Minecraft

Making farms in Minecraft is incredibly fun but what isn’t fun is having to wait 1 hour or more to get enough of the materials you made the farm for. It would be nice if you could speed up time, and luckily, there are multiple ways to do this. So here is how to speed up time in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To easiest way to speed up time in Minecraft is to enable cheats and use the command /gamerule randomTickSpeed <number>.
  • Enter a numbered value in the number area, and it will increase the speed of the passage of time. It’ll help your farms tremendously.

Set the time to day/night

If you want to skip the whole speed-up time thing and transfer to day or night, you can easily do this with commands. If you’re using commands, that would mean that your cheats need to be on when you first generate your world. So in case you’re playing with no cheats and have just decided you want to be able to set the time to night or day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to.

To open the command/chat window, you’ll need to press the letter T if you’re playing on a computer; Pocket Edition users will have to press the chat box at the top of their screen, PS4, PS5, and Xbox players can press right on their D-pad, and Nintendo Switch players should press the right arrow.

Once you’ve opened the command window, type in ”/time set day” to make it day, while if you’re trying to switch to night time, you should type in ”/time set night”.


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Setting the time to a specific time of day/night

In case you need to set your time to a specific time of day or night, there are ways to do this as well. Note that you’ll still have to have cheats enabled to do it. Type in the ”/time set day” command with the day part left out. Then, type in a number and add ”d” or ”s” to it. The letter ”d” stands for day while the letter ”s” stands for seconds.

Remember that time is different in Minecraft and goes by in ticks. One second equals 20 ticks and one Minecraft day lasts 24000 ticks or 20 minutes.

How to stop time completely

Again, to do this method, you’ll need to have cheats enabled or, if you’re on a server, be a server admin. Type in ”/time set day” and execute the command. Then, open up your command box again, type in ”/gamerule doDaylightCycle false”, and hit enter again. To remove this, type in the same command but at the end, type in true.

Custom day/night cycle using command blocks

To speed up or even slow time, you’ll need to get yourself a command block. This, again, requires the use of cheats. Go into your command box and type in ”/give @a minecraft:command_block” and hit enter. Place the command block wherever you’d like.

Command block

Once you have your command block placed, grab yourself a lever and place it on the command block. Then, freeze time completely by typing the command ”/gamerule doDaylightCycle false”. Now, go to your command block’s interface and type in another command. First, set the left box in the command block to repeat and type in time add (insert any number)t. 1t is one tick in the game, so if you’d like to speed it up, increase the number.

After all, you must pull the lever and go to your chat settings to hide the chat. If you type in add time 20t, this means that one tick will be equal to 1 second, unlike the standard 20 ticks per second. To slow time, do the reverse and add a ”-” to your command.


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Mods for speeding up time

If you don’t consider mods to be cheating, then yes, you can change the speed of time in Minecraft without using cheats, so let’s go over a few of the mods and what they do.

  1. Accurate day/night cycles mod – Unlike other mods that enable you to speed or slow time, this one won’t affect the speed of mobs or your crop growth. In the mod, you can slow time to last equally as long as a regular earth day which is 24 hours. If you’re worried about its safety, it already has over 240k downloads, so you can be sure it’s safe.
  2. Tickrate Changer – All you need to do with this mod is type in /tickrate into your chat/command box and give it a numbered value. This will increase the speed of all things affected by time. What I mean by this is that you’ll move faster, animals will move faster, and pretty much everything will move at your set speed.

How can they be useful?

Depending on the mod or command you choose, there are multiple ways in which speeding up time can be useful. Perhaps you don’t want to be bothered by mobs while building in the Overworld, so you want to freeze time completely. Maybe you want to explore more using the same command before it darkens.

Speeding up time using command blocks will help your farms tremendously, and the same will happen with the 2nd mod I recommended. The cool thing about the 2nd mod is that it’ll also increase how fast you mine, so if you need to mine out a large area fast, you can turn on the mod, set your auto click, and go AFK for a while.

Perhaps you want to experience days in Minecraft just like you do in the real world, or you want to set them so that they correspond with the seasons. For these two, you’ll find the 1st recommended mod useful. The world is your oyster, and you can get creative with a thing as simple as time manipulation.

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