Here’s Why Some People Hate Minecraft

Minecraft Hate

You would think that because Minecraft is such a popular game and one of the greatest games ever to exist, proven by the fact that it sold over 238 million copies and is one of the best-selling games ever, no one could ever hate it. And what’s to hate, really? You can do whatever you want and let your creative side show, but for some, this might not be enough, so why do some people hate Minecraft?

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  • The main reason why some people hate Minecraft is that there’s no point to the game, or at least, it’s easy enough to make it to the end of the game.
  • The game is not like your typical video game where you go into campaign mode, play through the story, and kill the final boss, although it is it’s very easy to do so.

The visuals

Minecraft is an indie game which means that the development team was small, and there weren’t enough resources that would go into making the game your typical game with hyperrealistic graphics, cool battles, and weapons. What frustrates people is that they feel like not enough time and money was put into developing these games, so why would they waste money on it?

When it was first released, Minecraft cost $13, but as time passed, the price grew, and you could purchase the game for $26.95. You’ll pay this price today if you want to play it. It’s still a lot cheaper than other popular games but look at it this way, League of Legends is free to play and still has decent graphics, lore, and a unique aspect to it. Minecraft is certainly unique, but on the visual side, it doesn’t impress people, so why waste any money on it?

Is it new player-friendly?

Another issue with Minecraft is that if you were to begin playing without knowing anything about it, you would have difficulty making it through your first day. Where are the enemies, where do you go, where’s the story? Are you going to be without items forever? Why can’t you mine anything except grass?

It’s just not welcoming to new players, and people don’t want to have to google how to play a game. It should be intuitive, or at least it should have a decent tutorial on how to start. You get a tutorial at the beginning of the game, but it’s six steps long and very ”I’m telling you what to do, but not really, so figure it out on your own” way.


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No point to the game (kind of)

Yeah, the game’s end goal is to defeat the Ender dragon, but seasoned Minecraft players can do that in literally 9 minutes. All you have to do is enter the Nether, get some Blaze Rods and Ender Pearls, make the Eyes of Ender, find the Stronghold using them, make the portal, and kill the Ender dragon. That’s it. What do you do then?

Furthermore, there are no NPCs that you can interact with, there’s no story, no concrete lore, and you have to make everything your own. That’s a lot of work for something that’s just a game. People don’t have the capacity to try and come up with something on their own. They do that in real life, and all they want to do is relax and not have to think too hard about what they will do when they decide to play.

The creative aspect

As I said, you have to think to play the game, and not everyone wants to create great bases, statues, and sculptures. If you’re not planning to become a YouTuber or Twitch streamer who shares their creations there, why even bother making something awesome? You have no one to share it with, and it’s not like it will help you win the game or gain something from it.

You do everything in Minecraft for yourself, so you have to recruit friends who will appreciate your hard work. Minecraft is hard work; people put hours, days, and sometimes even months into making the awesome builds you see online. Unless it’s your full-time job to play Minecraft, you likely don’t have the time to make whatever you have an idea to make.

The Community

The community is another problem. It is friendly and supportive, but the gap between pros and noobs is huge. How can you compete with a person who created the whole universe in Minecraft? How do you even go about making such a grand thing? How much time would it take?

It’s safe to say that it would take a lot. For argument’s sake, let’s take a look at the video made by ChrisDaCow, where he recreated the whole universe. You can see he’s using some third-party program, most likely mods, weird editors, and much more. How would one know all the things you need to make creating this type of large-scale project easier?

Even worse, this is just one player type, and there are a dozen others, from PvP players to Redstoners.

entire Universe

Player types


I never fully understood Redstoners, and I don’t think I ever will. All I can do is copy someone else’s build, but creating my own is something I’ll never achieve because I’m not an engineer or computer programmer. It’s all so confusing, and I can’t grasp it.


There’s a lot of skill involved in becoming an amazing PvP-er, and perhaps, it’s the only sphere of Minecraft that gets it closer to the experience of other popular games, but again, there are no guns and no cool graphics. Why do PvP in a game with poor graphics when you can do it with awesome ones like Call of Duty?


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Is the game too easy?

No, the game is extremely difficult if you want your creations to be amazing. You need real-life knowledge to become, let’s say, a Redstoner. There’s lots of programming involved, and if you can’t make your way through a Minecraft world right away, there’s no choice but to google it and watch dozens of videos on how to play it.

Many people just don’t have that type of aspiration, and that’s okay, but in Minecraft, if you don’t, you’re doomed. There’s nothing for you to do except win the game and leave it at that. To conclude, Minecraft is an amazing game that’s simply not for everyone. If you’re a creative and tech wizard, you might enjoy it more than the average person, if not, there’s an abundance of games waiting for you to conquer them.

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