Minecraft PE: Here’s How To Spawn Animals

How to Spawn Animals minecraft pe

Animals in Minecraft are likely the most valuable resource you can obtain. The reasons are plentiful, but having a reliable food source and acquiring things like wool and leather are just some that are worth mentioning. You’ll want as many animals to spawn throughout the game, so how do you spawn animals in Minecraft PE?

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  • You have several options when it comes to spawning animals in Minecraft PE. The easiest way is to use the /summon command and add the mob you want to spawn.
  • Another way you can do it is by breeding animals to spawn baby animals that will eventually grow up.

Reasons why animals might not spawn

I’ll get into more detail about why animals might not spawn, but the three things to remember are: Animals can naturally spawn with light levels seven or above. Of course, the rule has some exceptions, but I will not bore you with the details; remember that. This does not consider the player ‘forcefully’ spawning animals through commands or by breeding animals.

The next general rule to remember is that all mobs, including animals, need sufficient space to actually spawn. If you want to spawn an animal in a certain area, you must ensure that all conditions to spawn the animal there are met.

The third and last thing to remember is that mob caps are set in place for each mob category, including animal mobs. Let’s check out the mob cap for all animals in Minecraft.

The mob cap and why more animals won’t spawn

There are three mob caps that you have to take into account in Bedrock Edition Minecraft to understand it. They are the global mob cap, the population control cap for general mob types (sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens), and caps for specific mobs.

The global mob cap is always set to 200 but does not consider the spawning of mobs through breeding, the summon command, monster spawners, and spawn eggs. Other types of mob spawning also don’t count toward the global mob cap.

So, with that in mind, we don’t need to discuss the mob caps any further since they won’t affect your spawn rates in Bedrock Edition, which is what Pocket Edition Minecraft is.

Common animals

The most common animals you’ll want to spawn at some point are pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens. They naturally spawn in groups of 4, but what’s important to remember is that these animals don’t naturally spawn everywhere, so you can forget about them spawning in deserts, beaches, snowy plains, oceans, rivers, mushroom fields, or badlands biomes.

This info might be hard to remember, but think about it as you would in real life, would a pig be able to survive in a region with no food and harsh living conditions?

Common Animals Minecraft

Biome specific animals

There’s a total of 24 biome-specific animals. It would take too long trying to name them all, so I’ll name the two that might not seem like they belong to the animal mob group, which are hoglins and striders. These animals are specific to the Nether.

All the ways to spawn animals in Minecraft Pocket Edition

‘Cheating’ your way through spawning animals

It’s been a point of debate whether or not using commands is cheating in Minecraft since it is programmed into the game, and you still have to learn how to use them to make them useful. Even if we assume that using commands to spawn animals isn’t cheating, playing the game this way can easily make it boring since absolutely every resource is available through commands, and you don’t have to work for it.

Now that I touched upon this, to use the summon command, you can use the summon command to spawn any animal, regardless of biomes. All you need to do is press the chat icon at your screen’s top and type in. /summon pig (example). To make it work, you must enable cheats in your world.

Breeding for spawning

If you didn’t know, you could breed animals in Minecraft PE. To breed them, you need to get two animals of the same kind and feed them their favorite food. In the case of pigs, you can feed them carrots, potatoes, and beetroot. In the case of cows, you can feed them wheat. Chickens can be fed using seeds, while sheep can also be fed wheat.

Spawn eggs

To spawn animals through spawn eggs, you’ll either have to be in creative mode or use cheats. You can use the spawn eggs in creative and then switch to survival if you’re using cheats. You only need to open the creative inventory by pressing the three dots on the hot bar to use the spawn eggs. Then, you’ll want to search for an animal spawn egg (pig spawn egg, i.e.), place it in your inventory, and spam use.

Then, to switch from creative to survival mode, you’ll want to open your chat box located on the top of your screen and type in /gamemode survival and to switch back to creative, type in /gamemode creative.

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