Who Is Akane Sawatari in Chainsaw Man? Is She a Human, Demon, Fiend, or a Hybrid?

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most recent and popular manga from Shounen Jump and it has just got a new anime adaptation, which is as popular as the original material. The series has already provided many iconic and interesting characters who are adored by fans, one of them is one of the early antagonists of the series Akane Sawatari. A lot of people already know what her role is in the series and what exactly she does, but there are also lots of newcomers trying to understand who is Akane Sawatari and what are her abilities and which devil she has in Chainsaw Man.

Akane Sawatari is one of the first antagonists of the Chainsaw Man series, together with the Katana Man. She appears only during the Katana Man arc and is human. Akane is a devil hunter who works alongside the Gun Devil and has a contract with the Snake Devil. Not much is known about her since we do not learn about her past and her presence in the manga is short-lived.

Even though she may not seem like it, Akane Sawatari is a very interesting character, mainly due to her powers and relationship with the Katana Man and the Gun Devil. Her contribution to the series might be little, but it is totally worth checking out and diving a bit deeper into it.

Who Is Akane Sawatari in Chainsaw Man?

Akane Sawatari marks her first appearance in the manga in chapter 24 and in episode 8 of the anime, during the Katana Man arc. She is only a private devil hunter, which means he is only a civilian and does have a normal life. Her objective was to steal Denji’s heart at a request from the Gun Devil.

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Akane is a young woman of diminutive stature with blonde short hair which has dark brown roots and crimson eyes with split pupils that resemble snakes. She typically has her hands in the pockets of her hoodie and displays a bland or bored expression. The reason she typically keeps her arms in her pockets is probably to conceal her bleeding fingernails and keep others from finding out what she gives up for the contract she made with the Snake Devil.


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Is Akane Sawatari a Hybrid in Chainsaw Man?

Akane Sawatari is not a hybrid in Chainsaw Man. Hybrids are humans who have somehow the ability to turn into a devil, such as Denji. They can acquire this power in many different ways, Denji for example made a contract with his pet devil Pochita, so that Pochita could become his heart after both of them die.

However, Akane Sawatari has made a contract with a devil in the past and has the ability to use part of his power on command. She made a contract with the Snake Devil, which lends her the power to summon it any time she wants.

What Devil Does Akane Sawatari Have in Chainsaw Man?

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Sometime during the Chainsaw Man series, Akane Sawatari made a contract with the Snake Devil in exchange for exactly four of her fingernails. Currently, Akane Sawatari is the only known human who has a contract with the Snake Devil.

The Snake Devil resembles a huge snake with a wide mouth filled with overlapping hands and arms rather than teeth. It features a crimson eye with black surroundings and greenish scales.

What Are Akane Sawatari’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man?

Akane Sawatari does not seem to be an expert in hand-to-hand combat and depends a lot on her contract with the Snake Devil to fight. The opportunities given to her by the Snake Devil are the ones that make her a powerful foe. This is what she is capable of:

Akane Sawatari’s Powers

After developing a contract with the Snake Devil in exchange for some of Akane’s fingernails, she has acquired the ability to summon the Snake Devil at any time she wishes. To make the Snake Devil attack, she needs to do several hand motions, if she is incapable of doing this, the Snake Devil can’t attack.


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Absorption and Release

The Snake Devil can eject other devils later to battle on its side after consuming them with its enormous mouth. By doing this, anything that is liberated is completely healed and is able to battle in the Snake Devil’s place. Her nose bleeds when she releases the absorbed individual, a sign of internal injury brought on by her sacrifice.


By uttering the word “Tail,” Sawatari can also call forth the Snake Devil’s tail.

Is Akane Sawatari Alive in Chainsaw Man?

At the end of the Katana Man arc, Akane Sawatari is pointed out to be deceased. While Makima is reporting the events that happened during the fight against Katana Man, she states that even though they managed to capture Akane, she states that the Snake Devil killed Akane before she could be interrogated, probably as a part of their contract.

Even though she does not appear much during the manga, Akane Sawatari is an interesting character and one to look forward to seeing animated.

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