How Did Makima Survive the Gunshot in Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

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One of the things that we know in Chainsaw Man is the fact that the main goal of the characters is to find and kill the Gun Devil because, at this point, it is the most dangerous devil in the anime storyline. The one leading the Public Safety devil hunters is Makima, who gave Denji the task of killing the Gun Devil. Of course, for some reason, we did see Makima and a few other devil hunters getting shot while on a train during the events of episode 8. Is Makima dead, and how did she survive the gunshot?

Makima is still, indeed, very much alive. She was able to survive the gunshot, thanks to her abilities as a devil. Makima is actually the Control Devil, as she once made a contract with the prime minister in exchange for transferring any fatal damage she receives to a random Japanese citizen.

The fact that Makima is actually one of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man is the reason why she was able to survive what should have been a fatal gunshot to the head. Still, this ability is yet to be revealed in the anime, although the manga already explains her powers in great detail. Now, with that said, let’s look at the reason why Makima was able to survive that gunshot.

Is Makima Dead In Chainsaw Man?

During the early parts of Chainsaw Man, one of the things that we got to see was the fact that Makima is one of the main characters of the anime and was the one who recruited Denji into Public Safety to work as one of her devil hunters. Of course, for some reason, everyone seems to be quite obedient to Makima, as she was able to quickly gain control over the members of Public Safety.

We hardly saw Makima on the field as a character that actually killed devils together with the other devil hunters. That’s because she’s one of the high-ranking officials of Public Safety. As such, after a night of partying and drinking with the rest of the devil hunters back in episode 7, Makima had to leave Tokyo to go to Kyoto during episode 8. The meeting involved discussing certain matters with the bigwigs of Kyoto.


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While on the train, Makima and a few other devil hunters found themselves getting assassinated by unknown assailants that had guns. They all got shot in areas that were supposedly fatal, as this was a planned and coordinated attack, as seen from the fact that one of the assailants said that the operation was about to commence. This means that it was a big operation that involved killing not only Makima but also the other devil hunters working for Public Safety.

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Now, the fact that these assailants had guns is very important because only police officers and Public Safety devil hunters were allowed to carry guns due to the fact that they wanted to weaken the Gun Devil by minimizing the use of guns. As such, no one was prepared for the attack by these armed assailants that used guns to kill the devil hunters.

Of course, as one of the main characters of the series and as an important figure in the future of Chainsaw Man, Makima did indeed survive getting shot while she was on that train. Even though she was shot in the head, she still survived that assassination attempt. In the manga, she ended up killing some of the assailants using a skill that allowed her to sacrifice the lives of condemned criminals in exchange for the deaths of the people that tried to kill her.

Makima is also one of the most important characters in the entire storyline, as she still has a lot of things left to do in Chainsaw Man. In fact, it is too early for her to die in the story, and that means that she is never going to die in that attack by the assailants on the train.

How Did Makima Survive The Gunshot?

While anyone would have died in that attack by the assailants, as Makima was actually shot in the head, the thing is that she was able to survive that attack and wasn’t even actually wounded after getting shot. And that’s because of the fact that Makima isn’t even human but is actually a devil that takes the form of a human.

Makima is actually called the Control Devil, which represents the fear of control. She has always been in human form and has the ability to control other people. This explains why she was easily able to control a lot of different characters in the storyline without having to do anything at all, as most of the devil hunters working under her in Public Safety tend to do whatever she wants without question, including Denji, who is seemingly a thrall to her power.

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Of course, devils aren’t exactly immortal, and that means that getting shot in the head would have killed other devils. But the thing is that Makima’s power of control allowed her to survive that attack because she was able to make a contract that prevented her from dying. And this goes back to the very fact that her power revolves around her ability to control other people.

The fact that Makima, as the Control Devil, is capable of controlling people is the reason why she was able to form contracts with humans by force. She actually did so with the prime minister of Japan, as she made a contract with him that allowed her to work for the Japanese government.


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On top of that, this contract also allowed her to survive any fatal attacks inflicted on her in exchange for the attack to transfer to a random citizen of Japan. As such, the contract with the prime minister basically allowed Makima to obtain immortality as long as the prime minister was still alive and there are more than enough Japanese citizens that would die instead of her.

So, when she was shot in the head in that planned assassination on the train, the damage that was done to her by the gunshot was transferred to a random Japanese citizen. That is the reason why she was able to survive the attack without even getting injured or showing any signs of injuries. And the fact that she is the Control Devil is one of the reasons why she isn’t entirely a good person as far as her motives are concerned.

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