Minecraft: The Simple Guide To Make a Death Counter

minecraft death counter feature

It would be pretty hard, if not impossible, to find any Minecraft player who hasn’t had a character die in one of their runs. Countless players are now looking for a way to keep tabs on their deaths, wondering how to make a Death Counter in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft players can make a Death Counter by being the OP of a Minecraft world with Cheats ON and using commands.
  • The command differs slightly between Java and Bedrock, but it will enable a tracked list of all player deaths in the world. Alternatively, players can use a frequently updated mod or add-on that features a Death Count function.

Death Counter

Having your Minecraft character get wiped out by sudden forces is just part of the fun when it comes to Minecraft’s biomes and adventures, and just about every Minecraft player will be met with the death screen at some point – seen below, thanks to the Minecraft Wiki. There are so many threats lurking throughout the game’s vast overworld, and many Minecraft players have become curious to keep track of their deaths as a result.

minecraft death

While having your character punted off a cliff by a zombie or drowned due to a weird potion is just part of the fun, these oddities would add up to a staggering death count. In addition, many Minecraft players enjoy trying to count their deaths when playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode.

Hundreds or even thousands of Minecraft servers feature countless Minecraft players hopping in and out to enjoy the different game modes available, and many of these servers track certain player stats and game progress as well. One of these stats is the number of deaths – with quite a few fans even creating their own Minecraft PvP Arenas using the death count as the system.


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How to make a Death Counter?

There are actually a couple of approaches you could take for setting up a Death Counter in Minecraft. It all comes down to what sort of experience you’d like, as well as what you’re comfortable with in terms of making changes to the game.

Death Counter mods & add-ons

For most Minecraft fans, especially those who prefer to go for the most simple and convenient approach possible, add-ons and mods are the most popular way to get a Death Counter in Minecraft. There are a wide variety of Minecraft mods and add-ons that either focus on or include a Death Counter feature.

But, other than the functionality and reputability of the mod, the most important factor is that you choose a mod or add-on that is not too old and gets updated frequently, as the function would need to work as Minecraft gets updated as well. Additionally, the mod or add-on will need to work for the Minecraft edition that you’re playing.

You may need to choose a different Death Counter mod or add-on for the Bedrock edition or for the Java edition. Minecraft players could also make use of scripts to get a Death Counter in the game.

Vanilla Minecraft commands

Although Minecraft does not automatically come with a vast range of custom settings and additions, the beauty of this game is that players can do almost anything they set their minds to – with the right commands. Minecraft supports commands that can do some insane things in-game, from giving the player weapons and armor to spawning specific mobs – or even changing the player’s stats and location!

Death counts can be added to the game through commands as well, and players will need to make some tweaks in order to create a system that starts tracking character deaths. However, you will need to be an OP and will need to have cheats allowed in your world for the commands to work.

Typically, Minecraft players would get the option to allow cheats or not when creating their Minecraft world in the beginning, specifically through the ON or OFF option under New World Generation. But, if you haven’t gotten cheats to be enabled in your Minecraft world yet, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the Game Menu.
  2. Navigate to “Open to LAN”.
  3. You should find a tab that reads “Allow Cheats”.
  4. You will need to change this setting to “ON”.
  5. Then, click on “Start LAN World”.
minecraft cheats

Follow the steps below to make a Death Counter in Minecraft manually, with pictorials thanks to Mining Cubes.

  1. First off, players will launch Minecraft.
  2. Enter the preferred Minecraft world.
  3. Open the chat field by pressing either T, Enter, or the “/” button.
  4. Type in the following command to create the new objective (Death_Counter), and press Enter.
    /scoreboard objectives add Death_Counter deathCount (Minecraft Java Edition)
    /scoreboard objectives add deathCount Death_Counter
    (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
  5. The game will say “Created new objective [Death_Counter]”.
  6. Once you have hit Enter, type in the following command and press Enter once again.
    /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Death_Counter
  7. The Death Counter for all of the players in the Minecraft world will then be permanently added and fixed to the right-hand side of the player’s screen.
  8. If you want to enable the Death Counter function to be accessed whenever the player presses Tab instead, type in the following command and press Enter.
    /scoreboard objectives setdisplay list Death_Counter
minecraft death counter

Minecraft is really lenient when it comes to the adaptations players can make in their own run. In fact, players can even type in “/scoreboard players set <player> Deaths <number>” if they want to set a character’s death count to a specific amount.

For a detailed guide on how to go through the process, check out the video below posted by The Clockwork Mage:

Once you are done using the Death Counter in Minecraft, you will be able to revert the game back to its previous state. This can be done by simply typing in the following command:

“/scoreboard objectives remove Death_Counter”

The Minecraft developers surely knew that players and fans’ characters would suffer an endless stream of deaths throughout their gameplay experience – from untimely falls to random creeper blasts. Luckily, you can still track your character’s deaths in the game using these handy methods.


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