Minecraft: Here Is How To Place a Block on a Mac

Here Is How to Place a Block in Minecraft on a Mac

You can play Minecraft on all platforms, whether a PlayStation, an Xbox, a Nintendo Switch, a PC, or a Mac. It started as a simple PC game but has grown into the giant we know today. It’s no secret that Macs and PCs differ in how you use them greatly, and while it’s clear how to place a block in Minecraft on a PC, the same might not be accurate for Minecraft on a Mac. So how do you do it?

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  • To place a block in Minecraft Java Edition on a Mac, you’ll need to either get a new mouse that isn’t made or sold by Apple or press the Command button and right-click then.
  • The problem is that the Apple-made mouse doesn’t have a right-click button, only two left-click buttons.

Can Minecraft be played on Mac?

Minecraft can easily be played on a Mac, but you can only play Java Edition on it. Mojang released Windows 10 Edition Minecraft a few years back, a weird title for releasing Bedrock Edition Minecraft for PCs. The title might be strange, but it perfectly explains which devices you can play the game on – Windows 10 or 11 PC. You can certainly play on a Mac, but your device would need Windows 10 or 11 installed.

The whole point of buying a Mac is getting something other than a Windows 10 PC, so why would you ever want Windows 10 or 11 installed? You don’t, or if you do, you might be better off getting a regular PC or laptop. Now that you know Minecraft Java Edition can be played on a Mac, how do you manage to do something as simple as placing and breaking a block?

How do you right-click in Minecraft on a Mac?

You have several options for right-clicking on a Mac, but it all depends on what type of mouse you own or are prepared to buy. If you’re using a mouse explicitly made by Apple, as of circa 2017/2018, you can purchase a mouse that allows you to set up a right click. How do you do it?

It would be best to go to System Preferences, choose your mouse, and select secondary-click. This is just a fancy way of saying right-click. Now, your mouse should be able to perform both a left and a right click. How do you approach it if you don’t own the type of mouse that can perform a right click?

As I mentioned before, every time you want to right-click and place a block, you could press the command button on your keyboard’s lower left and perform a regular left-click. This will allow you to place blocks using a left click. Playing Minecraft on a PC is supposed to be an experience that will enable you to show off your mechanical prowess, so would this prohibit you from doing so?


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It might or might not. It all depends on how well you adapt to certain situations, but you would be slower placing blocks. Take, for example, speed bridging. You wouldn’t be able to perform it as well simply because you have to press three buttons instead of the regular two to do it (for those who don’t know, speed bridging is performed by fast-clicking on the crouch button just in time).

Why does right-clicking not work on Mac?

Right-clicking on a Mac has never been a thing. Apple was supposed to make its product appear more straightforward and more user-friendly. Even though it’s just a matter of habit, Apple mice are made to be best compatible with Macs, so you’re paying an extra 100 USD for a mouse that can’t even right-click.

mac mouses minecraft

Luckily, you can buy a regular mouse with a right click, hook it up to your Mac, and it should work just like any other mouse. In the past, finding a mouse compatible with a Mac was challenging, but nowadays, just about any mouse should do the trick. Just to be sure, if you’re planning on buying one to play Minecraft, make sure you ask in the store if they are compatible.

We don’t use right click often when we’re working and being productive, but we do when we’re playing games. Macs were never made to be gaming devices (even though they have impressive specs to back them up), so a simple Command + left click would suffice. Owning an Apple Mac is sort of a status symbol and the definition of ‘I have a great work ethic, and I’m successful.’ That’s what years of good branding and marketing did to us to make us think this way naturally.


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Is it possible to play Minecraft without a mouse?

When you’re in a hurry and really want to play Minecraft but don’t have a mouse, sometimes the trackpad will suffice, but it is in no way, shape, or form a suitable replacement for the experience you get using a mouse. You’ll have difficulty aiming and placing blocks, and you just won’t be as agile. It will be like playing Minecraft with a broken mouse that sometimes works, and others don’t.

Still, if you’re keen on playing, you can play using a trackpad, but can the same be said about playing Minecraft on a Mac? The experience would be pretty much the same. The only difference would be that you’d have to tap with two fingers to right-click and tap with one finger to perform a left-click.

Most laptop trackpads have two buttons that act as a left and right click when a mouse just isn’t available to you; both built-in and wireless trackpads don’t have that but seeing as playing Minecraft on a Windows 10 laptop is clunky as well, there is no real reason to say that it’s worse on a Mac.

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