Here’s Why You Can’t Watch ‘Scream 4’ on Paramount+

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Scream is one of history’s best, most popular, and most beloved slasher horror movie franchises. It has a unique, dark-humor approach, where the movie mocks slasher movie tropes and cliches while applying them to the movie itself. The entire franchise is available for streaming on Paramount+ – except Scream 4. So, why can’t you want Scream 4 on Paramount+?

While there’s no concrete answer, Scream 4 likely isn’t on Paramount+ because other platforms have streaming rights. However, seeing that all other Scream movies are available on Paramount+ – including the newest Scream 6 – it’s likely a matter of time before Scream 4 is also available.

In fact, most sources online will tell you that Scream 4 is already available on Paramount+, but it actually isn’t. Perhaps the movie will arrive shortly or is already available in certain areas and locations. To remove all doubt and confusion, we’ll go over the entire franchise and let you know where you can watch each and every Scream movie that has come out so far.

Why can’t I find Scream 4 on Paramount+?

If you browse online a bit, most sources will tell you that you can watch the entire Scream franchise on Paramount Plus. How awesome would that be, right? The perfect weekend binge to chill on and enjoy a rainy couple of days. Well, if you listen to those sources, your viewership experience could be ruined.

You see, all Scream movies are, indeed, on Paramount Plus – except for Scream 4, which premiered in 2011. So, why is Scream 4 NOT on Paramount+ when so many sources claim otherwise?

Well, perhaps everyone thought that since all other Scream movies were on the platform, Scream 4 would also be there. In reality, you won’t be able to find it.

While there’s no definitive answer why only that particular movie in the franchise isn’t available on Paramount+, one can conclude. Scream 4 was available on Netflix until February this year, after which it was removed, and is now available on Hulu, Starz, and, in some locations, Disney+.


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That would indicate that Scream 4 likely isn’t on Paramount+ due to other platforms already having streaming rights for the franchise’s fourth installment. Perhaps the movie will arrive on Paramount Plus eventually, just like all other Scream movies – including the 2023 flick, Scream 6.

Seeing how many sources claim that Scream 4 is, in fact, on Paramount Plus, perhaps the issue is in specific area availability. You see, it’s not that rare for a movie to be available on a certain platform in, for instance, Canada but not available in the US, and vice-versa. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Paramount Plus makes Scream 4 available anywhere.

The final possibility I could think of is that maybe, the demand for Scream 4 wasn’t that high, so they just decided not to bring it in. After all, in my humble opinion, it is one of the weakest links in the franchise. It’s a far stretch, but it’s certainly possible.

Where can I watch Scream 4 online?

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Now that you know you likely won’t be able to find Scream 4 on Paramount+, you might be wondering – where can you watch Scream 4 online?

Well, as I’ve mentioned, Scream 4 is currently available to stream for free on Tubi and with a subscription to Hulu/Starz. You can also rent or buy Scream 4 on Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

Can I watch Scream 6 online?

Scream 6 – the latest installment in the fan-favorite franchise – premiered in theaters worldwide on March 10, 2023. That means you likely won’t find it on the program at your local theater anymore. That can be a problem for those who missed it – so is there a way to watch Scream 6 online?

Luckily for everyone, Scream 6 is already available online! As with all other movies in the franchise – except for Scream 4 – Scream 6 is available for streaming on Paramount Plus. The platform added Scream 6 into its repertoire on April 25, 2023.

If you don’t have a Paramount Plus subscription, you can buy/rent the film on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

Where to watch every Scream movie

The entire Scream franchise is available for streaming on Paramount Plus – except for Scream 4, which is available on Hulu/Starz and Tubi.

If you don’t have access to any streaming platform, you can rent out the entire Scream franchise on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video. Most Scream movies are also available for free on Tubi if you have access to them.

Happy slashing, everyone!

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