How to Spawn the Warden in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How To Spawn the Warden in Minecraft? Easy Guide

The Warden was introduced in the 1.19 update, bringing in a tough but interesting mob battle that will test your skills in Minecraft. But finding let alone defeating the Warden is quite difficult, so how do you spawn the Warden in Minecraft?

Spawning the Warden in Minecraft requires you to activate four sculk shriekers in the Deep Dark biome. It’s best to go to the Ancient City and to have a Potion of Night Vision.

The Warden is a tough fight, but our easy guide will show you exactly how to spawn it, how to deal with the Warden, and also some bow enchantment strategies to avoid the heavy hitting mob. So let’s get into it and learn all about the Warden.

Finding the Warden in Minecraft

You can find the Warden in the Deep Dark biome. Available from Minecraft 1.19 update and above, you’ll need to go below the overworld. Keep in mind that it will only spawn at a height level with a Y value at least below minus 15.

To raise your chances, find the Ancient City and go there. Not only is it the main structure in the biome, but even if you fail at getting the Warden up, there is great loot within it.

Keep in mind that if you have cheats enabled and are struggling to find the correct biome, then you can instead enter the following Minecraft command via the chat section to show the available Deep Dark biomes:

/locate biome minecraft:deep_dark

Spawning the Warden in Minecraft

Unlike many other hostile mobs that you’ll come across in Minecraft, the Warden is not as easy to find as it does not spawn automatically or naturally in its home biome, in this case the Deep Dark biome.

However, in order to trigger the spawning of the Warden, you’ll need to find a specific block called the sculk shrieker. This is a small block that you’ll find on the ground, with a blue part on the bottom and four cream prongs pointing upwards.

How To Spawn the Warden in Minecraft? Easy Guide

The sculk shrieker block will detect your movement, so by making noise or vibrations you will trigger it. By setting it off four times, the Warden will get summoned by the block. The same player can either activate the block four times, or four different blocks.

It’s advised to get your hands on a Potion of Night Vision, as the block will trigger the darkness effect, and as the Deep Dark biome, unsurprisingly, is already very hard to see in, the sculk shrieker is going to make it even harder to navigate.

The sculk shrieker has some limitations, so in order to guarantee a spawn, you’ll need to keep these in mind. Firstly, the sculk shrieker only detects things within 16 blocks, and it has a 10-second cooldown.

You’ll know you’ve triggered it by the darkness effect, but it also lets out a shriek. Make sure you stay within the 16 block range when triggering it to allow the Warden to spawn.

The spawn will take about five seconds, and the Warden will appear out of a nearby solid block, bee lining for the player who activated it. If there is already a Warden within 32 blocks, then another will not spawn.

If you attack the Warden, you will also aggro it and it will attack you as well.

How to Defeat the Warden in Minecraft

The Warden is a very powerful enemy mob and the first blind mob of Minecraft. In order to get you, it relies on non-visual cues such as vibrations, smell, and audio. On top of this, the Warden has very high health as well as dealing amongst the highest melee damage.

The Warden is so powerful that you want to keep right out of range of the melee attack, as this is likely to smite you in less than a few blows even with the best armor and defense. 

However, even if you stay far away, it has a penetrating attack in the form of a shockwave shriek that will go through any block. This attack will even evade blocks by the player. 

The strength of its melee attack means that a bow attack strategy is best, so make sure you stack up the best bow enchantments such as Punch, Power, Flame, Unbreaking or Infinity.

Once dead, the Warden will drop a sculk catalyst which is useful for experience farming, as any mob that dies within an 8-block range will drop experience orbs.

Unfortunately, the Warden is highly maneuverable owing to its small hitboxes, so even a corridor one block wide and three blocks tall is going to be an issue.

Wardens are also immune to several damage types, such as fire and lava, and will not get affected by knockback.

Vibrations will draw the Warden near you, with more intensive vibrations getting the Warden more agitated, and as it draws closer, the Warden will use smell to get a precise lock on your location.

A player who is sneaking will not give out vibrations, and thus cannot be detected very easily, even if walking, falling, or shooting something. On top of this, the Warden has a two-second cooldown on vibration detection.


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Finally, the Warden has a cumulative aggro mechanism, which means it is more suspicious of some enemies over others. If you shoot projectiles at the Warden, this makes its anger go up quicker, and the shorter time between the projectiles makes this go up even faster.

If you’re over 30 blocks away this won’t cause the anger to be directed at you, and so you can ping some shots at the Warden while you wait for its anger to subside.

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