Minecraft: Here’s How To Make a Void World (All Platforms)

How to Make a Void World in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players are constantly looking for ways to challenge themselves and beat the game (or accomplish certain goals they set) in new ways that differ from the base game. One example of this embedded into vanilla Minecraft would be playing out a hardcore world where your whole world gets deleted if you die. You can also create custom worlds where the floor is lava or the entire world is flat. Another one would be to play out the game in the void, so how do you make a void world in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You don’t need anything other than a copy of Minecraft to create a void world. You will have to create a new world, go into More World Options, and click on World Type.
  • Set the World Type to Superflat and enter the newly appeared Customize option.
  • Then, click on Presets and choose the last option that says Void. Create the world, and you’ll spawn on a small platform surrounded by nothingness and the void.

The void is the nothingness of Minecraft

In vanilla Minecraft and without the possibility of using in-game bugs to break blocks like bedrock, the void can only ever be found and seen in the End. The End is the third and last dimension in Minecraft and consists of floating End islands surrounded by the void. In the Nether, you risk dying from lava, whereas, in the End, you risk falling out of the world.

The void is nothingness, nothing can exit the void, and nothing can come into the void. Falling into the void breaks the world border hence the message ‘Player fell out of the world’ when you start taking void damage. There’s no escaping it once you enter (unless you’re in creative mode). When you die in the void, you can reach new Y levels.

When I died in my void world, my debug screen showed that I ended up on Y level -348 and started taking void damage at around Y level -170. I started my world on Y level -60, which means there is room to build and not die when you’re in the void. Remember that in your regular Minecraft world, bedrock starts spawning at Y level -60, and anything past that point is the Void. So, even in a normal Minecraft world, you could play out a void world if you had enough willpower not to go up back into the Overworld.

Are there any other types of custom worlds in Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to create multiple custom worlds even without the use of third-party tools and websites. Of course, it isn’t without its limits, so if you don’t like what you’re offered in the following few paragraphs, I’ll show you how you can create other custom worlds that are almost limitless in how they can be generated.

Let’s start with the More World Options screen. In it, the World Type is set to Default, but you have other options. In the guide, I encouraged you to set the world type to superflat, but there are other world types in there as well. You can set it to have large biomes and have the world amplified, but this requires a beefy computer and to have the whole world be a single biome.

You can customize only superflat and single-biome worlds. In the customization menu of a single biome world, you can choose the biome you’ll spawn the world with, and in superflat, you have several other options when picking presets. The presets available are Classic Flat, Water World, Tunneler’s Dream, Overworld, Snowy Kingdom, Bottomless Pit, Redstone Ready, and The Void.

You can actually make your own presets using the box above. Writing out a preset is easy, but it might take some time to get used to. You can see how the world will generate when you click on each of these presets. Let’s take, for example, the Bottomless Pit preset:

botomless pit

The preset text box says the following: 2*minecraft:cobblestone,3*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass_block;minecraft:plains. So, you’ll get two layers of cobblestone, three layers of dirt, and a layer of grass blocks all in the Plains biome. This preset is called Bottomless Pit because the two cobblestone layers are the only thing separating you from the void. Usually, in Superflat, the unbreakable bedrock separates you from the void.

If you decide to play out one of the other worlds, I suggest you still leave on the Generate Structures option because, in the example of playing out a Water World, the only thing that can help you get wood is a shipwreck that’s made out of wooden planks. Without them, you’d wander aimlessly in the water, unable to do much of anything except eat when you find a food source.

How to make a void world in Minecraft Bedrock

As many of us know, Minecraft is not the same game if you compare the Java Edition with the Bedrock Edition. Of course, not every little thing is different, but when it comes to creating a void world, sadly, in Bedrock Edition, there is no easy way to create a void world like Minecraft Java Edition. Luckily, there are numerous ways to create a void world, even in Bedrock, so follow these steps to create one. This will work on all Minecraft Bedrock versions, including the console and Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  1. Create a new world in Minecraft and make sure you set it to flat and that you can have commands enabled. It’s also important to set the simulation distance to 12.
  2. Enter the world, and first, make sure that your command block output is set to false. You’ll do this by typing in the command /gamerule commandblockoutput false. This will prevent the command block spam in chat when you eventually turn on the command block.
  3. Then, give yourself a command block and place it down on the ground.
  4. Enter the command block and type in the following command: execute at @a run fill ~-80 -64 ~-80 -64 ~80 air 0 replace bedrock And set it to repeating and always active.
  5. Then exit the command block and clone it by typing in the command /clone ~~-1~ ~~-1~ ~~~.
  6. Then enter the cloned command block and set it to chain, conditional, and don’t remove the command entered completely. Do you want to change it to execute at @a run fill ~-80 -63 ~-80 -63 ~80 air 0 replace dirt.
  7. Then, clone the command block again and enter its interface. Type in the command execute at @a run fill ~-80 -62 ~-80 -62 ~80 air 0 replace dirt.
  8. Clone the command block once again and enter its interface. Type in the command execute at @a run fill ~-80 -61 ~-80 -61 ~80 air 0 replace grass. Set the command condition to unconditional and change it on every single cloned block except for the first one you placed. Your world should start disappearing and turning into the void.

There are downsides to this method, though. If you want to play skyblock or bedwards in the void, you will benefit from having different biomes, but since the world was once super flat, there will be no biomes for you to explore.

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