Minecraft: Here’s How To Make Blue Fire

How to make soulfire

Fire is an essential resource to have in Minecraft. It allows you to cook and eat nutritious food, provides light, and helps with spawn-proofing. Regular fire might start to feel and look boring after a while, so why not try and make a blue fire to decorate your home and make your world look cooler and a little more magical overall? So, how do you make a blue fire in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To make blue or soul fire in Minecraft, you’ll need to obtain soul sand or soul soil in the Nether biome soul sand valleys.
  • Transfer the block to the Overworld and flint and steel it.
  • The fire will emit a turquoise color, can’t spread, and does not burn flammable blocks nearby.

Natural generation

Soul fire naturally generates in patches across the Nether biome, Soul sand valleys, and Ancient cities. In Ancient Cities, you’re going to find it in the form of torches and lanterns. It suits the aesthetic and turquoise and black color scheme of Ancient cities. In the Nether, there is no other place where soul fire can naturally generate.

Soul fire vs. fire

Soul fire never goes out like regular fire, so you can incorporate it into your awesome builds. It won’t burn wood and does much more damage than regular fire. Another great use of soul fire is that it will scare piglings seven blocks away, so if you don’t have any gold armor, it might be good to opt for it.

If you’re building a base out of ice and other frozen materials, it might be good to opt for a soul-fire item since it won’t melt ice or snow. This applies to all items that you can craft out of soul fire.


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Soul sand and soil

As previously mentioned, these two blocks only generate in the Nether and ancient cities. You are better off finding them in the Nether if you want to avoid death by accidentally spawning the Warden. Soul sand doesn’t count as a full block and will slow you down when you try to walk on it.

You’ll find soul sand below Y level 34 in nether wastes. You might also find it in Nether fortresses and bastion remnants. You can use any tool to mine it, but it’ll be fastest if you use a shovel. You can try bartering with piglings if you want to test your luck. They’ll usually drop 2-8 soul sand.

The only real difference between soul sand and soil is that soul soil does not slow a player down. It’s also important to note that while soul sand is still sand, it’s a block that doesn’t abide by the laws of physics like regular sand.

Soul sand Valley

Other Uses

Building a wither

If you ever wanted to fight one of the scariest mobs out there, you can use soul sand to build the Wither and defeat it. To spawn a wither, you’ll need four soul sand or soil blocks, and 3 wither skeleton heads. Wither skeletons drop their heads when killed, but there’s only a 2.5% chance of that happening. When you collect them, build a T-shape and place the three heads on each top soul sand or black soil. Then, prepare to run away fast.

Bubble column

Soul sand allows you to create an elevator that’ll lift you. All you need to do is place water on top of a soul sand block, creating the bubble columns needed to lift you. Kelp can also be used to do this if you don’t want to go to the Nether.

Basalt generation

Instead of sand, you can use soul soil to create a simple basalt generator. All you need to do is place lava on top of soul soil and place a blue ice block directly next to it, and it’ll create basalt. That way, you can have a fully Nether home.

Items you can craft


Soul campfires are not much different than regular campfires. All they do is repel piglins, and they don’t melt ice. The only benefit is that they look way cooler. To craft one, you’ll need to place three pieces of wood in the bottom row of the crafting table, two sticks on the sides with the soul sand or soil in the center, and another at the top of the soul sand/soil.


Soul torches can only be made in the crafting table, unlike regular torches that you can also make in your inventory. They emit less light than regular torches, so they might not be as useful in spawn-proofing. Place a stick and coal with the soul sand or soil on the bottom to make it.


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To make a lantern, take your soul torch and put it in the center of the crafting table, then grab eight iron ingots and place them around the torch and you’ve got a neat-looking lantern as with torches, lanterns made with soul fire emit less light than a regular lantern.

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